Farewell Lunch n Girls Outing

Hungry... that's the first thing I can say the moment I started today's blog. But have to save my tummy space for colleague's farewell lunch at Sushi Don (Funan). Wonder what I shall have... likely my chanpon or chicken ramen. Haha.. with PLAIN water.. me the cheapo.

Lunch: Had Tom Yam Noodle Set. Quite affordable - $9.90 set consisting of: a BIG bowl of chicken and mushroom tom yam stick noodle, 2 stuffed chicken wing, salad, and a serving of fruits. So not bad a lunch.. the most expensive lunch so far for me :-D

Outing with the girls: 16 Mar 05 (Girls - if I'm wrong, leave a comment; Forgot to put in calendar)

Supposed to meet both Kiran and Tina at 8pm at Suntec City. But knowing them, hehe... they were LATE! Kiran and Tina were supposed to meet at City Hall MRT. Kiran was there, but Tina was in a cab heheh... Ended up that I met both of them at 8.30pm at Suntec Twr4. What happened? Especially when Kiran was like 10mins away? She got LOST! Imagine that??? The same woman who worked in Suntec for months and taking the train daily... lost her way coming there! hahaha... Now that's the joke of the year! *Hear that Kiran???* Hahaha..

Kiran can't recognize poor *pregnant* me sitting on the bench outside of Carrefour. She's still the *skinny* tall one.. haha.. and guess what??? She CHOPPED off her hair! Hahaha.. FINALLY!

So the 3 of us ended up in Swensen's having dinner/ supper. Kiran with her Banana Split, Tina with her pizza (which she insisted that I have to take 1 slice! No fair.. me shall get fat very soon :( sigh... ) and me with my chicken baked rice.

There we were reminiscing about our old school days. Catching up on one another's lives. Missed them both lots! And yeah.. I brought my wedding album, where we shared comments and pleasures of the event and the pics.. and yes, of cos, our friends. Maybe next time, we'll arrange with Ai Pey, Helen, and Siew Kim.

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