Baby Amelia's FIRST Crawl!

She crawled yesterday! Yes! She did! I'm so proud of her..
Amelia brought her butt up high.
Went on her fours slowly but surely.
Took a brave step..
Moved 2 wonderful steps (or crawl??)
Plopped to the floor
Grinning impishly
Goo goo ga ga-ing away
Mommie's sooo proud of her!
Mommie cried.
Amelia's so cute!

Hubby took a movie clip of her first steps! Can't wait for her to start walking.

Mommie loves you darling!

Testy Friday

Very testing indeed.... car batt went flat today.. me forgot to switch off lights last nite. Had a tiny dishort with my hubby. Quite upset with him for displaying such behavior with me in public (in front of in laws). So there, but now, we cranky ppl have resolved it. lols!

Anyway, office did clearing up. Which is good.. so many sentimental stuff out of the way! haha! So much more space for all of us... the only sad thing? One of sales has to shift :( so sad.. Hmm... why not all of sales move over to Tech side? Boss included? haha! Then, some tech side move over to our place? Chris moves to sg's place? hmm.. interesting change. Maybe beta fengshui? lols

Got my new passport :P Officer commented to check my 'old' passport - since it's like so long with ICA haha! So funny..

Yes, had Kenny Rogers. Sorry dear dunlin, while u were away, the mousie and the mommie went out to play.

Got the pressies from Toys R Us. Got special gifts for special ppl :) Shh... can't say much :P Too bad to those who want to know! haha!

Anyway, gg Malacca tmr. Told customers to contact me on mobile/ MY mobile. So it's cool. So office peeps : Me gg to be on leave on Monday. Working from home on Tuesday. Too tired... me poor person.. driving there.. and back... while the passengers zzzzzzz away. So need to rest. But can still work! lol!

Pics pisc pics

One very high demand of baby's pics... here's a sample :P

Another cute recent pic!

Baby's Pics

Aiyah.. Jidan is bugging me to upload baby's pics.. sorry eh.. u know how bz we can get. So let's see if I can go hm tmr and upload pics k.

So... have to ... WAIT! haha!

Lunch time ~ brainless activity :P

You Are 70% Boyish and 30% Girlish

You are pretty evenly split down the middle - a total eunuch.
Okay, kidding about the eunuch part. But you do get along with both sexes.
You reject traditional gender roles. However, you don't actively fight them.
You're just you. You don't try to be what people expect you to be.

Your IQ Is 105

Your Logical Intelligence is Below Average

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Baby Amelia's Devt

So long without news on her.. so here goes:

Last Fri: Went to KKH for her 6mth OPF review. So funny... didn't know we had to book appt first so clinic can't take us in. Instead had to wait after lunch for the Echo clinic to be opened. Good thing that we've no appt - we didn't have to wait! Haha! Last time at K Clinic, we didn't go home until... near 5pm even when we came at 8am. Anyhow results of her OPF:
Discharged! Hole in her heart has closed :) Me so happy!

So got baby her first car.. oops walker that looks lk a very brite, colorful and luminous car.. equipped with steering wheel! haha... she's so happy with it.. can't stop playing with the sounds and stuff. So she's moving abt.. and without license! dangerous!

Sat: hmm.. can't remember wat we did! oh yes... put her @ inlaws so can go mktg.

Sun: stayed home. she can't let me go.. always wanting to be held! dunno wats wrong. must miss me too much :(

Mon: work - so busy! oh yes! Office lift was out! Good ness! 5 levels to go up stairs... lucky not high flr. BTw, carpark gg to increase to $190! so ex! dunno if we are moving to other place with cheaper rent and carpark. Boss, if you are reading this, can we??? lol

Tue: Half day. pat-tor with hubby... LONG time nvr go out together. Feels gd! But he was angry with me coz me late... last min. hv customer who wants to discuss.. had to rush within 10mins to east side! but i made it... without gg over the speed limit too much :P

Siti Nur Amelia is now sleeping - she's cute. Got her cute shoes today. Pressie for her. Me now happy. Me now sleepy.. will go now. *ywans*

Kaka - funny!

You Passed 8th Grade Math

Congratulations, you got 8/10 correct!

So I still can think after all... after long years of not touching maths!!

:p - The verdict

OK. So got a hefty fine. Everyone else there told me wat to do. Turns out me was the only first-timer! Geez! So it was an experience. Yes! At least it's cheaper than what I tot. Whatever mitigation - all same amt. Wat's worse? No electronic payment! Grr.. have to have $$$ ready to pay. So all - if have any fines for URA/HDB bring enough $$$

One thing I've got a grudge - the police officer there - the one that 'jaga' the gated place. Treated us like as if we are so big time criminals. Geez! Save your attitude to one who really deserves it :P And yes, I think I know him... ex schoolmate - one in NPCC. Tina should know him. Even then, he was bossy. Maybe should put a word to get him transferred to prisons! haha


Let's all breath in.. breath out... yes... learn how to breath!

Too many things need to do today man! Meetings lined up back to back. I'm planning to bring the kids home tomorrow so less things to worry.. then, send my car for inspection/ check up... Oh yes, resolved my customer issue. So happy! Less things to worry. Now can focus on getting upsells. What else to do? Many!

Many new features also! Tomr bz day. Need to settle everything asap. So come office early. So can do work. Come back early.. and .. hmm... send them off. Can't wait else traffic :( Causeway is bad news always.

Breakfast/Lunch- BK
Dinner - Sardines! Hubby cooked.. haha.. So cute.. he tot just cut onions and chillies and plop the thing in.. lol... Anyway, I amended it.. And yes, it's very nice! Good job hubby! Oh yes, he ate FISH! It's a BIG thing! lol

Big Hoo Hah!

Aiyah... such a big hoo hah today at home.. due to the kids. Turned out to be miscomm. Anyway, still waiting for hubby's verdict at home. Sigh!

Ok. So supposed to put this up yest. My sis' works on my wedding pics. One of her sample below. Of course. She's a wizz on such things. Me? Only good at asking, requesting, making ppl do for me, and yes of coz, make lots of $$$. Anything on $$$ perks me up. Haha!

Now gg home to chase up hubby on verdict .. ten te den...


Got treat from Boss! 2nd treat from him.. haha.. he owes us. So it's 'Out of Pan' for us. Swensens was #1. Yummy! Me had Fish Masala - fish went swimming to my WHITE skirt.. haha! Had brownie for myself - of coz, boss (brownie king) kapo-ed some. Me kapo-ed some from Dun's and Rach's.. yummy... and yes Char's.. LOL

Jus got call from mom. Ade aje lah my mom. Dah miss the kids. Now she nagging at me y the kids pat in-laws :( Me got meeting and yet, aiyah! Me now got money problems!

Next week go court - scared scared!

Argh... Cries.. Sobs

Removed my wisdom tooth just now.. Now no more wise. In fact, pain pain pain.. Argh.. Now got headache. Biting hard on this gauze. Really pain.

What's worse? Me have to go for networking event later.. shucks.. dead.. how to talk?? Need cold water always! Argh!

Pain pain :(

Me having toothache... and it's the wisdom tooth.. really bad.. really swollen.. made an appointment with the dentist. To see her later at 10am. Can't take the pain anymore... so bad... *sobs*

Now me feverish.. argh..

Hari Raye

Yes yes yes... Holiday... me took 2wks off for preparation and the Raye itself. So shiok! But dun be jeles - Trying to clear my leave larh.. bad!

Anyway, didn't go anywhere for 1st day as Hubby working nite shift. He was on day shift the day before raye - and me had to cook all by myself - with baby at home. Power! Hubby so cute and handy - made the ketupat all by himself! From the weaving to the filling in rice to the boiling! Haha! Me ? Was busy with baby and making cakes. So we kiasu boil the ketupat earlier... to celebrate Deepavali! lolz

Oh yes, neighbor's sis in law came to my place. She staying there temp whilst waiting for the new flat. Anyway, she came with a very nice sweet/ sour kek lapis! So unique! She's from Sarawak, but just like me have Cheena blood larh! And coindentally we r of same age.. and same month! so cool! She has no friends here so we built a good friendship.

Other than my next door neighbor and the 2nd flr one - I know no one else in my place. I'm talking about the Muslims/Malays larh. Others like who's on top and below me.. and the one at the end.. all Chinese - those I know! So funny!

*Hmm... this installation of Thunderbird is taking a long while!!*

New Car

Got my new car last Fri! hehe.. nice no. also.. almost the same as my baby's birthdate! so cute! Black beauty.. haven't fixed the accessories yet. I think I'll do it today. Waiting for that Bernard guy to call back. Poor him. Kena tekan by me for many many FOC accessories.. haha.. No commission from me man!

So excited! So anyone wants to buy new car - let me know... I help you get contacts and tekan the person! hahaha...

Yan - nak free ride eh? Raye same2 larh. But me no-no any common Muslim friends' place larh.. haha.. Horrid - lost everyone except you :)

Yawning.. yawns yawns..

In office so early.. 2x in a row! Sent my baby sis to school... in Jurong.. in the morning! Imagine waking up at 5pm (like sahur like that!) and getting ready by 6pm. Have to wake poor baby Amelia. Sent Amelia and her uncle to in-laws and rush to Jurong so sis won't be late.. Now? In office since 7+ lolz! Like a road runner... at least got to run in my new car.. a few more days and it's done! *grins*

Back to work!

Was on leave for 2 weeks. Now back to work. Just read Yan's blog - sad story about the wife running away within 1 wk after giving birth to 4th child. Dunno leh.. Need to know both sides of the story before can make judgement. Aiyah.. the libra in me.

OK. Many emails to clear. So I'll just put the things I want to talk about here:
- Hari Raya
- New Car -> Yes! Finally got rid of the old car!
- Postnatal blues - my experience.

Busie B!

Very busy week man! Juz doze baby to sleep. She's getting cuter tho! Went for her monthly checkup and jab. Results: She's underweight! *gulps* so young already underweight so paed advise to spoon feed her so she wouldn't be too full.

Siblings are in town. Sending them home tomorrow. Poor thing them.. they'll soon be tortured here! haha.. But they've been behaving themselves which is a tremendous improvement.

Made 2 types of cookies - pineapple tarts and choc covered biscuit. Too tired to make others. Supposed to make my kuih layang2 - maybe later. Cornflakes? Later also - when less busy. Haven't spring cleaned yet. Hubby doing it. Me - cooking section. Gg to cook tomorrow - 2 days b4 raya - coz hubby's working on day b4 raya - so me no helper for Siti - besides, I've no car. Gg to make simple dishes only. Ayam masak merah, lodeh, sambal goreng. Beef rendang - later. Satay - later. LOL!

Now? Me searching for schools for my siblings. Then arranging for courier for Athirah's baju kurong. Si my bro dah bangun ker tak??? SMS tak reply pun! Wake up lah dol!!! Haha

Hair cut

Yes, got myself a new hairdo yest @ Chap2 @ Bugis. Consulted with them for 30mins. Finally decided to rebond my hair!
Had Jes to do my rebond. Another girl to do my chemical treatment, Eric to condition my hair and Dickson to cut my hair. Haha.. So many!! Eric said my hair is healthy. He so worried liao at first - tot I was balding coz so much hair loss! haha!! Told him I juz gave birth - relief! kaka!

So now my hair nice nice. But... My hubby said not nice.. say fake stiffness. Haha! Told him my hair will be more normal, but he still no like. Cranky him. Tickled him at nite. He manja with me. Now he's @ home cleaning fish tank. Cute eh? V. handy around the house. *grins*

Half day again

So shiok! Very fruitful. Did all my duties today:
- emails
- renewals
- ITQs
- chasing partners
- chasing customers
- chasing potentials
- sent email to sis abt stuff for dad
- called muis, CDC for financial assistance for Cik Atip

So after this very gd morning, gg to pamper myself with a haircut. Not sure wat hair cut. Anyway, later will consult with her.

New updates

On leave for the past few days and was busy - so explains my disappearance. Anyway, more stuff below:

Fri: Stayed half day at in-laws. Boring day. Hubby returned home from nite shift so slept day away :( Afternoon went geylang - bought barang2 like cushions, carpets for hse. Went in m-in-law (MIL) and hubby. Yes, hubby became porter :) So cute.. he with Siti on his front... her slobber wetting his shirt of coz! and carrying all the heavy stuff on his left and right. Oh yea, tried getting Athirah (my niece) a baju kurung.. but they don't have for 1yr olds.. and very ex for a very cheap looking one.. Geez!

Sat: Went over to Mom's place in JB with inlaws. Went to the food bazaar there. So interesting.. have quail - just wat f-in-law wanted. So we stuffed ourselves with Satay, Kuihs and yes, Chendol! many drinks available. Baby was not feeling well. So went home without gg to the other bazaar. Inlaws stayed over.

Sun: Sent inlaws home. Went to Bedok to shop for baking stuff. Jonathan came over to help and learn. But u know what I did? My pineapple tarts became pineapple cookies! Everything from the base to the pineapple was HARD! Haha.. My cornflakes merangue? Became pooped cornflakes haha.. Oh well, will just make them this week.

Mon: Searched for new car. Called in the reinforcements! Haha - my bro-in-law. But his contact didn't gv us a gd deal la .. so sad! The upfront $$ was high! $11K++!! Oh yes, called up another guy - he put the phone down on me!! *gulps* me that poor meh? Finally got that guy who I screamed at.. haha.. and he struck me a gd deal. Low upfront and others. So nice of him. Everything done up.. So me getting a new black Hyundai Matrix 1.6 A with all the nice nice finishings.. All in time for Raya!! Yey!

Tue: Today. Back to work. Planning out my schedule. Sent out all emails. Oh yes, juz heard boss and Char kena fly to Taiwan tmr. Poor thing... hopefully CHung Fu Chung gvs gd BIG BIG deal to us. :)


Funny morning.. Lucky I didn't take the Nicoll Highway route! Have a BAD jam.. All becoz - Hritik Roshan (bollywood) is filming in Shenton Way. But that's like MILES away! Geez!! So paid extra 50c juz to get into work earlier. LOLZ! Poor Chris kena the jam tho. Poor her.

Hectic cold morning - many things to do! So let's try to finish before my long weekend! Woo HOO!

Oh yes... Baby

She's now pushing herself - backwards! haha.. I think she's really active. Got funny story to share about her and her cousin. So funny!


Typing this while seeing Kam chasing, shooing me...
Yes, me sick.. from Tiffany's (partner) sick..

Poor me sick! But so happy taking leave for long weekend! Baing cookies here I come!

Flight Home

Guz wat? Flight home from KL JL722 kena delayed by 35mins! Geez! Only boarding at 10.15pm instead of 9.30 :( Sad! So waited for a LONG time today. Chicken rice was funny.. Oh yes, noticed that Iced Lemon T in My is funny :| I think they use powder form. Yucks!

The airport - sad amenitied man! Toilets - spoilt! How bad - they should maintain it properly if you are receiving intl customers.

Updates from meeting today? I dun see any moving forward. Chasing partner to do something. The only one that got action and possible results is ST - thru another partner.

So today - spent the whole day waiting.. in the car.. in the airport... in the plane.. in the taxi.. and finally, I drove from my place to inlaws @ 0030! Haha.. Pa-in-law was waiting up for me. So sweet! Don't you think??

COLD! *sniffs*

Now @ event. In the seminar room. Very cold.
How's the event? Not good! 3 out of 10. Only 3 companies turn up. No good. Juz talked to disti. Will push for more in Nov

Lunch @ McD with M later. He has ppt this evening to potential. Will talk to him later.

So another free slot today - maybe meet X. See if he's free.

Flying off to SG tonite. Need to go home to take car and drive to inlaws. See if I'm not sleepy.. hehe


Yes. Once again in KL. Staying in Grand ParkRoyal. Nice place. Very good service! Sayang.. only NO wireless... Now hijacking someone else's bandwidth :)

Had too much food. Partner brought us to very good eating places. Now sure to grow fat :( Sad.. very I think worth the weight gain! Very gd Nasi Kandar. Fish Head Curry - POWER! *slurps* very heaty though.. now slight throaty.

Traffic here is bad. Yes. And by 4.30pm all Muslims Ciao Liao home for buka. Wah seh.. jealous! 2hrs off a day!! Their culture. Value of this meeting. Get to meet ST. Good potential. Nov timeframe. Now hopefully their new mgmt (haven't appoint yet) dun pull any tricks. *gulps* $$$ Overall up to today, the meetings are of low value. Hopefully DGN gets something out. Told Disti to include me in all their discussions. But no worries, anchor is for the seminar tomorrow. Many new companies meeting and in the afternoon meeting the folks playing mindef. So it's cool.

Went shopping juz now.. got office ppl cute stuff! Wait till I bring back this Thu!! Don't ask me now hor.. hehe.. yes, got something for hubby, baby and me :) Hubby - 3/4 pants - he loves those type. Baby - cute socks, cute overall, cute set of pants and top :) ME? 3/4 pants.. so that I can use it for Thu! haha.. me no clothes at in laws mah.. and hubby working nite shift on Thu :( So I can only see hubby on Fri evening. So sad.. Miss you darling! Miss baby... kiss kiss kiss baby for me!!

Oh yea tmr evening have dinner appt with M. Need to discuss the commitment, the projects - confirmed or not, how soon, will lock him to a date :P Need lots of these stuff.

Well, need to go back to work.. haha


Supposed to post something yesterday - nvr do lah. Usual! Too busy!

So come early morning today - finish the outstanding stuff. Just left to do quotes :) Anyway - today's Saad's last day with us. SO SAD :( *sobs* Going to miz that alien. No more coffee junkie in the office *cries*

Had his farewell dinner last evening @ Swensen's Funan. I must say - intelesting! hehe.. calling to reserve was cute. Chinese Auntie - auntie english no gd! Hehe.. So had to even help her spell my name *grins* and say my no. one by one! Aiyah.. first time kena such a cute auntie doing reservation - maybe she's just the cook :)

OK. Dinner was fun. Served with just water first to break fast :( Starters came late, but who cares as long as the main course is there. Yes, the service was rather bad - but not to spoil the mood as the person may be new - but 1 recommendation to them - TRAIN YOUR PEOPLE. Saw the same waitress (middle-aged) kena scolded by another customer thoroughly. Poor thing! Lucky we not that fussy :-) Oh yes, had Chicken Baked Rice *grins* and tasted the rests' FishNChips, Breaded Chicken. Wanted to try Kw's crayfish pasta, but he too bloody far away from me :( Sad.. Oh yes, ordered yummy fries, 2 rodeo wings and earthquake combo - under boss' account! kakaka! The earthquake came a bit soggy. Pistachio and mint don't go well at all! Yuckies! Anyway, had a good time. Wish Char and Boss were around. We bullied Saad into finishing up all the food! hahaha!

finally a blog!

Busy day today! So only short short updates.

Fri: Company day off. I'm phone receptionist. Kena saman for coupon tampering. No way out! Still waiting for reply :( More info below. Spoilt my day. Went home immediately.

Sat: Stayed at in-laws coz baby cried non-stop. Supposed to go to Kam's house warming.. end up my back aches too strong.. so went to in-laws instead. No chance to cook chicken rice for hubby.

Sun: Hmm.. Can't remember. Haha!

Mon: Took leave. Back aches too badly :( *cries* but had to go to ura coz inspector told me to go there. Went there. Waited. Officer told me to wait for the report. Grr.. made me pay carpark for nothing. Went to doc - back is in bad shape. No strenous exercises. May need xray. See lor.. wait to go to Polyclinic. Now better already. Went mom's place. So cute. Amelia.. hehe... the apple of grandparents and aunties and uncle's eyes!

Tue: Back to work. Busy day. Mad hatter.. morning - office; late morning - event; afternn - briefing.
Read Razean's blog. She's now perm employed! Congrats! On shift! Me kepo - want to know what job she's doing.. hehe.. Anyway, good luck on this job k! Big things will happen to ppl who persevere.
As a typical sales person: Where there's $, there's a way & will! haha!

Hot, Cold?

Now feeling hot and cold.. maybe sick. Hopefully not soon. Tmr is our company off day! But I still have to work in the evening :( Bad... Have CFC mah..

Anyway, eyes sleepy.. going to have a peaceful rest.. met target.. plus more .. so can sleep in peace!

Nitey nite


Kapo-ed this from biggie's blog:

Funny site. Spread IE? I'm a supporter of open source! Haha.. Everything free and good is my interest! Kakaka

Parking Slot

Oh ya.. forgot.. this morning.. parked at the big Armenian CP. Parked car - someone else drove in and asked if I'm driving off. Obviously NOT! I just got in. Duh.. Then opened my boot to get my stuff. Another person came (on foot) and asked if I'm driving off.. Shakes head violently! Y r ppl so wanting to get my slot??? I just got in. Talk abt parking...

Yesterday tried gg to the Pasir Ris HDB area - free parking on SUN rite? Saw a slot on 2nd level. Signalled to go in. Moved forward a bit.. and the LEXUS behind me moved forward as well! I horned to tell him that I wanted to go in. The jerk just looks on... SO IRRITATING! No way I can just 'sit there' so had to drive on... the idiot LEXUS driver went OUT of the carpark! Geez... selfish B******! So angry!!!

Oh yea.. I kena twice at that carpark! Dunno if I'm so tao mei! Jinxed at the carpark.

My Birthday on Sat!

Yes yes... Now I'm officially 25 and facing quarter-life crisis! hahaha

received birthday wishes from Ikin (sis), Arul (bro), Ayu (sis), Momi Elle, Boss (from China), Char, Kam2 :) Many thanks to you all.

Oh yes, didn't do anything at all (except not to log into PC and do work! Haha) Stayed over at in-laws coz came home late on Fri nite. So wat to do? Baby can't go out late coz she zzzz already. Oh yes, met my sis-in-law, hubby and Putri! *my cute little pumpkin* Coz we've got invitation to go to a thanksgiving ceremony (hair shaving lah) for her my in-laws' neighbor's new born baby. Cute baby! Very chubby! Only 1 mth younger than Amelia but he's so HUGE! Heard he slept and wakes up to feed only... unlike my active baby who wouldn't sleep in the day! Active! haha! Went home on Sat to clean house and cook for (sick - sore throat) hubby. Sad huh? Still have to do household chores on bday :( But it's ok.. read on further...

Went home with hubby and baby @ nite. Told him to heat up the food first coz me sleeping baby. He said, "OK, but you help serve me drink k." Me said,"OK." Thinks nothing out of ordinary... but thinking back... he seldom ask me to serve drinks when he's setting out dinner. *shrugs*... Me served the meal, get the drinks from the fridge.. *still saw nothing out of ordinary* Then hubby said,"See the eggs." Me went,"Wat? U want eggs too?!" He was exasperated... then.. I saw! At the corner of the egg place... was... a jewellery box! Wow! Such a pleasant surprise! Me was definitely shocked! Didn't expect to get a pressie coz we are very tight budget this month. My darling is so romantic... Gave me a cool (literally) gold earrings! Now wearing it.. hehe THANKS so much hunny!!! Love you! - Not only for the gift but for the whole surprise thing.. hehe...

Sunday: Went out to Pasir Ris Park for a picnic and picture taking.. Baby Amelia's 4mths today! So cute... Took many many pics.. then went off to in-laws again! *This week we went and stayed at in-laws often man!* Hubby had to go for his RT haha.. Failed IPPT mah!

Today: Many many things to do. Have to chase many deals! Last week of Sept!!! ARgh! Stress..
Mona sent me a very cute birthday card (copyright Hallmark, of coz!) So nice... A very animated and cheery card which puts me on a happy face the moment I received it.

Thanks Mona!


On leave yesterday. Did nothing.. and the best thing?? I didn't do even look at the computer (after my morning emailings).. it was so cool! So exciting! So exhilarating! No words can express the pleasure *exquisite*

Today? Back to work lor. Need to make $$$

P/S: Went for Pap Smear yesterday @ Polyclinic. Interesting experience. All I can say is that.. it reminds me of delivering my baby girl.. hehe


Yes. Not enuff sleep. Late nite - wif d PC. Too many emails.. more deals in.. but not the few I want are not in yet. Scary!

Anyway.. hey now hey now... *song stuck in head* Yuling asked me a very interesting.. what do I want for my birthday. I havent tot abt it at all honestly! Even with the BIG day is coming around the corner (Saturday to be exact!!) and yet, I've no idea what to ask for. Brain fried I think. Haha. Maybe tonite think more abt it and get my wishlist soon.

Oh yes, to all my buddies out there whose birthdays are round the corner as well -


Yeah.. I'm thinking *a rare occasion!*

Life's pretty short. I'm thinking to do something more interesting and challenging. Time to move on.. Maybe.. maybe not.. see how lah.. ticks ticks ticks on.

Hahah - comments ppl??

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Dun tell Hubbie! Wahahah

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raining today

*sniffs* Having sinus today.. esp. after yesterday's intense foot reflexology. *sniffs* Still having headache. Definitely going to take half day again.

Raining this morning - made sending baby difficult to in-laws. :(

What should I cook today? Fried rice?
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Half day

Yes. Taking half day today. Feeling under the weather. Having headache as well. So might as well take some time off to relax .. while I still can.. before the quarter ends. Now hungry for $$ So chasing all deals. Small and big.

Yesterday: Morning met customer and closed the deal. Single largest deal in SG! Woo Hoo! But still need to chase other customers daily! Even Sat and Sun! hehe.. Oh yes, came into office for a short while before going off for SUN's event - partner briefing. Told them about the good news and sales on their servers. Stayed on for Scott McNealy's presentation - was very interesting! Made the whole day even sweeter.

Anyhow, I'm going for my massage later. Need to relax.. Feeling sick! Yucks!
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Done for the morning

OK. I'm done for the morning. It's now afternoon. Need to follow up more stuff in the afternoon. Anyway. Saw and did something interesting..
See the right side? I put in a tagboard! So cool! lolz. Maybe later change my template. Let's see..
Of course. Lookie here up there.

Back to work

Friday: Had 5 meetings in day (break record man!) Had vert fruitful sessions. Looking forward to the next trip next month. Reached airport and had just enough time to buy BK (had boarding call when we were waiting for food) for dinner. Had dinner in the flight. Saw many 'friends' on flight. Reached SG with hubby waiting to pick me up :-) So sweet!

Sat: Tot to just laze abt at in-laws, but sis called saying she's staying over with cousins. So rushed home to prepare the messy house. lols! Made black pepper crab. We crabby today mah... Guests came after maghrib.

Sun: Guests left at 9+am. They wanted to go Underwater World @ Sentosa. Then driving back to KL. Oh yes, kena blapped at for not contacting my cousins when I was up there. Well, harlow, I was working.. and had no time to even shop!

Monday: Back to work. Many things waiting. Blouse and pants (WHITE) kena milk tea splashes :( So sad.


Sleepy... Had 3 meetings plus 1 lunch - not tiring, just draining. Lunch was Thai - hehe.. long time no eat Tom Yum! So sedap! Dinner at BB - Briyani - not bad. Very filling! Had some time (30mins) to shop. Rushed to get a pair of shoes. My shoes are going gone. Wanted to get souvenirs, but shops all closed! Geez! Anyway, will try to end early tomorrow so can get to shop. Then boss treated to nice coconut jelly dessert - woah! shiok! must try again when up here.

Oh... Boss sang at the dessert place... lots of ppl stopped to listen to him sing... he's great. Luckily he's the owner, else we may lose our best pre-sales guy! hehe..

Now? Back in hotel. Tomorrow need to check out.

Note to self: Get hotel in town next time!


Just reached KL. Hotel Armada... comments? Me missing my welcome fruit basket, etc. But it has wireless broadband which was cool. Now typing in hotel room lor.. Waiting for the guy to tell me what their smtp server is.. turns out to be an open relay, but still can't open it. After all the hassle and the person putting the phone down on me, I managed to resolve the issue by finding meself a free smtp server which works - gmail! hahaha...

Anyway, now need to start work. Many quotes to do. Need to wake up early for meetings. *Yawns*

P/S: Missing baby and hubby lots.

Short one

Busy day today. Managed to read some comments sent on my blog. My comment? Some are UNWANTED! This is a mother's blog on her bundle of joy! Not a place to park their ads :P So irritating...

1st Wedding Anni

Friday: On leave - sent back barang2 to caterer. Went JB to visit Mom and Dad. They were So cute! They went: My granddaughter is here.. singingly.. lolz So we celebrated our wedding anni here. So cool

Saturday: Dad's birthday. Went home.

Sunday: 1st Wedding Anni
Didn't do anything special - coz we had decided to just relax the whole day. Fought. Oh yes, went to cousin's wedding. And me stayed at in-laws till nite coz Hubby has RT :P

Monday: Back to work. Many many things to do.

More Pics

First batch of Lia's Pics @ 21 Aug (Open House & Her Big Day) is up! Same album...
Just a taste of Lia's cute pics

Copyrights reserved (tm)

Will bug hubby to set up his PC so I can just upload those from our cam.


BTW - go Sales go!!


Woo Hoo.. Finally an update. Lots of things to pen (type) down. OK here goes:

Baby News:
(1) Has ulcers - fungal infection, but recovering well. So keep all the bottles and teats clean!
(2) Has slight diarrhoea - same reason :(
(3) Got her 4-in-1 jap = DPT + A + HIB. Going again 1 mth.
(4) BEST: She's already rolling about!! Woo... supposed to be only babies @ 6mths old can do it! haha.. so she was already playing and recognizing people @ 2mths (again early!) So she's an early bird.. or chick :-D so cute!

Lia's shaving hair & Housewarming - a success on 21 Aug. Will post pics up soon.
Hubby's Family Day @ Zoo - so cool. Hubby & team won 2nd prize.. so cool! Vouchers! Lia saw giraffes! Will post pics up soon too. BTW, saw Bernard n wifey - snr mgmt of hubby.. lol

house warming N Lia's hair trimming

Supposed to post this yesterday. Anyway, it started @ 1pm and ended till 9.30pm. So beat after that. Must give special thanks to my beloved siblings. *Hugz* to you all.

Lots of fun, lots of pain - backaches :( Anyway, almost everyone invited came.

Will upload the pics soon!

Lia's Pics are up!

Finally got Lia's pics are up. Hehehe..
Will update regularly.

Anyhow, having her shaving hair ceremony and our open house this Sunday. Anyone who's not yet invited, please give me a ring. I lost phone numbers when I changed my phone.. aiyah.. so give me a buzz k.
Met so many interesting cars today going to work. Saw Uncle Rahim Angullia and another car on the side before Fort Rd exit. His van kena whacked from the back by a bright lime green car (driven by a woman driver ugh.. gives woman-drivers a bad name). Anyway, he changed the color of his Merc van to dark green. Interesting..
Then, saw a grey Mitsubishi Lancer on my rear mirror - who tailgated me all the way to work. Who's the driver? Chris lor! LOLz..

Baby development:
She's now very fun to play with... my personal doll to doll up and to make faces with. Hehe.. She hates being carried; loves to just laze on her bouncer or gym or mattress. Expects people to be around her - maybe feeling bored haha..
Loves to 'jalan2' (walk2 lah) and hates to be at one spot all the time... so must walk2 always. hehe
Loves to take long bubble bath and splash about. Hates to be taken out of her tub before she's done playing with the water... and all at 2mths old! I wonder what else she's going to do. *grins*


First time played bubble (yeah.. lousy huh?).. and didn't win.. so tried and tried until learnt the fundamentals.. hah.. final game.. me win over undisputed champion, Dunlin. Hahaha... I feel good..

Going own home today. So will pick up daughter and hubby later.

Friday and IQ test

Stayed at in-laws last nite coz too late and in-law worry abt me and baby. Anyway, did IQ test just now. The results...

Lindah, your Super IQ score is 113

Your overall intelligence quotient is the result of a scientifically-tested formula based on how many questions you answered correctly. But it's only part of what we learned about you from your answers on the test. We also determined the way you process information.

The way you think about things makes you a Visual Linguist. This means you are highly intelligent and have many diverse talents. You have especially strong linguistic talents and are very good at interpreting visual information. You've got your feet on the ground, but your mind is capable of very complex, abstract thought. Compared to others, you are easily able to see situations from many different angles. You also understand how things work in a very practical way.


So I think with my mouth ;-)

Krazy Thu

Did many crazy things during lunch time these past 2 days.

Tue: Had lunch with Yuling and TY @ BK Peninsula. TY is accepted to be with Silkair. Congrats! Rained after lunch.. so went over to Watson's to get umbrella. Umbrella's @ $9.90 .. too Ex.. so.. got a 2 for $1.95 poncho! LOL.. imagine 2 very nicely dressed married ladies wearing red and blue 'plasticbags' hahaha...

Thu: LOL! Company lunch with Jap pizzas.. not bad.. for Jon's leaving for UK and Charlene's Bday month. Anyhow.. the 2 ponchos came into picture again when it's time for performance. Go-Karting in office.. Sales vs Tech :) Tech won.. but it was fun seeing red and blue poncho wearing folks on 2 roller chairs as karts. lol.

Have Pilates later. See how that goes as well :)

Monday Blues!

Oh yeah.. it's a blue day alright! It's raining heavily now... and I've started work also! First day of work after so long MIA. Wish me luck!

Blogging from Home

Yes! Finally! I've moved! Did it on Tuesday. Yes.. how cool is that, eh??? Anyway, the house is still a big mess as I haven't the time to clean it yet. Hubby's working now.. he forgot his phone.. and he is having dinner with his friends tonight.. so I'm not cooking.

Baby's sleeping well now. She's still having that bad prickly heat rash.. but improving.. the redness on the body has also gone away.. now left with the one on her scalp. Her cough/ phlegm has gone away too so she can have her 2nd Hep jab tomorrow. Will discuss with the doctor on the 4-in-1 jab for her.. might as well get that over and done with.


Nothing much to post today except a pic of Baby Lia here... This is taken at the hospital when she was 1 day old :-)

Anyway, moving house soon. Got everything including things for the kitchen, etc. Will update soon.

Baby's One Month!

Hey! Time flies fast.. It's 25 Jun 05 - Baby Lia's 1st Month! Yey! She's now sleeping.. hopefully she won't wake up tonite and stay awake - like last nite.

Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday to my Hubby... Sorry can't get you any pressie. Will make it up soon.. as soon as I finish my confinement. hehe.. Love you!

Baby Lia in Hospital

Yes. She went into hospital from 2nd to 5th June coz she vomitted badly till she was dehydrated. Yes, I cried the whole of the first night. Saw baby put on drip.. Really bad.

The docs did many tests - they probed and they scoped - did Baromine scan, xrays, urine tests; stayed in hospital for 3 days but found nothing to be wrong. The worst thing??? They put my poor 8-day old baby on NBM (Nil by Mouth), ie no food nor drink by mouth! Horrid! So poor baby was crying nite and day for a drop of milk or drink. :( This is really depressing me..

Hubby stayed the whole 1st nite by himself to take care of the baby. I accompanied him from 2nd nite onwards. Hubby went home to rest on the second day with me alone with baby. Boy! was it a trial.. they put a tube to her stomach (thru the nose) to remove everything in it - as they wanted to do more tests.

My temperaments then? I was a testy, demanding mother.. who blasted at one of the doctors there who wouldn't tell me what to do. Idiots! They need to take EQ.

Finally, after I told them that the breastmilk that I've been feeding her was ok and that her formula (S26 Gold) make her puke again, they diagnosed that Baby Lia's intolerance to the formula. Argh! Even I could have told them that. So next time people... if your baby's having projectile vomitting - check your formula.

Labor experience

Well.. I had contractions... steady mild ones the whole day of 24th May, but didn't tell hubby until very much later.. like @ 9pm.. hahaha.. and he decided based on in-laws' advice that we should go to the hospital.

@ KKH - (I was still smiling and enjoying myself) hey.. it's still very mild.. so had to go to the obs room.. where.. I got the shock of my life when the woman doc just probed my cervix! No warning except "don't tense up or it'll be painful" - what am a first time mother to know what that means! And it hurt.. traumatic! Cervix dilated 1.5cm so.. I can either go home or stay warded. I opted to go home - hey it's already 11+pm; I might as well rest at home in the comfort of my own bed! Anyway, woke up at 4.30am to bad backache, but still can tahan so waited for 6am before I started to tear in pain to go to KKH. But it's not as bad as the labor itself!

@KKH2 - Taxi uncle can ask if we are in emergency.. obviously from my cringing expression! Oh btw, it was raining badly. Ayway, @ 24hr clinic, I was wheeled to the delivery suite immediately while hubby registered for me. Midwife told about the various pain reducing methods: Gas, jab or epidural. I thought I could handle the pain.. so opted for natural birth and gas. Didn't know that I can't take the jab when I'm dilated more than 3cm. So when the pain got really bad, I asked .. no, screamed for epidural while hubby was forcing the gas on me. Btw, I vomited violently after taking the gas - emptied my tummy of everything! Anyhow, to have the epidural, my waterbag had to be broken and when it did, the contractions came in torrents in 1 min interval. I couldn't stand the urge to push.. and when the anaesthetist finally came (was VERY SLOW!) and after she explained the consequences, etc. , she found out that I don't need it coz the baby's head is already there! Urgh... so I pushed @ 5-6cm dilated and the baby came wailing out @ 11.33am!

The patch up job was BAD - I had a 3rd degree job for 1.5hrs. Had their snr consultant to do it also coz there was a hidden vessel that burst in my rectum. In fact, it was bad enough that if they don't find this vessel, I would have to go into Op Theatre. But they did, so it was done! Trauma... Ended.

Finally Online!

Baby Lia starting fidgeting so have to hurry.. since I've lots of news to share, I'll do this is phases:
- Labor Experience
- Baby's Check up @ Poly and Hospitalization
- Baby's Health

So check out the next few blogs... Now I've to attend to my baby :)

I'm a Mommy!

Yey! I'm a mommy now... Gave birth to a baby girl on 25th May 05. The experience? I'll spare the details to another day... hehe.. Just good to say that I've survived.

Baby's name: Siti Nur Amelia
Meaning: The Light of the Believer, Protected by Allah
Weight at birth: 2.595kg
Head circumference: 33cm
Length: 46cm (hah! will be a tall baby)

Looks: Cheena... hahahaha...

Now will try to download emails again... somehow me can't download office mails. Sickening!

Still driving..

Yeah.. me drove today.. Hubby allowed me coz.. taking MRT doesn't guarantee me a seat.. thanks to our very 'gracious' Singaporeans. Trust me! I once gave up a seat to another 'more' pregnant lady in my early pregnancy stage.. while on other times, I've encountered guys staring at me while playing with their phones or handheld games :-P Lousy Singaporeans! Usually older men and women (like in the 50s and above) would give up seats to pregnant ladies. Well, I could scream out that I need a seat.. but society frowns on me having the cheek to even ask for one. Hmm.. maybe I'll ask for a seat when I really need it. Hahaha.. Let's splash some cold water on these people.

Still haven't started on my writings yet. So my other blog is still not up. Maybe I'll start during my maternity leave.. since I've nothing to do but be a mother :-)

Final Inspection

Sounds like some sort of investigative work eh? Haha.. Well, sort of, but not real near enough :)

Hubby n I went to our soon-to-be-our house to do inspection. Made our list of things to check. Found some things missing or faulty... well.. and the previous owner took ALL of the appliances and useful stuff except for the ... rubbish! Argh! They should clear those as well.. My poor hubby will have a big time to clear, clean, paint, etc. basically to do magic wonders to the place... on his own.. poor thing...

BTW, dad-in-law came to inspect the house also... :-D

Stress Tummy..

Woke up late :( Drove slowly, but got a parking slot without waiting at all. Nice!

Had p-nut butter sandwich just now for break, but still hungry. Mousie wants something warm. Dunno what to get leh.. Me want Tom Yum! hehe..

Aiyah.. baby stretching me to the max.. Maybe she wants to make her appearance soon... oh-oh..

Wet Weddie

Oh yeah.. it rained since last night and was still drizzling when I drove to work. Amazingly, traffic was great! Smooth! But Dad-in-law was still worried with me driving. hehe.. a 37+3 wks PREGNANT lady driving. Watch out roads! Sadly, had to wait some time for a parking slot - managed to finish 2 cheese toasts. Yummy!

See what boss sent out for updates: "Quite an action-packed month ahead, so hold on tight for the exciting ride!

Oh yes, Lindah will have her own exciting journey too as Lindah Junior Edition is scheduled for June "release" :-) "


Busy Tues

Got my broadband yesterday. Hubby upset coz I chose the Cable Modem promo instead of the XBOX. Will get him the PSP for his birthday instead. *MEN!*

House Devt: 2nd appt @ 25 May @ 14.50. Hubby worried that baby comes b4 this date.. haha
Baby News: 37+2 days. Keke.. baby developing well. Now she's 'neaten' herself and in the 'torpedo' direction downwards.. haha.. I think she's coming out 24 May. Hehe.. Must worry hubby more. He's the cheek to tell baby to come out 2 wks later.. sigh.. *MEN!*

Bday celebs

Been some time since I input any thoughts. Got my new baby working.. after so long.. But still problematic - I suspect it's the Windows WeeWee (Hahaha) problem. Oh well..

Yesterday's lunch @ Sushi Don with Mousie - Chicken Ramen, 2 chuka hotate suchis, 1 brownie (shared) - only paid $7.50 after $10 voucher with Mousie. Hehe

Today's lunch @ NYDC - shared with Mousie an OvenBaked Chicken *something* Rice @ $9.80. Boss paid for yummy desserts.. MudPie, Cheesecake, Brownie, Cake *slurps*. Heard that it costs $44! Wow... Thanks boss!

Today - Wilford's (13th May - 13th Fri)
Tomorrow - Dunlin (14th May)

Something New

Got something new for the week:
(1) New HP: Nokia 3230 - cool new features. Still to check out the bluetooth connectivity.
(2) Dell Inspiron 700m - super cool new 12.1" notebook. Now the envy of the folks here @ work hehe.. Still somehow very cranky. Still need to figure out how to connect to the local network.. grr..

Baby - is healthy. Got a scare last Sun morn - horrible (thankfully, irregular) contractions.. that started from my back to my tummy. Like the combination of menstrual cramps and tummy ache cramps (you can imagine the discomfort). Yesterday's check up was better coz I asked all the questions and the gynae was happily sharing the info. Incidentally, it's a He. hahaha...

So next check up is on next Monday @ 0925.

The Keys to Your Heart

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You would be forced to break up with someone who was insecure and in constant need of reassurance.

Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with.

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Link: The 4-Variable IQ Test written by chriscoyne on OkCupid Free Online Dating

Finally - Cafe Cartel

Yes! Finally! Had the Wed special @ Cafe Cartel. Had the pasta with Chicken Teriyaki Sauce. I find it too salty. Yuling & Moon (who had the Beef Straganoff pasta) said the same thing - maybe we are 2 healthy. Software Tyrant Saad (new title 4 him) & Wilford (new guy) enjoyed it. Can't finish my serving. Too big.

Last Sat - bought a replacement for ButtHead - hubby bought it to cheer me up. It's now Orangie - head's orange & crinkled like orange. Hehe.. Bought a Pikachu Oranda - hubby's, but I think it's a bit skinny.

Day after Labor Day Hol

*Yawns* Good rest after holidays. Slept the weekend away. Well, it should be a good rest.. esp. when I wrecked my left plastic skirting. I think it's time to get new car.. what car should I get???

New guy coming tomorrow. Will need to prepare him work in the morning, esp. when I'm not around. Sigh...

Friday stress day

Yes. It's a stress FULL day.. Morning - tender briefing. Later - customer mgmt meeting :( Hopefully, they won't scream so much esp. after seeing my bulging tummy. Can't stress pregnant mommies.

Lunch - BK with Kin (Smurf) and Yuling. Latter was supposed to be briefed on her insurance plan by Kin. Me kepo..

Home PC is fixed so can pick it up from Sim Lim today. Yey! So happy.. good and bad at the same time.


Just got back from Govt Procurement Briefing. So tiring.. Took Track 1 - not much relevance on Apps except for last speaker. That one has lots of relevance. Will work with them on user requirements.

Lunch: Yesterday's cakes. Kakaka.. Had too much leftovers from yesterday's company gathering of Canadian Pizzas, lasagne, 2 birthday cakes. Dunlin showed Taekwondo for entertainment. Moon needs to do some work for next month's gathering. Hope I'm still around for the show.

Now need to focus on work. Too many tenders and projects to close and chase...

Lazy Wed

My Goldfish died!!! ButtHead is dead :*( So sad.. *sob sob* My prize and pride.. died of internal infection. Still can't get over it even though my dear one passed on Monday. Hubby promised to get me another one similar, but it won't be Butthead. My dearest ButtHead.

Company's lunch gathering today @ 12nn with Pizzas.. yummy *slurp slurp* Hungry pregnant woman here. *Still thinking of ButtHead*

Talk around and within Singapore is focussed on Singapore's IR. So much so that the news of the reclaimation suit between SG and MY is being downplayed. Well, I applaud both countries' leaders in coming to consensus and a win-win long term diplomatic agreement.

*Still thinking about ButtHead.. My beautiful ButtHead.*

Short chat

Office's network had problem in the morning, but now resolved :) Tapau food from home .. and Big Mouse screaming I'm abandoning her.. haha..
New IA is in for marketing till 9 July. I wonder when my sales guy will call me back. He doesn't want to get the job I think :( May work with that other guy... sigh.. See my brain gender...

Your Brain is 66.67% Female, 33.33% Male
Your brain leans female
You think with your heart, not your head
Sweet and considerate, you are a giver
But you're tough enough not to let anyone take advantage of you!

I think I've got too many baby girl power now.. hahaha... Friends can happily comment!


Forgot to ask hubby for $ coz lazy to walk to ATM to withdraw cash.. Aiyah.. So today had to walk to Funan to "ti-ti" $. Had lunch with Dunlin @ Long John's Silver. Meal there getting smaller.. sigh.. But still full.

*Baby dear.. don't kick mommy..*

Will see my sisters @ grandma's tomorrow. Miss them much! Luv u kids!

Baby News; House Update

Should I share my baby news or my house update first? Such a dilemma ;-) K lah.. Baby news first k.

Baby News: as of 19 Apr 05 - 33 wks + 3 days
(1) Head Circumference: 10.7cm (wonder how the deliver will be like.. for natural birth! *gulps*)
(2) Position of baby: Turned
(3) Weight: 2.1 kg (small eh? esp. for an 8mth old baby)

Hospital Visit: ADC (scan) appt @ 3.30pm but we reached there early.. thank goodness! The waiting time.. wasn't too bad, but the scan experience was bad. Not as pleasing as at HPB. Reasons:
(1) The arm of the person doing the scan was in my view of the screen - so can't really see anything.
(2) Supposed to check for the growth, but checked only for the (a) position of the baby, (b) head circumference, (c) femur length, and (d) arm length.. disappointing! Tot I'll be able to see the toes and fingers and the whole body of my baby. In fact, I was given only the printout of the head and the arm :( No fair!
(3) Too fast! It was all done within minutes.. not pleasurable at all.
(4) Payment - the only good thing about it is that mine was subsidized @ $29, else I've to pay $71.30! But the system was slow.. as usual.

Obs check up - Need I go into details? The same as before.. except I was exhausted by the time it was payment time.. coz it was at 6.30pm! Waited for 1hr to see doctor for a 5min session where she doesn't even touch me.. and another 1hr ++ for payment.. I even managed to grab books for Putri and bought food to eat whilst waiting and still have to wait a horrible 1hr! Argh! I'll just have to grab a Q no. when they call me to see the Obs to cut on the waiting time :-P

House Update:
(1) Signed everything including the payment through CPF - now CPF ordinary Ac left with cents :(
(2) Got the $40K Govt Grant
(3) Dued for completion (i.e. 2nd Appt): 16 May 05 - so baby will get new place when she arrives :)

So poor hubby now has to prepare the fix up the walls, wash the place, etc.. esp. since we aren't doing any reno. Oh.. in law don't want to stay with us :( Hubby was upset... But me going to psycho the old man hehe..

Results.. on KKH

So you are expecting some sort of Baby Development right? Well, there're some.. and there're some..

So Thursday:
Reached KKH @1.30pm.. and guess what time I get to see the Obs? At 3.30pm.. and guess for how long? 5mins! All due to - a new system rollout. Blah! Should have trained the front persons before the rollout... not on the job training *rolls eyes*. Wonder who the contractor is.
What happened @ KKH (over here I'm praying hard that the people there gets to read my comments):
(1) Checked on my baby's heartbeat (it's strong btw).
(2) I asked for any packages - none;
(3) what things to bring - referred me to the edu/training centre, which gave me an answer as "the normal things". Hello! I'm a newbie! I don't even know what to do or go when I reach the hospital! So I checked the webby@KKH - to horror.. just bring outpatient appointment card and your admission form. What kind of reply is that? So I don't need to bring any clothes, etc and expect them to prepare EVERYTHING for me? This is ridiculous. Should increase the standard of service (even though it's government). Some people are paying non-subsidized cost.
(4) The only great thing there .. is the mall - has everything from gift shops, food court, bookstore, to baby paraphelias. Even has a cake shop - Prima Deli.. and I happily got 2 slices of durian (grande) cake (at hubby's insistence) - and munched on 1 while hubby made his glasses. Hehe.. hear this baby - mommy is having lots of durian just coz of you :-)

Oh yeah.. I need to go KKH again next Tuesday. For an ADC scan.. to check on my baby's growth.. why can't they just booked me for the scan on the SAME day????? Ridiculous system!

Went to Century Sq - tot to buy shoes at Bata - but the ones I want weren't available there :( So ended up baby stuff shopping @ Metro, Popular Bkshop. Bought:
(1) Bag - to put all my barang2 and baby's stuff when I go into delivery.
(2) Another pillow - kiasu mother of coz
(3) Erm.. clothes for hubby and pa-in-law.
(4) Books and mat for Putri - she was so happy with them that she managed to WALK a couple of steps on the mat.. being that it won't hurt her cute little tush when she falls.. hehe.. girls.. super careful .. even at 16mths :-)

Kiasu parents-to-be that we are, we packed whatever necessary and needed on the same night!

Today? I went SHOE SHOPPING! Hahaha.. Got that cute black shoe.. Wanted another pair, but no size.. so sad.. Broke my budget for the month.. spent over $100 just today! Argh...

Me need more $$$$...

Day b4 baby check up

Busy week since last Thu. Had to do many tender compliances - local and overseas. Can die! I closed most of the partnership dealings and even managed to close an overseas deal. So cool.. So by the end of the month, we'll be having an extra OEM partner and a distributor. Going to be a good month :-)

The great thing about the whole experience? Moving both partners from being non-pro to pro-us. It's a wonderful feeling... gives a nicer touch to all the nasty partners/customers that I've been dealing the whole week.

Had my first fast food meal for the whole month! BK Big Fish.. was hungry still, but after the walk (and shoe shopping with Rattie ;-) @ Bata), the hunger disappeared.

Tomorrow's Rattie's bday. She hasn't check out the pressie we gave her. Wonder what's her reaction will be. But I won't be around to ask her.. coz I'll be having my check up @ KKH. Hehe...

Navel stretched!

Aiyah! Now my navel's aching! Kena stretched.. along with the little one kicking, it feels like my stomach's going to burst soon.. argh.. Is this what our mothers went through when she was pregnant with us? Dang! That means we'll have to treat mommies far much better from now.

Speaking of mommies.. Poor Mommie Corina is overloaded with work.. had to take 2 panadols to release headaches. .. cos Mommie Chris is not around. And Momi Elle? She's off to Perth.. with Huda.. how nice! Me want to go too!

Today's Gracie's last day with us. So had lunch at Curry Flavor.. I think this place is only nice for their Jap curry delights. Their western faired ok with me.. well, I tried the Spaghetti Bolognaise, and it was dry and rather cold.. and we had to ask for the grated cheese. *what the #$%^??!* The good thing about it? We got to change the side (salad.. urgh!) for free to fries! Worth $4.20! So cool!

Busy B..

Busy busy busy bee... Yep! Today's going to be a short life update. Sorry pals.. really busy day. Lots of tender compliances to do. Quotes, Sales target to meet, customers to please.. You know how it is. So let's start!

Baby News:
(1) Bought 2 packs of 3 romper suits from OUB Bldg - Oki: something Japanese. 1 pack of Yellow Chicks! and Yellow rimmed suits.. Hehehe.. Chicks! My baby's a rooster/hen anyway ;-) The other pack is green colored.. with cows, lambs, and another animal... but CUTE! The best part of it??? It's only at $23 for 2 packs!!! Wow! It's a steal.. typical Singaporean talking here.

(2) Will visit the gynae only next week on 14 Apr. So can only share more info then.

Today: Lunch of nasi padang.. $3.80 at Funan. Will go down to Sim Lim Sq. later coz PC is cranky. Can't boot up even to the Bios! Geez! And the worst part.. there's electricity leakage. Argh! So hubby will meet me later.

April's Fool .. On me

The start of a new month.. and the start of The Stress Day! Just on the 1st 10 long action items.. sigh.. Yesterday (Monday!) had a tender briefing and it was raining tigers and wolves! Soaked wet and my shoes were spoilt completely.. with that eeky Splish Splosh sound.. Again another 10 long action items! - managed to do only 7.. too many major ones.. Today? 5 major actions! All to bring in $$$ So need to concentrate. Brought food so has some time.

Managed to get some rest on the weekends to shop for baby stuff.. Had a craving for Char Kuey Teow. Went Marine Parade and visited each storey. Haha.. ALL 7 storeys! Looked at the baby stuff at Mothercare and Kiddy Palace. Decided to purchase them at Kiddy Palace Century Sq. since there's more variety.

Saw cute sets of baby clothes... My little Princess.. I'm a Girl.. oooh... really cute and adorable.. but PERSEVERED against purchasing it. Hubby gave me $50 to spend so have to spend appropriately. Have to do what I preach. So me bought:
(1) Bedding set: Pillow, Bolster and comforter
(Unisex - bears with yellow theme) - have to think of future babies.. can't expect a son to have PINK beddings!
(2) Mittens and Booties - finally bought the "My Little Princess" set! Hahaha
(3) Hooded Towel and Face Towel Set - Yellow.. again looking into the future.

Still thinking of which hospital to deliver.. Private (East Shore or Thomson) or Govt (KKH). Someone out there to advise? Also, don't even know what to bring when I go into labor... should have listened more attentively to those *boring, irrelevant* talks during HomEc lessons... urgh!

Heavy clouds

Yesterday's morning was a breeze to drive to work in spite of the usual slow traffic. But no one honked at me (just coz I'm a P-plater). Amazingly, there's carpark slots at my usual parking space and the more amazing thing is that LTA grabbed several (like 5 slots) just in front of the building! Wonder what LTA is doing with the 5 slots.

Yesterday's weather: Cloudy with heavy showers in a few areas - just like right now... it's raining heavily. Had 2 interviews; hopefully both are as good as they sound.

Today: Waited for a long while for a slot, but can't get one until... I drove off - argh! But the "Rat" managed to 'chope' for me while I drive back.. haha.. the guys there from EC were breakfasting and moved immediately thinking I'm going to hit the curb. Haha.. me not that bad lah.. managed to park parallelly very well, thank you.

Lunch: Had craving for Waffle Ice Cream. But then, Cafe Cartel had a good lunch set. Wanted the Chicken Teriyaki Pasta Set, but *sigh* after we got seats, the set we wanted ran out. Sad... So went for New Zealand Natural Ice Cream. At $5.50 for a large (2 rectangle waffles and 2 scoops of ice cream), it's really worth it and good to share with another person. Both Rattie and I were stuffed.. especially after our $1 REAL fruit juice (blended on the spot). Good bargain!

Baby News:
Saw the (1) "My Little Princess" mittens and booties and (2) "I love Mommy and Daddy" mittens/booties set and clothes at Robinsons for a bargain. Will drag hubby down this Saturday to get it. Besides, Robinsons is selling the Avent Microwave Sterilizer at $40+ which is cheap compared to the $70+ I saw earlier. Going to get that as well.. so I don't need to use boiling water to sterilize everytime. Hahaha.. Lazy bum. Besides, the set comes with 4 bottles, which should be more than enough. Going to check my list and see what I can get this weekend :-)

The Rat (new N improved Mousie) is back

Hahaha.. The Rat's (ex-Mousie) first day at office as Big Rat.. haha .. Big surprise for her.. hopefully she refrains from fainting! Hahah..

So yes, last Friday was a holiday - Good Friday. Hubby was on off as well.. so we went shopping.. for baby's things.
Venue: Baby Hypermart/ Kaki Bukit
There are 2 stores there selling baby items. The Hypermart is cheaper and has more varieties. But we didn't get anything from there. Instead, we bought things from the other store. However, we will be going back to Hypermart to take advantage of the cheap prices of the strollers and car seats. Saw this nice 3-wheeler stroller that we intend to get. At only $119, it's a steal!
Things we bought:
(1) Avent Manual Breast Pump set (comes with 2 milk bottles, etc) at $59.90 (CHEAP!)
(2) 3 sets of mittens and booties

Then, hubby rushed me to Sim Lim Sq. to get his best bud a birthday pressie. I recommended him a 256MB MP3 player with blue tooth connectivity so it's great! I thought that I should get one as well... but nah, a 1GB (or more) thumb drive is better! So *hint hint* on my birthday pressie... hehe

Got hungry - went Suntec - I've got craving for my lovely.. waffles.. So went Swensen's.. but argh.. the waffle ice cream is miserable.. plus Swensen's ice cream melts fast. So had tunch instead - Hubby paid! Haha.. Went to Gelare (now, this place has fantastic waffles and ice cream!) So me had the small one as hubby is full.. and oooh.. it feels great! Past by Carrefour - saw this cute little mittens/booties set with words " My Little Princess" (or Prince). Was tempted to buy it.. but hubby was tired.. and grouchy.. so hurriedly paid for my strawberries and left.. sigh.. will go back to buy that set! Hahah..

Sat: Went Metro Warehouse Sale.
Bought: Infant clothes! 4 sets.. cheap! Even managed to get a baby pooh brand - so cute! Hubby was tired (as usual - cranky coz need to go home for Zzz - need to work night shift) so rushed me :( But he was attracted to a little overall.. with words "Daddy's Little Girl" Hah! Men! Immediately grabbed it without even looking at the price.. *raspberry~* And he calls me impulsive buyer *another raspberry~*

Enough for the day. Back to work!

Sad day...

It's the last day for the week, but it's a sad day.. could have potentially lost a deal. But will still persist on this. Can't lose it after working so long on it! One deal closed doesn't mean another will follow suit?

Besides all this, there's a silver lining. Another 'cold' potential suddenly warmed up yesterday. Yey! Will likely to close with us. If only the rest can do the same..

Surprise hellos

This week is proving to be a week of surprises :-)

Just a few days ago, a long lost friend (who's been trying to contact me) finally got in touch with me. Hahaha... Sorry buddy for disappearing for the longest time. Good to know he's done good in his life... man.. a CTO.

Oh yes! I received a blip on my IM from my brother in UK *FINALLY!!!*. Harlow dear.. you should contact me more often. Me dunno your email id.. since you change so often! *Typical him! So I FINALLY got to see my niece ATIRAH. So cute! At birth.. so bloody.. oh no, is this what I'm going to face during my delivery? I don't mind the blood.. but the wires.. saw my sis-in-law (Mas) and a bed full of wires.. urgh! Me no like wires!

Yes, back to my niece - cute.. beautiful.. and.. doesn't look like my brother at all! Thank goodness! Hahahaha.. Sorry bro.. she looks more like her mom ;-) Prettier.. Wouldn't want a female casanova out there.. Hehehe.. Only one feature that is inherited from my bro - eyes.. she as 'sepet' as you lah bro. But still pretty... just coz she followed her mom! Hahaha.. *must rub in more* So bro, when me go UK, my family can bunk with you? Big enough tak? Ker too much old gadgets that it takes up half the house? hehe..

Now me need to get back to work. Too much surprises... too much work.. hahaha

Farewell Lunch n Girls Outing

Hungry... that's the first thing I can say the moment I started today's blog. But have to save my tummy space for colleague's farewell lunch at Sushi Don (Funan). Wonder what I shall have... likely my chanpon or chicken ramen. Haha.. with PLAIN water.. me the cheapo.

Lunch: Had Tom Yam Noodle Set. Quite affordable - $9.90 set consisting of: a BIG bowl of chicken and mushroom tom yam stick noodle, 2 stuffed chicken wing, salad, and a serving of fruits. So not bad a lunch.. the most expensive lunch so far for me :-D

Outing with the girls: 16 Mar 05 (Girls - if I'm wrong, leave a comment; Forgot to put in calendar)

Supposed to meet both Kiran and Tina at 8pm at Suntec City. But knowing them, hehe... they were LATE! Kiran and Tina were supposed to meet at City Hall MRT. Kiran was there, but Tina was in a cab heheh... Ended up that I met both of them at 8.30pm at Suntec Twr4. What happened? Especially when Kiran was like 10mins away? She got LOST! Imagine that??? The same woman who worked in Suntec for months and taking the train daily... lost her way coming there! hahaha... Now that's the joke of the year! *Hear that Kiran???* Hahaha..

Kiran can't recognize poor *pregnant* me sitting on the bench outside of Carrefour. She's still the *skinny* tall one.. haha.. and guess what??? She CHOPPED off her hair! Hahaha.. FINALLY!

So the 3 of us ended up in Swensen's having dinner/ supper. Kiran with her Banana Split, Tina with her pizza (which she insisted that I have to take 1 slice! No fair.. me shall get fat very soon :( sigh... ) and me with my chicken baked rice.

There we were reminiscing about our old school days. Catching up on one another's lives. Missed them both lots! And yeah.. I brought my wedding album, where we shared comments and pleasures of the event and the pics.. and yes, of cos, our friends. Maybe next time, we'll arrange with Ai Pey, Helen, and Siew Kim.

Monday.. Argh

It's yet another Monday... Rather boring day (but still busy). No Mousie (or now should I promote her to Rattie? hehe) to share info with. So boring.. so upsetting.. Heard that another colleague's leaving. :( My best wishes to her! So now have to sit in for interviews and test interviewees.

So many things to do today and yet it's a boring day.
Maybe it's the Monday blues.
So many problems as well.
Maybe it's the Monday blues.

Back's aching, bone's cracking,
baby's kicking
Maybe it's the Monday blues
Even the baby knows it.

Hahaha.. my complaint turned into a (messed up) poem. Maybe I'll write a book sometime.. fantasy, fiction, biographies. Hmm.. Perhaps.. then, I can publish and make some $ out of it. Haha.. But me being so systematic, I doubt it would be an interesting read. Even I wouldn't read it. But I do have those old stories that I published earlier on in life when life is so much more erratic and interesting. Even then, would I have the patience to see this project through? Maybe it's time to get disciplined and sit it through.

Sigh.. miss those swinging single days. Oops.. can't tell that to hubby. Not that he minds my naughtiness, just as long as I'm faithful and all things done within limits... Obviously! I'm a married woman for goodness' sake! Besides, how far can I go? The most is to hang out with my girlfriends or guy friends till say 10pm (at max) especially at this pregnant stage? Best thing about my hubby is that he trusts me. I believe that's a good trait to have for any person. To trust in the person you love. It's such a luxury for me especially reflecting on my past relationships where there's no trust. The trust gives me such freedom and security. It makes me love my hubby more :-D

Oh well. No more stories of hubby. Now story on baby: Still haven't decided a name. Goodness, 2.5 months more to go and yet, nothing's done. We are still very much into planning for our home than the baby.. no name nor baby things as yet. hehehe.. maybe we'll start buying this Friday. Knowing us, we'll likely to complete things within the day. ;-) Systematic (with a list) and determination (with a vengeance). Will update more once there's more info.

Next time, more info on my outing with the girls.. Missing Kiran already! Maybe I'll consider videoing the whole delivery.. and let Kiran and Tina squirm with all the bloody scenes! Hahaha....

Back from Holidays...

I think the holidays were too short. Now back in office doing the old stuff.. actually lots of things to take care of.

Well, finally managed to get onto Firefox - even managed to access into gmail from here. Yey! The IE browser sucks big time on my machine.

Time for some Baby Development:
(1) News from the Doc: Baby's heartbeat is healthy; she's growing bigger... obviously, since baby's now 28 weeks!
(2) Baby's age (as of 14 Mar 05): 28 weeks
(3) Baby's getting real bigger to make me snug in the tummy all the time....
(4) Kicking always.. Yes, always kicking.

Holiday News:
Day 1: Went to JB with hubby and stayed for a day at parents' place.

Day 2: Parents decided to go to Cameron Highlands (Pahang, Malaysia) for a short trip since I wasn't with them the previous trip there. Started the trip at 3pm... and sigh.. reached there at MIDNITE! hahaha..

Along the way, of coz, there's loads of interesting happenings.. like when we past the Sg. Buloh rest area, my dad commented that his diesel (we took a van) is running low... like at the LAST bar! Dang.. from us all happily yakking and singing (at 10pm), the silence was deafening. However, there were a few of us who knew that at the last bar,
with no air con on (who wants air con with such cool breeze/wind out??) the diesel can last for another 100km. But my mom was worried.. the next fuel station was in Tapah - some 30km away. With my dad frequently switching on the lights to check the mileage, she got really petrified. All's well though as we managed to reach Tapah rest area (with the fuel station) safely.. Got a really good break! After all, the leg muscles were sore..

Another 'scary' incident: Dad decided to take the Simpang Pulai route (i.e. a de-tour) from the usual Tapah roads.. and it used to be a high risk (Communist) area. With no cars nor lights at that ungodly hour, it was scary.. but again, happy siblings of mine went along singing.. heheh... So until we reached the farms around the area, daddy was extremely quiet. Hahaha... Good thing that we didn't go by the Tapah route as that route is dangerous - narrow and winding - a wrong move, and you end up in the ditches or even worse... Besides, we managed to see FIREFLIES! Didn't know how much I missed nature until I saw those beautiful fireflies happily buzzing about.

Reached Cameron Highlands: Decided to stay at the highest town there - Brinchang. Went a couple of hotels, but the rates were BAD.. and the place? SLEEZY! Of coz, my hubby, being tired from the journey, was prepared to bunk into any hotel.. me? I'm not inclined to it! Hahaha... So me suggested - IRIS Hotel. A nice upper 3-star hotel. Cheap and good, in a nice quiet area and yet, minutes to the shopping (i.e. Pasar Malam) area. So here we bunked in for the next 2 days.

Day 3: Cameron Highlands
Had a sumptious breakfast at the market.. again minutes from the hotel... and went to Parit Falls. It's a clean little camping area with a scenic view. I would say... untouched beauty compared to the rest of the waterfalls area there. Took many pics.. but somehow can't share with you guys here.. hahaha

Skipped lunch (God forbid a pregnant woman skipping lunch!) and went to Cameron Bharat Valley tea plantation.. a convenient plantation, but I say it's not something to be 'awed' by. The teashop was also so-so.. Went to Boh Tea Plantation (Brinchang). Further from the main roads, but boasts a fantastic view and ride up. It's worth to visit. Many things to do there. Staff were friendly. Had a guided tour of the tea processing plant.. even saw a man who worked there 35yrs.. and he specializes in hand sorting the Palas Supreme (best tea available!). As for me, I took an adventurous trip up the viewpoint. Being very aware that hubby wasn't too happy as he's very concerned for my well-being. But hey, me (the pregnant one) managed to go up the viewpoint!!! A worthwhile adventure indeed! The view from there is great.. though the trip up and down is tiring.. well, for me that is.. hahaha... Oh yeah, bought many tea back! Hahaha..

Mommy wanted to see the Rose Garden, but it was raining heavily so we past it and drove up to Boh's lowland tea plantation at Sg. Palas, but can't see much as we missed the timing for the packing and it was raining. Still wanted to see the rose thingie.. so went up to this Rose Valley... but no we didn't venture in, as it's RM4 per adult, and RM2 for children. Not going to pay for something that is not worth it.. hehe.. besides, it was raining, what flowers can we see? Wilted ones? Hahaha..

So went up to the Honey (Bee) place where you can buy fresh honey and take a stroll in their BIG (and free) flower/bee park.. hehehe.. so got a free flower park tour after all! Hahaha.. Both my parents and I bought a kg each of honey - supposedly good for health and if taken in the right way, it can assist in curing ailments. Well, I love honey, so there! Haha..

Dinner time: Much awaited by everyone.. after a rest/shower, we trudged to the Pasar Malam and bought loads of food.. chicken, burgers, meat, rendang.. etc.. Yummy!

Day 4: Time to leave. Checked out at 9am... went breakfast at Tanah Rata.. Love the Roti Canai there! So sedap! So baby had a nice time having all the food that Mommy had eh dear? :-D Went past the big main waterfall and family stopped to buy all the interesting souvenirs.. me? I sat in the van with hubby. Hubby had a headache.. hehe.. It turns out that hubby was having motion sickness!! Hahaha.. he puked his guts out soon afterwards.. hahaha.. me horrible.. laughed at his expense! Hahaha..

Drove to KL.. shopped at FOS for hubby's t-shirts and pants.. cheap cheap.. had tunch of nasi briyani dam.. so sedap.. and CHEAP! Hahaha.. So me introduced my family to Bukit Bintang area.. else they are always stuck at KLCC. So boring... Went Sungei Wang etc... love the games there. Met Pak Long Mail there.. met up with one of his 'friends'.. aiyah.. this guy is so superficious. Tis a shame.. so boastful.. me? I can't be bothered. In fact, I ignored him totally. Hahaha...

Day 5: Time to leave for SG. But not before I finish shopping.. went to Jusco and bought my maternity / nursing bras - super cheap!!! For the price of 1 here.. I got .. hmm.. 4-5 sets there! Hahaha.. Finally left JB (teary-eyed) at 5pm. No jam at the 2nd link. Hehehe.. Passed through the SG customs at around 5+pm and reached home at 6.45pm.

Well.. need to get back to work.. sigh... wait for more news!

Day b4 leave!

Yes! Finally taking a well-deserved break... for a 5-day visit to mommy's place in JB. (Hubby wants to claim his holiday allowance)... amidst all the tender closings (overseas) and local ones. I pray hard that nothing 'breaks' in between.

Note: Sent quotes/ compliances/ documentations, etc. for 3 tenders. Hmm.. hopefully all of them comes in!

Brought my own food (tapau) from home today so I have more time to put in my thoughts for the day.

Some baby developments:
(1) My stomach finally took over the race from my breasts! ahahaha... used to be that I can't see past my breasts, now it's my stomach. But I'm still a small size. Many people are surprised that I'm carrying a baby girl... coz the structure looks like a boy :) So my dearest lil one is following her dearest dad (my hubby!).
(2) Baby is constantly kicking. I think she'll make a good football player.. or at least in some uniform group where one gets to kick *evil grin*
(3) Me - getting always hungry. Yes! Eating always... but not as much as my hubby.. hahaha.. I'm the one pregnant, but he's the one gaining all the weight and the craving. Such just desserts! hehehe..

Some life developments:
I should share some life developments with you people out there. So here goes... My House Search:
(1) Decided to view some houses. We did our first house viewing on probably 12 or 13 Mar: 156 - argh! Not nice.. ad mentioned well maintained, etc. So here I went with some expectations, but trust me, always lower your expectation level by 50%! Hahaha.. The unit was horrible! With black/grey/white homogeneous tiles (yucks!), it looks dreary.. And yes, they knocked down the room next to the master bedroom (M-Room) and made it (well..) longish. With the M-Room in an angular shape, it's not even worth to see.
(2) Got the agent to arrange some other viewing (on a weekday) and boy, he set up like 11 (ELEVEN) houses to view in 3 hrs. I was so beat by the last house that I didn't want to see any others. The agent should have given thought to my pregnant self. So decided not to use this agent. But we ticked on a unit.. Tell you more later.. Hehe..
(3) Got another agent D (thru' the papers) to view other flats within the area. This one is professional - got my criteria and gave me what I want with much leisure time to view each flats. Saw one real nicely renovated unit - featured in a magazine at that too! But they did so much 'renovation' that it spoilt the entire persona and space of the flat. So no go.
(4) Saw a unit #04 near my brother-in-law's place, but we arranged through another agent S - this person is NOT pro at all. Don't even know what I'm asking nor what is the specifications of the unit! And the team fumbled so badly that when agent D arranged for us to view 'another' unit which was supposedly at #05 with a whole different owner - that we ended up viewing the SAME house on the SAME DAY! Goodness... we were soooo upset! Well, I was that is. Hubby looks cool.
(5) Needless to say that after a few rounds, both of us were tired. In fact, we believe we've seen all the houses there! Haha.. So we looked back at our list and pics (yes, we took pics of each unit), and decided on 1. Had Agent D arranged the 2nd viewing (though we did our 1st viewing with another agent) for my in-laws to view.
(6) Agent D got all the info (valuation, asking price, etc) for us, plus even gave us tips on the viewing. So not too bad. It's just the asking price that was 'killing' us... $15K above our budget. Even when we bargained, the previous owner wanted an amount higher than even valuation! That's asking us to fork out CASH. No way!
(7) After much negotiation, we decided to go at valuation - the valuation report is lapsing soon, so the previous owners are STRESSED! So Agent D got the price.. and for the marble flooring, new in-built cabinets, etc., I think it's a good bargain - besides, I think the valuation should be higher *evil grin*. Now, just waiting for 1st appointment ... on 18 Apr 05.

So for those searching for new flats in Singapore, I strongly suggest to do your homework first. Insist on taking pics so you can review them at a more leisurely pace. And most importantly, don't fall in love with the house, seller's agent can sniff the excitement and go for the kill ;) Oh yes, and get a good reliable agent who's senior and has 'seen the world'.