Last nite's story

Men are such funny creatures... And just like any men, my hubby is atypical case. Doesn't like to lose nor ask for help. Oh well... MEN! Hahaha..

Baby development:
The baby KICKED (or perhaps elbowed) me last night! Wow! It's an amazing feeling... It was slightly ticklish, with no pain, and yes, it's a cute ticklish feeling. The awesomeness in this is that it's so accidental. I wouldn't have felt it if I wasn't putting my hand on my tummy while reading my pregnancy readings (how coincidental!). Wows!

Now I'm looking forward to the my monthly checkup this Thursday. There's ultrasound scan... :) So baby, you know what to do? As Auntie Mousie says... Place your fingers properly and don't play with them then. Hehehe..


Monday Bluez

Ever wondered why time doesn't seem to slow down, but always catch up with us? That's how I feel right now... Perhaps it's the Monday blues. You know the feeling... Restlessness after the weekend. The dread of coming back to the piling workload. And yes, anxiety of what to expect for the week.


Yay... It's Friday. Time to rest and relax. Will bug hubby to bring me out for a movie or date.. hehe.. But unlikely :( as he just returned from his night shift and he didn't have any rest yesterday... All due to having to attend a summon from a government agency, where they found it to be their own mistake. Common computer and human error.

Another quake

When the aftermaths came, it came in a series... Just a few days ago, there was an earthquake that affected Nicobar Islands.. and now, just in the wee morning yesterday, another earthquake came that measured between 5.9 and 6.2 on the Richter Scale. This time round it hit the coastal lines of Indonesia. It's scary to see how life is so precious.

The severity of injuries on the injured and survivors is heart-wrenching. Anything from gangrene to an exposed brain is definitely traumatic on an adult, but imagine the pain and trauma it would cause on a child. With many injuries that went untreated, I believe many more would pass on.

What sickens the mind is the fear of child trafficking and the sorts. I can't imagine a more terrible fate and worry for these children. Growing up even in this secure environment, there are yet cases of kidnappings, let alone in the disaster-strickened areas where there are more chaos and confusion with less laws protecting anyone. This reminds me of the horror stories from old wives tale (maybe to scare us naughty ones) of where these poor souls end up. Sold to brothels, Body and organs mutilated to be made to ask for alms for syndicates, and the worst... Organs traded for the international markets. I won't go into details as it's not good for my baby's development.

Well, as you can see from above. There's unlikely to be any baby development news today... Other than I've no news to share... Except for my lunch of steamed chicken rice (yummy!) and craving of chocolates.. yes, I'm eating more. Going to snack soon... But need to get back to work. Lots of things to do today :(



As I read an article about a father-to-be on the Straits Times (available for viewing at,5562,293937,00.html? - but need registration - which is FREE), I can't help but feel amused at the antics of the to-be parent. Not that I'm an insensitive person, but the empathy is there. Both my hubby and I were there once.. especially when everyone thought I was pregnant and yet, I saw spotting... Silly me thought I miscarriaged :( It's a really depressing week for me... until I started the morning sickness...

My sensitivity arrives with a vengeance. No FLORAL smells - this brings me immediate sickness. No YUCKY disgusting things lying around..

Maybe when I recall others I'll add in.. meanwhile, I'll take my afternoon snooze.. tiring.. Woke up so early for a meeting.. Pregnant women need more rest!


P/S: Little Mousie is soooo KAYPOH.. poked her head before this is even published. Hahaha..

First Working Day of 2005

Argh! It's back to work after a long weekend break. Didn't go anywhere yesterday as it was raining the whole day... sigh.. slept in and get my much needed rest.

Renewed my car insurance and road tax today. Sigh.. Bye bye $$$ Close to $2K gone... So sad..

Going to raid again today.. the sky looks ominously enough to promise a good shower Singapore wide.

Baby made moved yet again and I think it's growing (well, I'm definitely growing). Had a 12 inch Subway Cold Cut... a quarter for breakfast, a quarter for brunch and another quarter for lunch.. maybe I'll keep the last quarter for tunch... a healthy diet for baby...

Day after NY

Wow.. we are now in the new year 2005. Time flies so fast. Feels like yesterday that I was still in my danky uniforms and running about in school in a game of catch. Now, I'm married with a baby boy or girl (or both??) in mid-2005.

Another earthquake rocked the Indian Ocean again this morning although it's one that's comparable small at 5.9 on the Richter scale. Spent the whole morning watching the news. Heard that the Nicobar Islands and Sumatra are affected yet again, but there's no news. Neither is there any updates on whether any other areas are affected. The news agencies from both Singapore and Malaysia did special coverage on the disaster that struck. Saw all the tears and fears of the survivors, especially those who lost their (entire) families. I can't begin to imagine what I would have done in such scenarios... probably succumb to spells of faintings.

*Maybe I need to donate more to the Red Cross and other bodies.*

Baby News: The baby started to give me the lightning movements in either slicing motions or tickles throughout the day. I wonder whether it's normal. I heard it's supposedly ticklish, but slicing motions? Those can be quite painful. Maybe I'll ask the gynae the next time and share with the news.

Mood Check: I heard that ladies tend to be more sensitive during pregnancy, but to be sensitive at the slightest remark, scene of people crying and gore, which I've NEVER had any issues with, is ridiculous! Goodness! I can't even get my husband raising his voice by even a decibel without having my feelings hurt. Maybe I should write a book on how to control a pregnant woman... and earn extra $$$ on it... hahaha... My money-making brain at work again. :-D

Bodily Change: Haven't grown much in weight or vertically. In fact, I gained only 0.6kg since my checkup in Nov and Dec. Amazing huh? Well, the daily vomitting after food helps somewhat, I think. Having said that, in my 16wks of pregnancy, I've definitely grown a cup size, a size in pants and oh yeah... I strongly believe I'm carrying a baby boy... as I've all this 'dirt' marks like I haven't bathed nor scrubbed properly! (although I would have scrubbed enough to scrap off my entire epidemy off! Being the hygiene fanatic that I am.) Definitely a boy! I can think of only boys who love dirt as much as they do.. hahahaa... the typical female stereotyping persona talking here.