Busy B..

Busy busy busy bee... Yep! Today's going to be a short life update. Sorry pals.. really busy day. Lots of tender compliances to do. Quotes, Sales target to meet, customers to please.. You know how it is. So let's start!

Baby News:
(1) Bought 2 packs of 3 romper suits from OUB Bldg - Oki: something Japanese. 1 pack of Yellow Chicks! and Yellow rimmed suits.. Hehehe.. Chicks! My baby's a rooster/hen anyway ;-) The other pack is green colored.. with cows, lambs, and another animal... but CUTE! The best part of it??? It's only at $23 for 2 packs!!! Wow! It's a steal.. typical Singaporean talking here.

(2) Will visit the gynae only next week on 14 Apr. So can only share more info then.

Today: Lunch of nasi padang.. $3.80 at Funan. Will go down to Sim Lim Sq. later coz PC is cranky. Can't boot up even to the Bios! Geez! And the worst part.. there's electricity leakage. Argh! So hubby will meet me later.

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