Kaka - funny!

You Passed 8th Grade Math

Congratulations, you got 8/10 correct!

So I still can think after all... after long years of not touching maths!!

:p - The verdict

OK. So got a hefty fine. Everyone else there told me wat to do. Turns out me was the only first-timer! Geez! So it was an experience. Yes! At least it's cheaper than what I tot. Whatever mitigation - all same amt. Wat's worse? No electronic payment! Grr.. have to have $$$ ready to pay. So all - if have any fines for URA/HDB bring enough $$$

One thing I've got a grudge - the police officer there - the one that 'jaga' the gated place. Treated us like as if we are so big time criminals. Geez! Save your attitude to one who really deserves it :P And yes, I think I know him... ex schoolmate - one in NPCC. Tina should know him. Even then, he was bossy. Maybe should put a word to get him transferred to prisons! haha


Let's all breath in.. breath out... yes... learn how to breath!

Too many things need to do today man! Meetings lined up back to back. I'm planning to bring the kids home tomorrow so less things to worry.. then, send my car for inspection/ check up... Oh yes, resolved my customer issue. So happy! Less things to worry. Now can focus on getting upsells. What else to do? Many!

Many new features also! Tomr bz day. Need to settle everything asap. So come office early. So can do work. Come back early.. and .. hmm... send them off. Can't wait else traffic :( Causeway is bad news always.

Breakfast/Lunch- BK
Dinner - Sardines! Hubby cooked.. haha.. So cute.. he tot just cut onions and chillies and plop the thing in.. lol... Anyway, I amended it.. And yes, it's very nice! Good job hubby! Oh yes, he ate FISH! It's a BIG thing! lol

Big Hoo Hah!

Aiyah... such a big hoo hah today at home.. due to the kids. Turned out to be miscomm. Anyway, still waiting for hubby's verdict at home. Sigh!

Ok. So supposed to put this up yest. My sis' works on my wedding pics. One of her sample below. Of course. She's a wizz on such things. Me? Only good at asking, requesting, making ppl do for me, and yes of coz, make lots of $$$. Anything on $$$ perks me up. Haha!

Now gg home to chase up hubby on verdict .. ten te den...


Got treat from Boss! 2nd treat from him.. haha.. he owes us. So it's 'Out of Pan' for us. Swensens was #1. Yummy! Me had Fish Masala - fish went swimming to my WHITE skirt.. haha! Had brownie for myself - of coz, boss (brownie king) kapo-ed some. Me kapo-ed some from Dun's and Rach's.. yummy... and yes Char's.. LOL

Jus got call from mom. Ade aje lah my mom. Dah miss the kids. Now she nagging at me y the kids pat in-laws :( Me got meeting and yet, aiyah! Me now got money problems!

Next week go court - scared scared!

Argh... Cries.. Sobs

Removed my wisdom tooth just now.. Now no more wise. In fact, pain pain pain.. Argh.. Now got headache. Biting hard on this gauze. Really pain.

What's worse? Me have to go for networking event later.. shucks.. dead.. how to talk?? Need cold water always! Argh!

Pain pain :(

Me having toothache... and it's the wisdom tooth.. really bad.. really swollen.. made an appointment with the dentist. To see her later at 10am. Can't take the pain anymore... so bad... *sobs*

Now me feverish.. argh..

Hari Raye

Yes yes yes... Holiday... me took 2wks off for preparation and the Raye itself. So shiok! But dun be jeles - Trying to clear my leave larh.. bad!

Anyway, didn't go anywhere for 1st day as Hubby working nite shift. He was on day shift the day before raye - and me had to cook all by myself - with baby at home. Power! Hubby so cute and handy - made the ketupat all by himself! From the weaving to the filling in rice to the boiling! Haha! Me ? Was busy with baby and making cakes. So we kiasu boil the ketupat earlier... to celebrate Deepavali! lolz

Oh yes, neighbor's sis in law came to my place. She staying there temp whilst waiting for the new flat. Anyway, she came with a very nice sweet/ sour kek lapis! So unique! She's from Sarawak, but just like me have Cheena blood larh! And coindentally we r of same age.. and same month! so cool! She has no friends here so we built a good friendship.

Other than my next door neighbor and the 2nd flr one - I know no one else in my place. I'm talking about the Muslims/Malays larh. Others like who's on top and below me.. and the one at the end.. all Chinese - those I know! So funny!

*Hmm... this installation of Thunderbird is taking a long while!!*

New Car

Got my new car last Fri! hehe.. nice no. also.. almost the same as my baby's birthdate! so cute! Black beauty.. haven't fixed the accessories yet. I think I'll do it today. Waiting for that Bernard guy to call back. Poor him. Kena tekan by me for many many FOC accessories.. haha.. No commission from me man!

So excited! So anyone wants to buy new car - let me know... I help you get contacts and tekan the person! hahaha...

Yan - nak free ride eh? Raye same2 larh. But me no-no any common Muslim friends' place larh.. haha.. Horrid - lost everyone except you :)

Yawning.. yawns yawns..

In office so early.. 2x in a row! Sent my baby sis to school... in Jurong.. in the morning! Imagine waking up at 5pm (like sahur like that!) and getting ready by 6pm. Have to wake poor baby Amelia. Sent Amelia and her uncle to in-laws and rush to Jurong so sis won't be late.. Now? In office since 7+ lolz! Like a road runner... at least got to run in my new car.. a few more days and it's done! *grins*

Back to work!

Was on leave for 2 weeks. Now back to work. Just read Yan's blog - sad story about the wife running away within 1 wk after giving birth to 4th child. Dunno leh.. Need to know both sides of the story before can make judgement. Aiyah.. the libra in me.

OK. Many emails to clear. So I'll just put the things I want to talk about here:
- Hari Raya
- New Car -> Yes! Finally got rid of the old car!
- Postnatal blues - my experience.