Heavy clouds

Yesterday's morning was a breeze to drive to work in spite of the usual slow traffic. But no one honked at me (just coz I'm a P-plater). Amazingly, there's carpark slots at my usual parking space and the more amazing thing is that LTA grabbed several (like 5 slots) just in front of the building! Wonder what LTA is doing with the 5 slots.

Yesterday's weather: Cloudy with heavy showers in a few areas - just like right now... it's raining heavily. Had 2 interviews; hopefully both are as good as they sound.

Today: Waited for a long while for a slot, but can't get one until... I drove off - argh! But the "Rat" managed to 'chope' for me while I drive back.. haha.. the guys there from EC were breakfasting and moved immediately thinking I'm going to hit the curb. Haha.. me not that bad lah.. managed to park parallelly very well, thank you.

Lunch: Had craving for Waffle Ice Cream. But then, Cafe Cartel had a good lunch set. Wanted the Chicken Teriyaki Pasta Set, but *sigh* after we got seats, the set we wanted ran out. Sad... So went for New Zealand Natural Ice Cream. At $5.50 for a large (2 rectangle waffles and 2 scoops of ice cream), it's really worth it and good to share with another person. Both Rattie and I were stuffed.. especially after our $1 REAL fruit juice (blended on the spot). Good bargain!

Baby News:
Saw the (1) "My Little Princess" mittens and booties and (2) "I love Mommy and Daddy" mittens/booties set and clothes at Robinsons for a bargain. Will drag hubby down this Saturday to get it. Besides, Robinsons is selling the Avent Microwave Sterilizer at $40+ which is cheap compared to the $70+ I saw earlier. Going to get that as well.. so I don't need to use boiling water to sterilize everytime. Hahaha.. Lazy bum. Besides, the set comes with 4 bottles, which should be more than enough. Going to check my list and see what I can get this weekend :-)

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