Woo Hoo.. Finally an update. Lots of things to pen (type) down. OK here goes:

Baby News:
(1) Has ulcers - fungal infection, but recovering well. So keep all the bottles and teats clean!
(2) Has slight diarrhoea - same reason :(
(3) Got her 4-in-1 jap = DPT + A + HIB. Going again 1 mth.
(4) BEST: She's already rolling about!! Woo... supposed to be only babies @ 6mths old can do it! haha.. so she was already playing and recognizing people @ 2mths (again early!) So she's an early bird.. or chick :-D so cute!

Lia's shaving hair & Housewarming - a success on 21 Aug. Will post pics up soon.
Hubby's Family Day @ Zoo - so cool. Hubby & team won 2nd prize.. so cool! Vouchers! Lia saw giraffes! Will post pics up soon too. BTW, saw Bernard n wifey - snr mgmt of hubby.. lol

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