Baby News; House Update

Should I share my baby news or my house update first? Such a dilemma ;-) K lah.. Baby news first k.

Baby News: as of 19 Apr 05 - 33 wks + 3 days
(1) Head Circumference: 10.7cm (wonder how the deliver will be like.. for natural birth! *gulps*)
(2) Position of baby: Turned
(3) Weight: 2.1 kg (small eh? esp. for an 8mth old baby)

Hospital Visit: ADC (scan) appt @ 3.30pm but we reached there early.. thank goodness! The waiting time.. wasn't too bad, but the scan experience was bad. Not as pleasing as at HPB. Reasons:
(1) The arm of the person doing the scan was in my view of the screen - so can't really see anything.
(2) Supposed to check for the growth, but checked only for the (a) position of the baby, (b) head circumference, (c) femur length, and (d) arm length.. disappointing! Tot I'll be able to see the toes and fingers and the whole body of my baby. In fact, I was given only the printout of the head and the arm :( No fair!
(3) Too fast! It was all done within minutes.. not pleasurable at all.
(4) Payment - the only good thing about it is that mine was subsidized @ $29, else I've to pay $71.30! But the system was slow.. as usual.

Obs check up - Need I go into details? The same as before.. except I was exhausted by the time it was payment time.. coz it was at 6.30pm! Waited for 1hr to see doctor for a 5min session where she doesn't even touch me.. and another 1hr ++ for payment.. I even managed to grab books for Putri and bought food to eat whilst waiting and still have to wait a horrible 1hr! Argh! I'll just have to grab a Q no. when they call me to see the Obs to cut on the waiting time :-P

House Update:
(1) Signed everything including the payment through CPF - now CPF ordinary Ac left with cents :(
(2) Got the $40K Govt Grant
(3) Dued for completion (i.e. 2nd Appt): 16 May 05 - so baby will get new place when she arrives :)

So poor hubby now has to prepare the fix up the walls, wash the place, etc.. esp. since we aren't doing any reno. Oh.. in law don't want to stay with us :( Hubby was upset... But me going to psycho the old man hehe..

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