Flight Home

Guz wat? Flight home from KL JL722 kena delayed by 35mins! Geez! Only boarding at 10.15pm instead of 9.30 :( Sad! So waited for a LONG time today. Chicken rice was funny.. Oh yes, noticed that Iced Lemon T in My is funny :| I think they use powder form. Yucks!

The airport - sad amenitied man! Toilets - spoilt! How bad - they should maintain it properly if you are receiving intl customers.

Updates from meeting today? I dun see any moving forward. Chasing partner to do something. The only one that got action and possible results is ST - thru another partner.

So today - spent the whole day waiting.. in the car.. in the airport... in the plane.. in the taxi.. and finally, I drove from my place to inlaws @ 0030! Haha.. Pa-in-law was waiting up for me. So sweet! Don't you think??

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