Back from Holidays...

I think the holidays were too short. Now back in office doing the old stuff.. actually lots of things to take care of.

Well, finally managed to get onto Firefox - even managed to access into gmail from here. Yey! The IE browser sucks big time on my machine.

Time for some Baby Development:
(1) News from the Doc: Baby's heartbeat is healthy; she's growing bigger... obviously, since baby's now 28 weeks!
(2) Baby's age (as of 14 Mar 05): 28 weeks
(3) Baby's getting real bigger to make me snug in the tummy all the time....
(4) Kicking always.. Yes, always kicking.

Holiday News:
Day 1: Went to JB with hubby and stayed for a day at parents' place.

Day 2: Parents decided to go to Cameron Highlands (Pahang, Malaysia) for a short trip since I wasn't with them the previous trip there. Started the trip at 3pm... and sigh.. reached there at MIDNITE! hahaha..

Along the way, of coz, there's loads of interesting happenings.. like when we past the Sg. Buloh rest area, my dad commented that his diesel (we took a van) is running low... like at the LAST bar! Dang.. from us all happily yakking and singing (at 10pm), the silence was deafening. However, there were a few of us who knew that at the last bar,
with no air con on (who wants air con with such cool breeze/wind out??) the diesel can last for another 100km. But my mom was worried.. the next fuel station was in Tapah - some 30km away. With my dad frequently switching on the lights to check the mileage, she got really petrified. All's well though as we managed to reach Tapah rest area (with the fuel station) safely.. Got a really good break! After all, the leg muscles were sore..

Another 'scary' incident: Dad decided to take the Simpang Pulai route (i.e. a de-tour) from the usual Tapah roads.. and it used to be a high risk (Communist) area. With no cars nor lights at that ungodly hour, it was scary.. but again, happy siblings of mine went along singing.. heheh... So until we reached the farms around the area, daddy was extremely quiet. Hahaha... Good thing that we didn't go by the Tapah route as that route is dangerous - narrow and winding - a wrong move, and you end up in the ditches or even worse... Besides, we managed to see FIREFLIES! Didn't know how much I missed nature until I saw those beautiful fireflies happily buzzing about.

Reached Cameron Highlands: Decided to stay at the highest town there - Brinchang. Went a couple of hotels, but the rates were BAD.. and the place? SLEEZY! Of coz, my hubby, being tired from the journey, was prepared to bunk into any hotel.. me? I'm not inclined to it! Hahaha... So me suggested - IRIS Hotel. A nice upper 3-star hotel. Cheap and good, in a nice quiet area and yet, minutes to the shopping (i.e. Pasar Malam) area. So here we bunked in for the next 2 days.

Day 3: Cameron Highlands
Had a sumptious breakfast at the market.. again minutes from the hotel... and went to Parit Falls. It's a clean little camping area with a scenic view. I would say... untouched beauty compared to the rest of the waterfalls area there. Took many pics.. but somehow can't share with you guys here.. hahaha

Skipped lunch (God forbid a pregnant woman skipping lunch!) and went to Cameron Bharat Valley tea plantation.. a convenient plantation, but I say it's not something to be 'awed' by. The teashop was also so-so.. Went to Boh Tea Plantation (Brinchang). Further from the main roads, but boasts a fantastic view and ride up. It's worth to visit. Many things to do there. Staff were friendly. Had a guided tour of the tea processing plant.. even saw a man who worked there 35yrs.. and he specializes in hand sorting the Palas Supreme (best tea available!). As for me, I took an adventurous trip up the viewpoint. Being very aware that hubby wasn't too happy as he's very concerned for my well-being. But hey, me (the pregnant one) managed to go up the viewpoint!!! A worthwhile adventure indeed! The view from there is great.. though the trip up and down is tiring.. well, for me that is.. hahaha... Oh yeah, bought many tea back! Hahaha..

Mommy wanted to see the Rose Garden, but it was raining heavily so we past it and drove up to Boh's lowland tea plantation at Sg. Palas, but can't see much as we missed the timing for the packing and it was raining. Still wanted to see the rose thingie.. so went up to this Rose Valley... but no we didn't venture in, as it's RM4 per adult, and RM2 for children. Not going to pay for something that is not worth it.. hehe.. besides, it was raining, what flowers can we see? Wilted ones? Hahaha..

So went up to the Honey (Bee) place where you can buy fresh honey and take a stroll in their BIG (and free) flower/bee park.. hehehe.. so got a free flower park tour after all! Hahaha.. Both my parents and I bought a kg each of honey - supposedly good for health and if taken in the right way, it can assist in curing ailments. Well, I love honey, so there! Haha..

Dinner time: Much awaited by everyone.. after a rest/shower, we trudged to the Pasar Malam and bought loads of food.. chicken, burgers, meat, rendang.. etc.. Yummy!

Day 4: Time to leave. Checked out at 9am... went breakfast at Tanah Rata.. Love the Roti Canai there! So sedap! So baby had a nice time having all the food that Mommy had eh dear? :-D Went past the big main waterfall and family stopped to buy all the interesting souvenirs.. me? I sat in the van with hubby. Hubby had a headache.. hehe.. It turns out that hubby was having motion sickness!! Hahaha.. he puked his guts out soon afterwards.. hahaha.. me horrible.. laughed at his expense! Hahaha..

Drove to KL.. shopped at FOS for hubby's t-shirts and pants.. cheap cheap.. had tunch of nasi briyani dam.. so sedap.. and CHEAP! Hahaha.. So me introduced my family to Bukit Bintang area.. else they are always stuck at KLCC. So boring... Went Sungei Wang etc... love the games there. Met Pak Long Mail there.. met up with one of his 'friends'.. aiyah.. this guy is so superficious. Tis a shame.. so boastful.. me? I can't be bothered. In fact, I ignored him totally. Hahaha...

Day 5: Time to leave for SG. But not before I finish shopping.. went to Jusco and bought my maternity / nursing bras - super cheap!!! For the price of 1 here.. I got .. hmm.. 4-5 sets there! Hahaha.. Finally left JB (teary-eyed) at 5pm. No jam at the 2nd link. Hehehe.. Passed through the SG customs at around 5+pm and reached home at 6.45pm.

Well.. need to get back to work.. sigh... wait for more news!

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zackire said...

hahaha.. ur hubby puking was a good entertainment!! even daddy agrees so..

I love the ice milo in tanah rata.. roti canai is yum2 too..

c ya later!!

ur vampy sis