ha! Thnx to k-leb for reminding me to blog more often *grins*
Now let's see... oh yeah... DnD was on a Friday and whilst all of the rest of the company had half day and went off to pamper and pretty themselves fine and dandy, we at Customer Svc had to continue to work until the end... so pitiful until we've got customers sympathizing with us... maybe that's why very little complaints. Hehe..

DnD.. rushed the 'babe' (read as 'ba-be') to the hotel. They had to perform you see for the best dressed table. Of coz... screamed our heads off to support our buddies. Let's see.. our buddies won: best dressed male and best table.. and my pal from another dept won best dressed female. 3 folks won top 10 and what did I get?

A very high fever that didn't go away.. and due to that.. overshot my medical leave for the whole yr. Oh yeah... I vomitted and slogged my way to even the restroom at nite. Not a good experience.

Alright.. better get some shuteye. I need to see the doctor tomorrow. I'm feverish and my throat is swelling so badly that I can't talked and strained my throat just now. Not good at all. Esp when it's bleeding.

Blogging more ahead to come. Let's see if I can make $ out of blogging. hahaha...


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Long overdue

ok.. so I was late.. Anyway: Happy New Year to one and all.
So freaking busy that I couldn't even blog.. sigh.. anyway, sis-in-law gave birth to a girl and making me want to have another baby. Brought me to lots of other what to do list. Instead of proscrating, here's the list:
1. Make more babies (the making is fun-er.. *snickers*)
2. Save more (always lacking in the Vit M)
3. Get promoted
4. Taking better care of health

Oh ya... talking abt health - I had dengue 1 wk before new yr! Geez.. and I had to miss my friend's Huda's wedding at that too! Missed meeting with my old friends.. Sigh.. Actually, doctors aren't confirm whether it's dengue or or virus, but I was vegetable for 1 wk. Immediately on the DnD nite (will talk abt that later), I developed high fever. Luckily I was at in-laws place as the next day, I developed even higher fever and couldn't get out of bed. Always vomitting and having inferal headache. In the end, had to go hospital for drip, was sucked blood with bruises.. and daily blood taking.. so much so I looked like a victim of a vampire!

Baby Amelia: She's now longer a baby. She's a walking, running, climbing and jumping terror on 2 feet!! Full of antics. Full of mischief.. and you know what? When she knows one is angry with her, she'll put on her brightest eyes and open her big round eyes wide and kisses you. Dang! You can't stay angry with her for a long time. She has her dad, grandma, grandpa and many others eating out of small little hand. But not her mommy, I'm resistant to all her blink-blinks and crying. I say 'Let her cry' No diff.. she'll quiet down when she's tired. Hahaha.. Sadistic mother.

Oops... speak of the devil, she's awake.. and crying for me.. xxx all!