Let's all breath in.. breath out... yes... learn how to breath!

Too many things need to do today man! Meetings lined up back to back. I'm planning to bring the kids home tomorrow so less things to worry.. then, send my car for inspection/ check up... Oh yes, resolved my customer issue. So happy! Less things to worry. Now can focus on getting upsells. What else to do? Many!

Many new features also! Tomr bz day. Need to settle everything asap. So come office early. So can do work. Come back early.. and .. hmm... send them off. Can't wait else traffic :( Causeway is bad news always.

Breakfast/Lunch- BK
Dinner - Sardines! Hubby cooked.. haha.. So cute.. he tot just cut onions and chillies and plop the thing in.. lol... Anyway, I amended it.. And yes, it's very nice! Good job hubby! Oh yes, he ate FISH! It's a BIG thing! lol

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