Friday stress day

Yes. It's a stress FULL day.. Morning - tender briefing. Later - customer mgmt meeting :( Hopefully, they won't scream so much esp. after seeing my bulging tummy. Can't stress pregnant mommies.

Lunch - BK with Kin (Smurf) and Yuling. Latter was supposed to be briefed on her insurance plan by Kin. Me kepo..

Home PC is fixed so can pick it up from Sim Lim today. Yey! So happy.. good and bad at the same time.


Just got back from Govt Procurement Briefing. So tiring.. Took Track 1 - not much relevance on Apps except for last speaker. That one has lots of relevance. Will work with them on user requirements.

Lunch: Yesterday's cakes. Kakaka.. Had too much leftovers from yesterday's company gathering of Canadian Pizzas, lasagne, 2 birthday cakes. Dunlin showed Taekwondo for entertainment. Moon needs to do some work for next month's gathering. Hope I'm still around for the show.

Now need to focus on work. Too many tenders and projects to close and chase...

Lazy Wed

My Goldfish died!!! ButtHead is dead :*( So sad.. *sob sob* My prize and pride.. died of internal infection. Still can't get over it even though my dear one passed on Monday. Hubby promised to get me another one similar, but it won't be Butthead. My dearest ButtHead.

Company's lunch gathering today @ 12nn with Pizzas.. yummy *slurp slurp* Hungry pregnant woman here. *Still thinking of ButtHead*

Talk around and within Singapore is focussed on Singapore's IR. So much so that the news of the reclaimation suit between SG and MY is being downplayed. Well, I applaud both countries' leaders in coming to consensus and a win-win long term diplomatic agreement.

*Still thinking about ButtHead.. My beautiful ButtHead.*

Short chat

Office's network had problem in the morning, but now resolved :) Tapau food from home .. and Big Mouse screaming I'm abandoning her.. haha..
New IA is in for marketing till 9 July. I wonder when my sales guy will call me back. He doesn't want to get the job I think :( May work with that other guy... sigh.. See my brain gender...

Your Brain is 66.67% Female, 33.33% Male
Your brain leans female
You think with your heart, not your head
Sweet and considerate, you are a giver
But you're tough enough not to let anyone take advantage of you!

I think I've got too many baby girl power now.. hahaha... Friends can happily comment!


Forgot to ask hubby for $ coz lazy to walk to ATM to withdraw cash.. Aiyah.. So today had to walk to Funan to "ti-ti" $. Had lunch with Dunlin @ Long John's Silver. Meal there getting smaller.. sigh.. But still full.

*Baby dear.. don't kick mommy..*

Will see my sisters @ grandma's tomorrow. Miss them much! Luv u kids!

Baby News; House Update

Should I share my baby news or my house update first? Such a dilemma ;-) K lah.. Baby news first k.

Baby News: as of 19 Apr 05 - 33 wks + 3 days
(1) Head Circumference: 10.7cm (wonder how the deliver will be like.. for natural birth! *gulps*)
(2) Position of baby: Turned
(3) Weight: 2.1 kg (small eh? esp. for an 8mth old baby)

Hospital Visit: ADC (scan) appt @ 3.30pm but we reached there early.. thank goodness! The waiting time.. wasn't too bad, but the scan experience was bad. Not as pleasing as at HPB. Reasons:
(1) The arm of the person doing the scan was in my view of the screen - so can't really see anything.
(2) Supposed to check for the growth, but checked only for the (a) position of the baby, (b) head circumference, (c) femur length, and (d) arm length.. disappointing! Tot I'll be able to see the toes and fingers and the whole body of my baby. In fact, I was given only the printout of the head and the arm :( No fair!
(3) Too fast! It was all done within minutes.. not pleasurable at all.
(4) Payment - the only good thing about it is that mine was subsidized @ $29, else I've to pay $71.30! But the system was slow.. as usual.

Obs check up - Need I go into details? The same as before.. except I was exhausted by the time it was payment time.. coz it was at 6.30pm! Waited for 1hr to see doctor for a 5min session where she doesn't even touch me.. and another 1hr ++ for payment.. I even managed to grab books for Putri and bought food to eat whilst waiting and still have to wait a horrible 1hr! Argh! I'll just have to grab a Q no. when they call me to see the Obs to cut on the waiting time :-P

House Update:
(1) Signed everything including the payment through CPF - now CPF ordinary Ac left with cents :(
(2) Got the $40K Govt Grant
(3) Dued for completion (i.e. 2nd Appt): 16 May 05 - so baby will get new place when she arrives :)

So poor hubby now has to prepare the fix up the walls, wash the place, etc.. esp. since we aren't doing any reno. Oh.. in law don't want to stay with us :( Hubby was upset... But me going to psycho the old man hehe..

Results.. on KKH

So you are expecting some sort of Baby Development right? Well, there're some.. and there're some..

So Thursday:
Reached KKH @1.30pm.. and guess what time I get to see the Obs? At 3.30pm.. and guess for how long? 5mins! All due to - a new system rollout. Blah! Should have trained the front persons before the rollout... not on the job training *rolls eyes*. Wonder who the contractor is.
What happened @ KKH (over here I'm praying hard that the people there gets to read my comments):
(1) Checked on my baby's heartbeat (it's strong btw).
(2) I asked for any packages - none;
(3) what things to bring - referred me to the edu/training centre, which gave me an answer as "the normal things". Hello! I'm a newbie! I don't even know what to do or go when I reach the hospital! So I checked the webby@KKH - to horror.. just bring outpatient appointment card and your admission form. What kind of reply is that? So I don't need to bring any clothes, etc and expect them to prepare EVERYTHING for me? This is ridiculous. Should increase the standard of service (even though it's government). Some people are paying non-subsidized cost.
(4) The only great thing there .. is the mall - has everything from gift shops, food court, bookstore, to baby paraphelias. Even has a cake shop - Prima Deli.. and I happily got 2 slices of durian (grande) cake (at hubby's insistence) - and munched on 1 while hubby made his glasses. Hehe.. hear this baby - mommy is having lots of durian just coz of you :-)

Oh yeah.. I need to go KKH again next Tuesday. For an ADC scan.. to check on my baby's growth.. why can't they just booked me for the scan on the SAME day????? Ridiculous system!

Went to Century Sq - tot to buy shoes at Bata - but the ones I want weren't available there :( So ended up baby stuff shopping @ Metro, Popular Bkshop. Bought:
(1) Bag - to put all my barang2 and baby's stuff when I go into delivery.
(2) Another pillow - kiasu mother of coz
(3) Erm.. clothes for hubby and pa-in-law.
(4) Books and mat for Putri - she was so happy with them that she managed to WALK a couple of steps on the mat.. being that it won't hurt her cute little tush when she falls.. hehe.. girls.. super careful .. even at 16mths :-)

Kiasu parents-to-be that we are, we packed whatever necessary and needed on the same night!

Today? I went SHOE SHOPPING! Hahaha.. Got that cute black shoe.. Wanted another pair, but no size.. so sad.. Broke my budget for the month.. spent over $100 just today! Argh...

Me need more $$$$...

Day b4 baby check up

Busy week since last Thu. Had to do many tender compliances - local and overseas. Can die! I closed most of the partnership dealings and even managed to close an overseas deal. So cool.. So by the end of the month, we'll be having an extra OEM partner and a distributor. Going to be a good month :-)

The great thing about the whole experience? Moving both partners from being non-pro to pro-us. It's a wonderful feeling... gives a nicer touch to all the nasty partners/customers that I've been dealing the whole week.

Had my first fast food meal for the whole month! BK Big Fish.. was hungry still, but after the walk (and shoe shopping with Rattie ;-) @ Bata), the hunger disappeared.

Tomorrow's Rattie's bday. She hasn't check out the pressie we gave her. Wonder what's her reaction will be. But I won't be around to ask her.. coz I'll be having my check up @ KKH. Hehe...

Navel stretched!

Aiyah! Now my navel's aching! Kena stretched.. along with the little one kicking, it feels like my stomach's going to burst soon.. argh.. Is this what our mothers went through when she was pregnant with us? Dang! That means we'll have to treat mommies far much better from now.

Speaking of mommies.. Poor Mommie Corina is overloaded with work.. had to take 2 panadols to release headaches. .. cos Mommie Chris is not around. And Momi Elle? She's off to Perth.. with Huda.. how nice! Me want to go too!

Today's Gracie's last day with us. So had lunch at Curry Flavor.. I think this place is only nice for their Jap curry delights. Their western faired ok with me.. well, I tried the Spaghetti Bolognaise, and it was dry and rather cold.. and we had to ask for the grated cheese. *what the #$%^??!* The good thing about it? We got to change the side (salad.. urgh!) for free to fries! Worth $4.20! So cool!

Busy B..

Busy busy busy bee... Yep! Today's going to be a short life update. Sorry pals.. really busy day. Lots of tender compliances to do. Quotes, Sales target to meet, customers to please.. You know how it is. So let's start!

Baby News:
(1) Bought 2 packs of 3 romper suits from OUB Bldg - Oki: something Japanese. 1 pack of Yellow Chicks! and Yellow rimmed suits.. Hehehe.. Chicks! My baby's a rooster/hen anyway ;-) The other pack is green colored.. with cows, lambs, and another animal... but CUTE! The best part of it??? It's only at $23 for 2 packs!!! Wow! It's a steal.. typical Singaporean talking here.

(2) Will visit the gynae only next week on 14 Apr. So can only share more info then.

Today: Lunch of nasi padang.. $3.80 at Funan. Will go down to Sim Lim Sq. later coz PC is cranky. Can't boot up even to the Bios! Geez! And the worst part.. there's electricity leakage. Argh! So hubby will meet me later.

April's Fool .. On me

The start of a new month.. and the start of The Stress Day! Just on the 1st 10 long action items.. sigh.. Yesterday (Monday!) had a tender briefing and it was raining tigers and wolves! Soaked wet and my shoes were spoilt completely.. with that eeky Splish Splosh sound.. Again another 10 long action items! - managed to do only 7.. too many major ones.. Today? 5 major actions! All to bring in $$$ So need to concentrate. Brought food so has some time.

Managed to get some rest on the weekends to shop for baby stuff.. Had a craving for Char Kuey Teow. Went Marine Parade and visited each storey. Haha.. ALL 7 storeys! Looked at the baby stuff at Mothercare and Kiddy Palace. Decided to purchase them at Kiddy Palace Century Sq. since there's more variety.

Saw cute sets of baby clothes... My little Princess.. I'm a Girl.. oooh... really cute and adorable.. but PERSEVERED against purchasing it. Hubby gave me $50 to spend so have to spend appropriately. Have to do what I preach. So me bought:
(1) Bedding set: Pillow, Bolster and comforter
(Unisex - bears with yellow theme) - have to think of future babies.. can't expect a son to have PINK beddings!
(2) Mittens and Booties - finally bought the "My Little Princess" set! Hahaha
(3) Hooded Towel and Face Towel Set - Yellow.. again looking into the future.

Still thinking of which hospital to deliver.. Private (East Shore or Thomson) or Govt (KKH). Someone out there to advise? Also, don't even know what to bring when I go into labor... should have listened more attentively to those *boring, irrelevant* talks during HomEc lessons... urgh!