Something New

Got something new for the week:
(1) New HP: Nokia 3230 - cool new features. Still to check out the bluetooth connectivity.
(2) Dell Inspiron 700m - super cool new 12.1" notebook. Now the envy of the folks here @ work hehe.. Still somehow very cranky. Still need to figure out how to connect to the local network.. grr..

Baby - is healthy. Got a scare last Sun morn - horrible (thankfully, irregular) contractions.. that started from my back to my tummy. Like the combination of menstrual cramps and tummy ache cramps (you can imagine the discomfort). Yesterday's check up was better coz I asked all the questions and the gynae was happily sharing the info. Incidentally, it's a He. hahaha...

So next check up is on next Monday @ 0925.

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