Baby Lia in Hospital

Yes. She went into hospital from 2nd to 5th June coz she vomitted badly till she was dehydrated. Yes, I cried the whole of the first night. Saw baby put on drip.. Really bad.

The docs did many tests - they probed and they scoped - did Baromine scan, xrays, urine tests; stayed in hospital for 3 days but found nothing to be wrong. The worst thing??? They put my poor 8-day old baby on NBM (Nil by Mouth), ie no food nor drink by mouth! Horrid! So poor baby was crying nite and day for a drop of milk or drink. :( This is really depressing me..

Hubby stayed the whole 1st nite by himself to take care of the baby. I accompanied him from 2nd nite onwards. Hubby went home to rest on the second day with me alone with baby. Boy! was it a trial.. they put a tube to her stomach (thru the nose) to remove everything in it - as they wanted to do more tests.

My temperaments then? I was a testy, demanding mother.. who blasted at one of the doctors there who wouldn't tell me what to do. Idiots! They need to take EQ.

Finally, after I told them that the breastmilk that I've been feeding her was ok and that her formula (S26 Gold) make her puke again, they diagnosed that Baby Lia's intolerance to the formula. Argh! Even I could have told them that. So next time people... if your baby's having projectile vomitting - check your formula.

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