Got treat from Boss! 2nd treat from him.. haha.. he owes us. So it's 'Out of Pan' for us. Swensens was #1. Yummy! Me had Fish Masala - fish went swimming to my WHITE skirt.. haha! Had brownie for myself - of coz, boss (brownie king) kapo-ed some. Me kapo-ed some from Dun's and Rach's.. yummy... and yes Char's.. LOL

Jus got call from mom. Ade aje lah my mom. Dah miss the kids. Now she nagging at me y the kids pat in-laws :( Me got meeting and yet, aiyah! Me now got money problems!

Next week go court - scared scared!

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RaZe@n said...

eh gal why must u go to Court!?
I keppo...want to know can???
Tell ur mum la... it's best to send ur siblings to ur iin-laws, rather than letting them stay alone at home..sure dia zip..hehe