The Rat (new N improved Mousie) is back

Hahaha.. The Rat's (ex-Mousie) first day at office as Big Rat.. haha .. Big surprise for her.. hopefully she refrains from fainting! Hahah..

So yes, last Friday was a holiday - Good Friday. Hubby was on off as well.. so we went shopping.. for baby's things.
Venue: Baby Hypermart/ Kaki Bukit
There are 2 stores there selling baby items. The Hypermart is cheaper and has more varieties. But we didn't get anything from there. Instead, we bought things from the other store. However, we will be going back to Hypermart to take advantage of the cheap prices of the strollers and car seats. Saw this nice 3-wheeler stroller that we intend to get. At only $119, it's a steal!
Things we bought:
(1) Avent Manual Breast Pump set (comes with 2 milk bottles, etc) at $59.90 (CHEAP!)
(2) 3 sets of mittens and booties

Then, hubby rushed me to Sim Lim Sq. to get his best bud a birthday pressie. I recommended him a 256MB MP3 player with blue tooth connectivity so it's great! I thought that I should get one as well... but nah, a 1GB (or more) thumb drive is better! So *hint hint* on my birthday pressie... hehe

Got hungry - went Suntec - I've got craving for my lovely.. waffles.. So went Swensen's.. but argh.. the waffle ice cream is miserable.. plus Swensen's ice cream melts fast. So had tunch instead - Hubby paid! Haha.. Went to Gelare (now, this place has fantastic waffles and ice cream!) So me had the small one as hubby is full.. and oooh.. it feels great! Past by Carrefour - saw this cute little mittens/booties set with words " My Little Princess" (or Prince). Was tempted to buy it.. but hubby was tired.. and grouchy.. so hurriedly paid for my strawberries and left.. sigh.. will go back to buy that set! Hahah..

Sat: Went Metro Warehouse Sale.
Bought: Infant clothes! 4 sets.. cheap! Even managed to get a baby pooh brand - so cute! Hubby was tired (as usual - cranky coz need to go home for Zzz - need to work night shift) so rushed me :( But he was attracted to a little overall.. with words "Daddy's Little Girl" Hah! Men! Immediately grabbed it without even looking at the price.. *raspberry~* And he calls me impulsive buyer *another raspberry~*

Enough for the day. Back to work!

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