finally a blog!

Busy day today! So only short short updates.

Fri: Company day off. I'm phone receptionist. Kena saman for coupon tampering. No way out! Still waiting for reply :( More info below. Spoilt my day. Went home immediately.

Sat: Stayed at in-laws coz baby cried non-stop. Supposed to go to Kam's house warming.. end up my back aches too strong.. so went to in-laws instead. No chance to cook chicken rice for hubby.

Sun: Hmm.. Can't remember. Haha!

Mon: Took leave. Back aches too badly :( *cries* but had to go to ura coz inspector told me to go there. Went there. Waited. Officer told me to wait for the report. Grr.. made me pay carpark for nothing. Went to doc - back is in bad shape. No strenous exercises. May need xray. See lor.. wait to go to Polyclinic. Now better already. Went mom's place. So cute. Amelia.. hehe... the apple of grandparents and aunties and uncle's eyes!

Tue: Back to work. Busy day. Mad hatter.. morning - office; late morning - event; afternn - briefing.
Read Razean's blog. She's now perm employed! Congrats! On shift! Me kepo - want to know what job she's doing.. hehe.. Anyway, good luck on this job k! Big things will happen to ppl who persevere.
As a typical sales person: Where there's $, there's a way & will! haha!

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RaZe@n said...

Lindah! Thanks for ur warm wishes...Yeap! I am working a different sector- customer service... Havent been there before....jsut need to start here I am!
Happy puasa! Bangun sahur k..