house warming N Lia's hair trimming

Supposed to post this yesterday. Anyway, it started @ 1pm and ended till 9.30pm. So beat after that. Must give special thanks to my beloved siblings. *Hugz* to you all.

Lots of fun, lots of pain - backaches :( Anyway, almost everyone invited came.

Will upload the pics soon!


kAm said...

entry so short!!! :( kAm+Dunlin

Your Brother said...

Yaya YaDa YADa ...Excuses lah sis.
If U wanna do it..Just Do It! like U always said it.

Good luck with the baby...
Looks just Exactly like U...(hope don't behave like when UR then)...
heh heh..a PIMB .. As Arwah Nenek apiah said..."Anak Cina Mana Yang Suka Melalak Yang Kau bawak Ni Majid?"

I still have some of yr pics stored somewhere on my server,*(just Dunno Which Server I left it in)...gotta run!