My Birthday on Sat!

Yes yes... Now I'm officially 25 and facing quarter-life crisis! hahaha

received birthday wishes from Ikin (sis), Arul (bro), Ayu (sis), Momi Elle, Boss (from China), Char, Kam2 :) Many thanks to you all.

Oh yes, didn't do anything at all (except not to log into PC and do work! Haha) Stayed over at in-laws coz came home late on Fri nite. So wat to do? Baby can't go out late coz she zzzz already. Oh yes, met my sis-in-law, hubby and Putri! *my cute little pumpkin* Coz we've got invitation to go to a thanksgiving ceremony (hair shaving lah) for her my in-laws' neighbor's new born baby. Cute baby! Very chubby! Only 1 mth younger than Amelia but he's so HUGE! Heard he slept and wakes up to feed only... unlike my active baby who wouldn't sleep in the day! Active! haha! Went home on Sat to clean house and cook for (sick - sore throat) hubby. Sad huh? Still have to do household chores on bday :( But it's ok.. read on further...

Went home with hubby and baby @ nite. Told him to heat up the food first coz me sleeping baby. He said, "OK, but you help serve me drink k." Me said,"OK." Thinks nothing out of ordinary... but thinking back... he seldom ask me to serve drinks when he's setting out dinner. *shrugs*... Me served the meal, get the drinks from the fridge.. *still saw nothing out of ordinary* Then hubby said,"See the eggs." Me went,"Wat? U want eggs too?!" He was exasperated... then.. I saw! At the corner of the egg place... was... a jewellery box! Wow! Such a pleasant surprise! Me was definitely shocked! Didn't expect to get a pressie coz we are very tight budget this month. My darling is so romantic... Gave me a cool (literally) gold earrings! Now wearing it.. hehe THANKS so much hunny!!! Love you! - Not only for the gift but for the whole surprise thing.. hehe...

Sunday: Went out to Pasir Ris Park for a picnic and picture taking.. Baby Amelia's 4mths today! So cute... Took many many pics.. then went off to in-laws again! *This week we went and stayed at in-laws often man!* Hubby had to go for his RT haha.. Failed IPPT mah!

Today: Many many things to do. Have to chase many deals! Last week of Sept!!! ARgh! Stress..

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