Day b4 baby check up

Busy week since last Thu. Had to do many tender compliances - local and overseas. Can die! I closed most of the partnership dealings and even managed to close an overseas deal. So cool.. So by the end of the month, we'll be having an extra OEM partner and a distributor. Going to be a good month :-)

The great thing about the whole experience? Moving both partners from being non-pro to pro-us. It's a wonderful feeling... gives a nicer touch to all the nasty partners/customers that I've been dealing the whole week.

Had my first fast food meal for the whole month! BK Big Fish.. was hungry still, but after the walk (and shoe shopping with Rattie ;-) @ Bata), the hunger disappeared.

Tomorrow's Rattie's bday. She hasn't check out the pressie we gave her. Wonder what's her reaction will be. But I won't be around to ask her.. coz I'll be having my check up @ KKH. Hehe...

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kAm said...

buy shoe buy shoe! =)