Parking Slot

Oh ya.. forgot.. this morning.. parked at the big Armenian CP. Parked car - someone else drove in and asked if I'm driving off. Obviously NOT! I just got in. Duh.. Then opened my boot to get my stuff. Another person came (on foot) and asked if I'm driving off.. Shakes head violently! Y r ppl so wanting to get my slot??? I just got in. Talk abt parking...

Yesterday tried gg to the Pasir Ris HDB area - free parking on SUN rite? Saw a slot on 2nd level. Signalled to go in. Moved forward a bit.. and the LEXUS behind me moved forward as well! I horned to tell him that I wanted to go in. The jerk just looks on... SO IRRITATING! No way I can just 'sit there' so had to drive on... the idiot LEXUS driver went OUT of the carpark! Geez... selfish B******! So angry!!!

Oh yea.. I kena twice at that carpark! Dunno if I'm so tao mei! Jinxed at the carpark.

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