April's Fool .. On me

The start of a new month.. and the start of The Stress Day! Just on the 1st 10 long action items.. sigh.. Yesterday (Monday!) had a tender briefing and it was raining tigers and wolves! Soaked wet and my shoes were spoilt completely.. with that eeky Splish Splosh sound.. Again another 10 long action items! - managed to do only 7.. too many major ones.. Today? 5 major actions! All to bring in $$$ So need to concentrate. Brought food so has some time.

Managed to get some rest on the weekends to shop for baby stuff.. Had a craving for Char Kuey Teow. Went Marine Parade and visited each storey. Haha.. ALL 7 storeys! Looked at the baby stuff at Mothercare and Kiddy Palace. Decided to purchase them at Kiddy Palace Century Sq. since there's more variety.

Saw cute sets of baby clothes... My little Princess.. I'm a Girl.. oooh... really cute and adorable.. but PERSEVERED against purchasing it. Hubby gave me $50 to spend so have to spend appropriately. Have to do what I preach. So me bought:
(1) Bedding set: Pillow, Bolster and comforter
(Unisex - bears with yellow theme) - have to think of future babies.. can't expect a son to have PINK beddings!
(2) Mittens and Booties - finally bought the "My Little Princess" set! Hahaha
(3) Hooded Towel and Face Towel Set - Yellow.. again looking into the future.

Still thinking of which hospital to deliver.. Private (East Shore or Thomson) or Govt (KKH). Someone out there to advise? Also, don't even know what to bring when I go into labor... should have listened more attentively to those *boring, irrelevant* talks during HomEc lessons... urgh!

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