Heavy clouds

Yesterday's morning was a breeze to drive to work in spite of the usual slow traffic. But no one honked at me (just coz I'm a P-plater). Amazingly, there's carpark slots at my usual parking space and the more amazing thing is that LTA grabbed several (like 5 slots) just in front of the building! Wonder what LTA is doing with the 5 slots.

Yesterday's weather: Cloudy with heavy showers in a few areas - just like right now... it's raining heavily. Had 2 interviews; hopefully both are as good as they sound.

Today: Waited for a long while for a slot, but can't get one until... I drove off - argh! But the "Rat" managed to 'chope' for me while I drive back.. haha.. the guys there from EC were breakfasting and moved immediately thinking I'm going to hit the curb. Haha.. me not that bad lah.. managed to park parallelly very well, thank you.

Lunch: Had craving for Waffle Ice Cream. But then, Cafe Cartel had a good lunch set. Wanted the Chicken Teriyaki Pasta Set, but *sigh* after we got seats, the set we wanted ran out. Sad... So went for New Zealand Natural Ice Cream. At $5.50 for a large (2 rectangle waffles and 2 scoops of ice cream), it's really worth it and good to share with another person. Both Rattie and I were stuffed.. especially after our $1 REAL fruit juice (blended on the spot). Good bargain!

Baby News:
Saw the (1) "My Little Princess" mittens and booties and (2) "I love Mommy and Daddy" mittens/booties set and clothes at Robinsons for a bargain. Will drag hubby down this Saturday to get it. Besides, Robinsons is selling the Avent Microwave Sterilizer at $40+ which is cheap compared to the $70+ I saw earlier. Going to get that as well.. so I don't need to use boiling water to sterilize everytime. Hahaha.. Lazy bum. Besides, the set comes with 4 bottles, which should be more than enough. Going to check my list and see what I can get this weekend :-)

The Rat (new N improved Mousie) is back

Hahaha.. The Rat's (ex-Mousie) first day at office as Big Rat.. haha .. Big surprise for her.. hopefully she refrains from fainting! Hahah..

So yes, last Friday was a holiday - Good Friday. Hubby was on off as well.. so we went shopping.. for baby's things.
Venue: Baby Hypermart/ Kaki Bukit
There are 2 stores there selling baby items. The Hypermart is cheaper and has more varieties. But we didn't get anything from there. Instead, we bought things from the other store. However, we will be going back to Hypermart to take advantage of the cheap prices of the strollers and car seats. Saw this nice 3-wheeler stroller that we intend to get. At only $119, it's a steal!
Things we bought:
(1) Avent Manual Breast Pump set (comes with 2 milk bottles, etc) at $59.90 (CHEAP!)
(2) 3 sets of mittens and booties

Then, hubby rushed me to Sim Lim Sq. to get his best bud a birthday pressie. I recommended him a 256MB MP3 player with blue tooth connectivity so it's great! I thought that I should get one as well... but nah, a 1GB (or more) thumb drive is better! So *hint hint* on my birthday pressie... hehe

Got hungry - went Suntec - I've got craving for my lovely.. waffles.. So went Swensen's.. but argh.. the waffle ice cream is miserable.. plus Swensen's ice cream melts fast. So had tunch instead - Hubby paid! Haha.. Went to Gelare (now, this place has fantastic waffles and ice cream!) So me had the small one as hubby is full.. and oooh.. it feels great! Past by Carrefour - saw this cute little mittens/booties set with words " My Little Princess" (or Prince). Was tempted to buy it.. but hubby was tired.. and grouchy.. so hurriedly paid for my strawberries and left.. sigh.. will go back to buy that set! Hahah..

Sat: Went Metro Warehouse Sale.
Bought: Infant clothes! 4 sets.. cheap! Even managed to get a baby pooh brand - so cute! Hubby was tired (as usual - cranky coz need to go home for Zzz - need to work night shift) so rushed me :( But he was attracted to a little overall.. with words "Daddy's Little Girl" Hah! Men! Immediately grabbed it without even looking at the price.. *raspberry~* And he calls me impulsive buyer *another raspberry~*

Enough for the day. Back to work!

Sad day...

It's the last day for the week, but it's a sad day.. could have potentially lost a deal. But will still persist on this. Can't lose it after working so long on it! One deal closed doesn't mean another will follow suit?

Besides all this, there's a silver lining. Another 'cold' potential suddenly warmed up yesterday. Yey! Will likely to close with us. If only the rest can do the same..

Surprise hellos

This week is proving to be a week of surprises :-)

Just a few days ago, a long lost friend (who's been trying to contact me) finally got in touch with me. Hahaha... Sorry buddy for disappearing for the longest time. Good to know he's done good in his life... man.. a CTO.

Oh yes! I received a blip on my IM from my brother in UK *FINALLY!!!*. Harlow dear.. you should contact me more often. Me dunno your email id.. since you change so often! *Typical him! So I FINALLY got to see my niece ATIRAH. So cute! At birth.. so bloody.. oh no, is this what I'm going to face during my delivery? I don't mind the blood.. but the wires.. saw my sis-in-law (Mas) and a bed full of wires.. urgh! Me no like wires!

Yes, back to my niece - cute.. beautiful.. and.. doesn't look like my brother at all! Thank goodness! Hahahaha.. Sorry bro.. she looks more like her mom ;-) Prettier.. Wouldn't want a female casanova out there.. Hehehe.. Only one feature that is inherited from my bro - eyes.. she as 'sepet' as you lah bro. But still pretty... just coz she followed her mom! Hahaha.. *must rub in more* So bro, when me go UK, my family can bunk with you? Big enough tak? Ker too much old gadgets that it takes up half the house? hehe..

Now me need to get back to work. Too much surprises... too much work.. hahaha

Farewell Lunch n Girls Outing

Hungry... that's the first thing I can say the moment I started today's blog. But have to save my tummy space for colleague's farewell lunch at Sushi Don (Funan). Wonder what I shall have... likely my chanpon or chicken ramen. Haha.. with PLAIN water.. me the cheapo.

Lunch: Had Tom Yam Noodle Set. Quite affordable - $9.90 set consisting of: a BIG bowl of chicken and mushroom tom yam stick noodle, 2 stuffed chicken wing, salad, and a serving of fruits. So not bad a lunch.. the most expensive lunch so far for me :-D

Outing with the girls: 16 Mar 05 (Girls - if I'm wrong, leave a comment; Forgot to put in calendar)

Supposed to meet both Kiran and Tina at 8pm at Suntec City. But knowing them, hehe... they were LATE! Kiran and Tina were supposed to meet at City Hall MRT. Kiran was there, but Tina was in a cab heheh... Ended up that I met both of them at 8.30pm at Suntec Twr4. What happened? Especially when Kiran was like 10mins away? She got LOST! Imagine that??? The same woman who worked in Suntec for months and taking the train daily... lost her way coming there! hahaha... Now that's the joke of the year! *Hear that Kiran???* Hahaha..

Kiran can't recognize poor *pregnant* me sitting on the bench outside of Carrefour. She's still the *skinny* tall one.. haha.. and guess what??? She CHOPPED off her hair! Hahaha.. FINALLY!

So the 3 of us ended up in Swensen's having dinner/ supper. Kiran with her Banana Split, Tina with her pizza (which she insisted that I have to take 1 slice! No fair.. me shall get fat very soon :( sigh... ) and me with my chicken baked rice.

There we were reminiscing about our old school days. Catching up on one another's lives. Missed them both lots! And yeah.. I brought my wedding album, where we shared comments and pleasures of the event and the pics.. and yes, of cos, our friends. Maybe next time, we'll arrange with Ai Pey, Helen, and Siew Kim.

Monday.. Argh

It's yet another Monday... Rather boring day (but still busy). No Mousie (or now should I promote her to Rattie? hehe) to share info with. So boring.. so upsetting.. Heard that another colleague's leaving. :( My best wishes to her! So now have to sit in for interviews and test interviewees.

So many things to do today and yet it's a boring day.
Maybe it's the Monday blues.
So many problems as well.
Maybe it's the Monday blues.

Back's aching, bone's cracking,
baby's kicking
Maybe it's the Monday blues
Even the baby knows it.

Hahaha.. my complaint turned into a (messed up) poem. Maybe I'll write a book sometime.. fantasy, fiction, biographies. Hmm.. Perhaps.. then, I can publish and make some $ out of it. Haha.. But me being so systematic, I doubt it would be an interesting read. Even I wouldn't read it. But I do have those old stories that I published earlier on in life when life is so much more erratic and interesting. Even then, would I have the patience to see this project through? Maybe it's time to get disciplined and sit it through.

Sigh.. miss those swinging single days. Oops.. can't tell that to hubby. Not that he minds my naughtiness, just as long as I'm faithful and all things done within limits... Obviously! I'm a married woman for goodness' sake! Besides, how far can I go? The most is to hang out with my girlfriends or guy friends till say 10pm (at max) especially at this pregnant stage? Best thing about my hubby is that he trusts me. I believe that's a good trait to have for any person. To trust in the person you love. It's such a luxury for me especially reflecting on my past relationships where there's no trust. The trust gives me such freedom and security. It makes me love my hubby more :-D

Oh well. No more stories of hubby. Now story on baby: Still haven't decided a name. Goodness, 2.5 months more to go and yet, nothing's done. We are still very much into planning for our home than the baby.. no name nor baby things as yet. hehehe.. maybe we'll start buying this Friday. Knowing us, we'll likely to complete things within the day. ;-) Systematic (with a list) and determination (with a vengeance). Will update more once there's more info.

Next time, more info on my outing with the girls.. Missing Kiran already! Maybe I'll consider videoing the whole delivery.. and let Kiran and Tina squirm with all the bloody scenes! Hahaha....

Back from Holidays...

I think the holidays were too short. Now back in office doing the old stuff.. actually lots of things to take care of.

Well, finally managed to get onto Firefox - even managed to access into gmail from here. Yey! The IE browser sucks big time on my machine.

Time for some Baby Development:
(1) News from the Doc: Baby's heartbeat is healthy; she's growing bigger... obviously, since baby's now 28 weeks!
(2) Baby's age (as of 14 Mar 05): 28 weeks
(3) Baby's getting real bigger to make me snug in the tummy all the time....
(4) Kicking always.. Yes, always kicking.

Holiday News:
Day 1: Went to JB with hubby and stayed for a day at parents' place.

Day 2: Parents decided to go to Cameron Highlands (Pahang, Malaysia) for a short trip since I wasn't with them the previous trip there. Started the trip at 3pm... and sigh.. reached there at MIDNITE! hahaha..

Along the way, of coz, there's loads of interesting happenings.. like when we past the Sg. Buloh rest area, my dad commented that his diesel (we took a van) is running low... like at the LAST bar! Dang.. from us all happily yakking and singing (at 10pm), the silence was deafening. However, there were a few of us who knew that at the last bar,
with no air con on (who wants air con with such cool breeze/wind out??) the diesel can last for another 100km. But my mom was worried.. the next fuel station was in Tapah - some 30km away. With my dad frequently switching on the lights to check the mileage, she got really petrified. All's well though as we managed to reach Tapah rest area (with the fuel station) safely.. Got a really good break! After all, the leg muscles were sore..

Another 'scary' incident: Dad decided to take the Simpang Pulai route (i.e. a de-tour) from the usual Tapah roads.. and it used to be a high risk (Communist) area. With no cars nor lights at that ungodly hour, it was scary.. but again, happy siblings of mine went along singing.. heheh... So until we reached the farms around the area, daddy was extremely quiet. Hahaha... Good thing that we didn't go by the Tapah route as that route is dangerous - narrow and winding - a wrong move, and you end up in the ditches or even worse... Besides, we managed to see FIREFLIES! Didn't know how much I missed nature until I saw those beautiful fireflies happily buzzing about.

Reached Cameron Highlands: Decided to stay at the highest town there - Brinchang. Went a couple of hotels, but the rates were BAD.. and the place? SLEEZY! Of coz, my hubby, being tired from the journey, was prepared to bunk into any hotel.. me? I'm not inclined to it! Hahaha... So me suggested - IRIS Hotel. A nice upper 3-star hotel. Cheap and good, in a nice quiet area and yet, minutes to the shopping (i.e. Pasar Malam) area. So here we bunked in for the next 2 days.

Day 3: Cameron Highlands
Had a sumptious breakfast at the market.. again minutes from the hotel... and went to Parit Falls. It's a clean little camping area with a scenic view. I would say... untouched beauty compared to the rest of the waterfalls area there. Took many pics.. but somehow can't share with you guys here.. hahaha

Skipped lunch (God forbid a pregnant woman skipping lunch!) and went to Cameron Bharat Valley tea plantation.. a convenient plantation, but I say it's not something to be 'awed' by. The teashop was also so-so.. Went to Boh Tea Plantation (Brinchang). Further from the main roads, but boasts a fantastic view and ride up. It's worth to visit. Many things to do there. Staff were friendly. Had a guided tour of the tea processing plant.. even saw a man who worked there 35yrs.. and he specializes in hand sorting the Palas Supreme (best tea available!). As for me, I took an adventurous trip up the viewpoint. Being very aware that hubby wasn't too happy as he's very concerned for my well-being. But hey, me (the pregnant one) managed to go up the viewpoint!!! A worthwhile adventure indeed! The view from there is great.. though the trip up and down is tiring.. well, for me that is.. hahaha... Oh yeah, bought many tea back! Hahaha..

Mommy wanted to see the Rose Garden, but it was raining heavily so we past it and drove up to Boh's lowland tea plantation at Sg. Palas, but can't see much as we missed the timing for the packing and it was raining. Still wanted to see the rose thingie.. so went up to this Rose Valley... but no we didn't venture in, as it's RM4 per adult, and RM2 for children. Not going to pay for something that is not worth it.. hehe.. besides, it was raining, what flowers can we see? Wilted ones? Hahaha..

So went up to the Honey (Bee) place where you can buy fresh honey and take a stroll in their BIG (and free) flower/bee park.. hehehe.. so got a free flower park tour after all! Hahaha.. Both my parents and I bought a kg each of honey - supposedly good for health and if taken in the right way, it can assist in curing ailments. Well, I love honey, so there! Haha..

Dinner time: Much awaited by everyone.. after a rest/shower, we trudged to the Pasar Malam and bought loads of food.. chicken, burgers, meat, rendang.. etc.. Yummy!

Day 4: Time to leave. Checked out at 9am... went breakfast at Tanah Rata.. Love the Roti Canai there! So sedap! So baby had a nice time having all the food that Mommy had eh dear? :-D Went past the big main waterfall and family stopped to buy all the interesting souvenirs.. me? I sat in the van with hubby. Hubby had a headache.. hehe.. It turns out that hubby was having motion sickness!! Hahaha.. he puked his guts out soon afterwards.. hahaha.. me horrible.. laughed at his expense! Hahaha..

Drove to KL.. shopped at FOS for hubby's t-shirts and pants.. cheap cheap.. had tunch of nasi briyani dam.. so sedap.. and CHEAP! Hahaha.. So me introduced my family to Bukit Bintang area.. else they are always stuck at KLCC. So boring... Went Sungei Wang etc... love the games there. Met Pak Long Mail there.. met up with one of his 'friends'.. aiyah.. this guy is so superficious. Tis a shame.. so boastful.. me? I can't be bothered. In fact, I ignored him totally. Hahaha...

Day 5: Time to leave for SG. But not before I finish shopping.. went to Jusco and bought my maternity / nursing bras - super cheap!!! For the price of 1 here.. I got .. hmm.. 4-5 sets there! Hahaha.. Finally left JB (teary-eyed) at 5pm. No jam at the 2nd link. Hehehe.. Passed through the SG customs at around 5+pm and reached home at 6.45pm.

Well.. need to get back to work.. sigh... wait for more news!

Day b4 leave!

Yes! Finally taking a well-deserved break... for a 5-day visit to mommy's place in JB. (Hubby wants to claim his holiday allowance)... amidst all the tender closings (overseas) and local ones. I pray hard that nothing 'breaks' in between.

Note: Sent quotes/ compliances/ documentations, etc. for 3 tenders. Hmm.. hopefully all of them comes in!

Brought my own food (tapau) from home today so I have more time to put in my thoughts for the day.

Some baby developments:
(1) My stomach finally took over the race from my breasts! ahahaha... used to be that I can't see past my breasts, now it's my stomach. But I'm still a small size. Many people are surprised that I'm carrying a baby girl... coz the structure looks like a boy :) So my dearest lil one is following her dearest dad (my hubby!).
(2) Baby is constantly kicking. I think she'll make a good football player.. or at least in some uniform group where one gets to kick *evil grin*
(3) Me - getting always hungry. Yes! Eating always... but not as much as my hubby.. hahaha.. I'm the one pregnant, but he's the one gaining all the weight and the craving. Such just desserts! hehehe..

Some life developments:
I should share some life developments with you people out there. So here goes... My House Search:
(1) Decided to view some houses. We did our first house viewing on probably 12 or 13 Mar: 156 - argh! Not nice.. ad mentioned well maintained, etc. So here I went with some expectations, but trust me, always lower your expectation level by 50%! Hahaha.. The unit was horrible! With black/grey/white homogeneous tiles (yucks!), it looks dreary.. And yes, they knocked down the room next to the master bedroom (M-Room) and made it (well..) longish. With the M-Room in an angular shape, it's not even worth to see.
(2) Got the agent to arrange some other viewing (on a weekday) and boy, he set up like 11 (ELEVEN) houses to view in 3 hrs. I was so beat by the last house that I didn't want to see any others. The agent should have given thought to my pregnant self. So decided not to use this agent. But we ticked on a unit.. Tell you more later.. Hehe..
(3) Got another agent D (thru' the papers) to view other flats within the area. This one is professional - got my criteria and gave me what I want with much leisure time to view each flats. Saw one real nicely renovated unit - featured in a magazine at that too! But they did so much 'renovation' that it spoilt the entire persona and space of the flat. So no go.
(4) Saw a unit #04 near my brother-in-law's place, but we arranged through another agent S - this person is NOT pro at all. Don't even know what I'm asking nor what is the specifications of the unit! And the team fumbled so badly that when agent D arranged for us to view 'another' unit which was supposedly at #05 with a whole different owner - that we ended up viewing the SAME house on the SAME DAY! Goodness... we were soooo upset! Well, I was that is. Hubby looks cool.
(5) Needless to say that after a few rounds, both of us were tired. In fact, we believe we've seen all the houses there! Haha.. So we looked back at our list and pics (yes, we took pics of each unit), and decided on 1. Had Agent D arranged the 2nd viewing (though we did our 1st viewing with another agent) for my in-laws to view.
(6) Agent D got all the info (valuation, asking price, etc) for us, plus even gave us tips on the viewing. So not too bad. It's just the asking price that was 'killing' us... $15K above our budget. Even when we bargained, the previous owner wanted an amount higher than even valuation! That's asking us to fork out CASH. No way!
(7) After much negotiation, we decided to go at valuation - the valuation report is lapsing soon, so the previous owners are STRESSED! So Agent D got the price.. and for the marble flooring, new in-built cabinets, etc., I think it's a good bargain - besides, I think the valuation should be higher *evil grin*. Now, just waiting for 1st appointment ... on 18 Apr 05.

So for those searching for new flats in Singapore, I strongly suggest to do your homework first. Insist on taking pics so you can review them at a more leisurely pace. And most importantly, don't fall in love with the house, seller's agent can sniff the excitement and go for the kill ;) Oh yes, and get a good reliable agent who's senior and has 'seen the world'.