Met so many interesting cars today going to work. Saw Uncle Rahim Angullia and another car on the side before Fort Rd exit. His van kena whacked from the back by a bright lime green car (driven by a woman driver ugh.. gives woman-drivers a bad name). Anyway, he changed the color of his Merc van to dark green. Interesting..
Then, saw a grey Mitsubishi Lancer on my rear mirror - who tailgated me all the way to work. Who's the driver? Chris lor! LOLz..

Baby development:
She's now very fun to play with... my personal doll to doll up and to make faces with. Hehe.. She hates being carried; loves to just laze on her bouncer or gym or mattress. Expects people to be around her - maybe feeling bored haha..
Loves to 'jalan2' (walk2 lah) and hates to be at one spot all the time... so must walk2 always. hehe
Loves to take long bubble bath and splash about. Hates to be taken out of her tub before she's done playing with the water... and all at 2mths old! I wonder what else she's going to do. *grins*

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