BIG NEWS ~ A new addition :)


I hereby announce to the whole world out there... that... I'm PREGNANT again with No. 2 :)
So happy... didn't know.. but the wanting to eat Chilli Padis (Bird's Eye Chilli) is soooo strong...
reminds me of the time poor Kam2 had to accompany me to Sakura almost on a daily basis to eat Tom Yum! Remember that time ??? That's how I got the nickname TomYum mommie :) So fun! Miss those times in Elixir... now, let's see if I can get my new lunch buddies to accompany me to Tom Yum hehe.. I'm sure my TL Cherlyn can do so... if her lunch is same as mine.. sigh... ahaa..

Hmm.. since I'm studying Econs and Mgmt now... would the second one be a wiz on those topics? Darn! There goes my dream of a dentist for the 2nd one! Mimi's got good eye hand leg coordination.. very good brains tooo... very good in maths now... and a wiz on manipulating... can either be a cosmetic surgeon... or an aircraft engineer... hahaha.... let's see...

Oh yeah.. TO ALL....

SMS me your no. and name!!! Remember my phone's successful suicide attempt? Yeah... I lost all ya no.s then... so pleeasseee... sms me your no.s!!!

Going to Sentosa now... for hubby's family day.... will upload more pics soon.. ahaha

Phone RIP

The most horrible and horrific thing happened... my phone.. committed suicide!!
How? Was flushing the 'throne' at office... when it... 'jumped' out of my hands and down the pipes... into the sewerage system. It was a freak accident I tell ya! So I was phoneless... For a while....
Called the provider. Got a waiver for my replacement SIM.. and ... I got a new phone! Hahah.. it's only like $88 bucks.. so it's cool. Going to claim from my company so who cares... anyway, took pics of baby Mimi...

Cute eh? the imp

the angel and her barney accomplice

See this! Parakeets aka Lovebirds out of my windows... nice huh? Such a view.

All courtesy of my new phone :)