Still driving..

Yeah.. me drove today.. Hubby allowed me coz.. taking MRT doesn't guarantee me a seat.. thanks to our very 'gracious' Singaporeans. Trust me! I once gave up a seat to another 'more' pregnant lady in my early pregnancy stage.. while on other times, I've encountered guys staring at me while playing with their phones or handheld games :-P Lousy Singaporeans! Usually older men and women (like in the 50s and above) would give up seats to pregnant ladies. Well, I could scream out that I need a seat.. but society frowns on me having the cheek to even ask for one. Hmm.. maybe I'll ask for a seat when I really need it. Hahaha.. Let's splash some cold water on these people.

Still haven't started on my writings yet. So my other blog is still not up. Maybe I'll start during my maternity leave.. since I've nothing to do but be a mother :-)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Az... Kiran here..!! I so agree with you about how certain Singaporeans can be so "ignorant" about the predicament of pregnant women. The worst part is when they just look, contemplating whether they should give their seat up, but never do... Well, such is life!!!

You still sound chirpy so thats always good. I can't wait for the beautiful girl to come into this world.

All the best mate :)