Yey! Couple of pics compliments of my sis :P

Kapoed pic

Yes, I'm lazy to load up my baby's pics.. hehe.. so I'm here and grabbing the pic from my sis' blog :P

Sorry sis.. I'm not plagiarising.. just grabbing copyrights haha! So baby sucking on oranges.. so cute!

Sickie me

Yeps. Sick. The day before sick. Yesterday sick. Today also sick.
Yesterday slept the day away... almost... eyes so heavy, brain doesn't want to sleep. Coughing the day away. nOW that's true.

Ok. so the kids are in school starting yesterday. Me didn't cook. So asked them to just eat from school. Haha.

Busy Thurs!

Yeps. Me busy. Now taking a 5min break :) Dun think anyone would mind rite? hehe
Anyway, just received some good news calls.

Bro - admission to Pasir Ris Sec (hah! Hubby's old sch) - interview next Mon. Need old results.
Sis - WS Pri - hv to arrange my own interview :)

OK. 5min break is up.. time to work! Bye bye!

Amelia on her 1st Eid Adha

Wore her first baju kurong! It's blue and small enough for her. Bought it during the Aidil Fitri period and 2 mths after, she's able to wear it! wow! growing really fast.. but it's loose.. she's tall and slim haha!

Oh yes! She's already climbing and holding onto things. Just yesterday, I caught her holding onto her walker. Scary man! Scared that the thing moved.. luckily the walker has its brakes on. If not, she'll be skating around the place :P

Updates on her 'sacrificial' sheep... if it's a human, i'll say it acts exactly lk her! Other than it's a male sheep (young too), it behaves like her. Black head. Needs 4 people to check its kicking legs. And still it continues kicking. Of coz, baby looks curiously on as it was being slaughtered. Babies! In fact, she was asleep while waiting and then... she woke up just in time to see her sheep. Talk abt gd timing.

Anyway, went late to inlaws place as Amelia was snoring away for a couple of hours.
Baby girl, you r mommy's treasure!

Baby Amelia's visit to the docs

Well.. guess what she did there?!
Got her circumcision. Then, got her ears pierced! Now, she looks like a girl. So pretty.
But of coz, she cried. She cried more when ears are pierced than the big C!

Anyway, will upload her pics... after raya :)

Kam's Wedding!

Aww.. she was gorgeous! So different from her normal look. Like a princess!
Wanted to take photos of the food to show boss.. but we were too hungry! So sorry boss, your food's all gobbled up :)
Ivy was Emcee for Mandarin folks and she was good. A good catch for our marketing team. Yey!
Baby came too! She.. well... had too much attention. With all the 'sisters' and 'aunties' playing with her, she wouldn't want to sleep. In fact, she didn't sleep until almost 1am! Goodness! Next time can't bring her to late events :P Sorry folks! She 'ek' and 'okh' can 'mati' liao!
Best with babies award for girls union:
1st - Rach
2nd - Dun
Last - Char! haha! Want to cry looking at her face.. hmm.. wat happen to you Char? haha!

Anyway, need to ciao. Have meeting this morning liao. Aiyah...

Hello 2006!!!

So many new happenings! So little time!

Friday: Sales stood very strong at quarter ending. Need to work for new year! So exciting.. So challenging!

Sat: Went to Metro Warehouse Sale. Spent over $200!!! Goodness!

Jason & Shirley's church wedding! Congrats u 2! Shirley looks gorgeous! Jason.. well.. charming :) And yes, he did his surprises still.
Went with Yan. Poor Yan - her glamor spoilt by Baby Amelia who grabbed and cried her heart out. But, here's a shoutout to Yan:
THANKS! For taking care of Amelia.
For being a friend.
Things will get better soon.

Get to meet old buddies like Claud, Ivan, Lawrence, Serene, Ivy. Heard that Hon got married as well... but he failed to invite me! So sad... Wishing him and Sally the best. Heard that my friends made it big.. so cool for them.

Sun: New Year!!!!
Hmm.. dunno wat I did. But I remembered wat Baby did!
She... SAT by herself!! I'm sooo glad!
Regret that we didn't capture it by camera :( She's so cute :)

Mon: Sick.. Hubby upset too... coz he did something wrong... a small mistake too.. kena whacked by company. Sheesh! He kena bad. Told him to think of family. Maybe it's high time he ciao! lol! Me soo good at instigating, but it's the truth. Y stay on when there's more opportunities elsewhere.

Tue: Baby cried the whole of last night. Dunno what's wrong. Going to doctor's today.

Mommie loves Baby Amelia!