Results.. on KKH

So you are expecting some sort of Baby Development right? Well, there're some.. and there're some..

So Thursday:
Reached KKH @1.30pm.. and guess what time I get to see the Obs? At 3.30pm.. and guess for how long? 5mins! All due to - a new system rollout. Blah! Should have trained the front persons before the rollout... not on the job training *rolls eyes*. Wonder who the contractor is.
What happened @ KKH (over here I'm praying hard that the people there gets to read my comments):
(1) Checked on my baby's heartbeat (it's strong btw).
(2) I asked for any packages - none;
(3) what things to bring - referred me to the edu/training centre, which gave me an answer as "the normal things". Hello! I'm a newbie! I don't even know what to do or go when I reach the hospital! So I checked the webby@KKH - to horror.. just bring outpatient appointment card and your admission form. What kind of reply is that? So I don't need to bring any clothes, etc and expect them to prepare EVERYTHING for me? This is ridiculous. Should increase the standard of service (even though it's government). Some people are paying non-subsidized cost.
(4) The only great thing there .. is the mall - has everything from gift shops, food court, bookstore, to baby paraphelias. Even has a cake shop - Prima Deli.. and I happily got 2 slices of durian (grande) cake (at hubby's insistence) - and munched on 1 while hubby made his glasses. Hehe.. hear this baby - mommy is having lots of durian just coz of you :-)

Oh yeah.. I need to go KKH again next Tuesday. For an ADC scan.. to check on my baby's growth.. why can't they just booked me for the scan on the SAME day????? Ridiculous system!

Went to Century Sq - tot to buy shoes at Bata - but the ones I want weren't available there :( So ended up baby stuff shopping @ Metro, Popular Bkshop. Bought:
(1) Bag - to put all my barang2 and baby's stuff when I go into delivery.
(2) Another pillow - kiasu mother of coz
(3) Erm.. clothes for hubby and pa-in-law.
(4) Books and mat for Putri - she was so happy with them that she managed to WALK a couple of steps on the mat.. being that it won't hurt her cute little tush when she falls.. hehe.. girls.. super careful .. even at 16mths :-)

Kiasu parents-to-be that we are, we packed whatever necessary and needed on the same night!

Today? I went SHOE SHOPPING! Hahaha.. Got that cute black shoe.. Wanted another pair, but no size.. so sad.. Broke my budget for the month.. spent over $100 just today! Argh...

Me need more $$$$...


kAm said...

which shoe did u buy? =)

Lindah_Z said...

Bought the one that we saw @ Bata the other day... The one with the flower. Didn't get the embroidery one :-)