Surprise hellos

This week is proving to be a week of surprises :-)

Just a few days ago, a long lost friend (who's been trying to contact me) finally got in touch with me. Hahaha... Sorry buddy for disappearing for the longest time. Good to know he's done good in his life... man.. a CTO.

Oh yes! I received a blip on my IM from my brother in UK *FINALLY!!!*. Harlow dear.. you should contact me more often. Me dunno your email id.. since you change so often! *Typical him! So I FINALLY got to see my niece ATIRAH. So cute! At birth.. so bloody.. oh no, is this what I'm going to face during my delivery? I don't mind the blood.. but the wires.. saw my sis-in-law (Mas) and a bed full of wires.. urgh! Me no like wires!

Yes, back to my niece - cute.. beautiful.. and.. doesn't look like my brother at all! Thank goodness! Hahahaha.. Sorry bro.. she looks more like her mom ;-) Prettier.. Wouldn't want a female casanova out there.. Hehehe.. Only one feature that is inherited from my bro - eyes.. she as 'sepet' as you lah bro. But still pretty... just coz she followed her mom! Hahaha.. *must rub in more* So bro, when me go UK, my family can bunk with you? Big enough tak? Ker too much old gadgets that it takes up half the house? hehe..

Now me need to get back to work. Too much surprises... too much work.. hahaha

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