Yes. Once again in KL. Staying in Grand ParkRoyal. Nice place. Very good service! Sayang.. only NO wireless... Now hijacking someone else's bandwidth :)

Had too much food. Partner brought us to very good eating places. Now sure to grow fat :( Sad.. very I think worth the weight gain! Very gd Nasi Kandar. Fish Head Curry - POWER! *slurps* very heaty though.. now slight throaty.

Traffic here is bad. Yes. And by 4.30pm all Muslims Ciao Liao home for buka. Wah seh.. jealous! 2hrs off a day!! Their culture. Value of this meeting. Get to meet ST. Good potential. Nov timeframe. Now hopefully their new mgmt (haven't appoint yet) dun pull any tricks. *gulps* $$$ Overall up to today, the meetings are of low value. Hopefully DGN gets something out. Told Disti to include me in all their discussions. But no worries, anchor is for the seminar tomorrow. Many new companies meeting and in the afternoon meeting the folks playing mindef. So it's cool.

Went shopping juz now.. got office ppl cute stuff! Wait till I bring back this Thu!! Don't ask me now hor.. hehe.. yes, got something for hubby, baby and me :) Hubby - 3/4 pants - he loves those type. Baby - cute socks, cute overall, cute set of pants and top :) ME? 3/4 pants.. so that I can use it for Thu! haha.. me no clothes at in laws mah.. and hubby working nite shift on Thu :( So I can only see hubby on Fri evening. So sad.. Miss you darling! Miss baby... kiss kiss kiss baby for me!!

Oh yea tmr evening have dinner appt with M. Need to discuss the commitment, the projects - confirmed or not, how soon, will lock him to a date :P Need lots of these stuff.

Well, need to go back to work.. haha

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