Labor experience

Well.. I had contractions... steady mild ones the whole day of 24th May, but didn't tell hubby until very much later.. like @ 9pm.. hahaha.. and he decided based on in-laws' advice that we should go to the hospital.

@ KKH - (I was still smiling and enjoying myself) hey.. it's still very mild.. so had to go to the obs room.. where.. I got the shock of my life when the woman doc just probed my cervix! No warning except "don't tense up or it'll be painful" - what am a first time mother to know what that means! And it hurt.. traumatic! Cervix dilated 1.5cm so.. I can either go home or stay warded. I opted to go home - hey it's already 11+pm; I might as well rest at home in the comfort of my own bed! Anyway, woke up at 4.30am to bad backache, but still can tahan so waited for 6am before I started to tear in pain to go to KKH. But it's not as bad as the labor itself!

@KKH2 - Taxi uncle can ask if we are in emergency.. obviously from my cringing expression! Oh btw, it was raining badly. Ayway, @ 24hr clinic, I was wheeled to the delivery suite immediately while hubby registered for me. Midwife told about the various pain reducing methods: Gas, jab or epidural. I thought I could handle the pain.. so opted for natural birth and gas. Didn't know that I can't take the jab when I'm dilated more than 3cm. So when the pain got really bad, I asked .. no, screamed for epidural while hubby was forcing the gas on me. Btw, I vomited violently after taking the gas - emptied my tummy of everything! Anyhow, to have the epidural, my waterbag had to be broken and when it did, the contractions came in torrents in 1 min interval. I couldn't stand the urge to push.. and when the anaesthetist finally came (was VERY SLOW!) and after she explained the consequences, etc. , she found out that I don't need it coz the baby's head is already there! Urgh... so I pushed @ 5-6cm dilated and the baby came wailing out @ 11.33am!

The patch up job was BAD - I had a 3rd degree job for 1.5hrs. Had their snr consultant to do it also coz there was a hidden vessel that burst in my rectum. In fact, it was bad enough that if they don't find this vessel, I would have to go into Op Theatre. But they did, so it was done! Trauma... Ended.

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