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Hmm... my blog looks plain.. next plan:
To come up with a new template. Maybe bug my ever free sister to do.. haha
Hint Hint Big Vamp

My IQ??

Decided to do an IQ test...

Your IQ Is 125

Your Logical Intelligence is Exceptional

Your Verbal Intelligence is Exceptional

Your Mathematical Intelligence is Genius

Your General Knowledge is Exceptional

Funny how life turns around

Mimi's First Movie Review

Typing this blog amidst my beloved Amelia playing doctor on me :)

Friday 13th June: It's a 13th Friday but it's also a first time for my baby girl.. to watch a movie! Watch the Kungfu Panda at 3.30pm Sun Plaza Eng Wah Cineplex. Honestly, I haven't had the opportunity to step into Sun Plaza for YEARS... yes.. many years..

Anyway, the cineplex was not crowded. In fact, we (Kak Masturah, Umai, Hafiz, Atikah, Hubby, Amelia and Me) had a whole row to ourselves. And my girl... had a nice time laughing and disturbing others while watching the show. Good to say that the show was worth it and we will definitely get the DVD. Wish abang Hashim could have joined in. Amelia would have love having her Cik Amoy around. Hehehe...

Going to Tina's place later... and tomorrow is a good day to go swimming..

BTW, went Raffles City-Funan-Suntec yesterday. Got another set of controller and game for a good price of $130.

Amelia's Antics

Amelia has now a new weapon... riding on kiddy rides... and not those cheap ones I recall riding.. It's the $1 - $2 per ride ones! But very cute ones. There's the Bear in the Big Blue House @ TM

At Courts... Thomas the train...

Teletubbies... *shudders* I hate 'em... Did I share my theory of them not being real humans in it??

And finally, the Panda in Panda Kungfu! BTW, we are going to watch it today later with the nephew and nieces... It's Amelia's FIRST trip to the movie theatre! Yey...

Going to Nadia's (Tina's baby) birthday this Sun.. I'll show the invitation card that my good friend is soooooo free to make.. hehe... And yes, Tina, I know the letter was from you... Goodness, your handwriting has remained the same all throughout :)

A Boo-K Based in Singapore

On my trip to the library... Hold and behold. What do I see? A book... By some Joseph R. Garber.

Guess what the book was on. A fiction ... on drug activity and corruption in Singapore. And the hero? A high-up-there corporate innocent American. See the snaps I took of it.

It even has a map of Singapore! Quite accurate... except... there's no PASAR Ris... It's Pasir Ris.. *shakes head*
PASAR = Market
Pasir = Sand

See the difference.

Oh btw... it's PulaU... not Pulu...

The copyright was in 1999. I read parts of it already. The acknowledgement is on STB, SPF.. and the normal government bodies... and some individuals who don't want to be named. I guess it's from these lot that the out of the world stories were deduced. Some about our strict society. Something about strict composures of Islam *shakes head again - don't know where this came about*. I'm a proud Muslim woman yet I practise the only one I knew... the one that was preached with living in moderately. Yes, there's the headscarf, but there's nothing about living in the stoneage. In fact, if one were to read the studies of Tawhid properly, it preaches moving forward as well.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings on my beloved religion and country. I digress and come back to the book.. It speaks of the American embassy at High Street... here I giggle... I've worked at Armenian St fora good 5 yrs and literally lived around the area (as it's near my beloved National Library previously) since before 1999.. I never recalled seeing a 'crumbling building'... is the book talking about the embassy?? I hope not... but it was the most oldest building there... coz honestly, there isn't any there that was 'crumbling'!

I giggled all the way reading the absurdity of the media circus and shoddy work of the police (namely, CNB) and yes, even the ranks were slightly skewed. Having friends in both areas of work, I know that the writer has definitely wild imagination... But I let the readers out there decide for themselves.. But I must say that it's well an interesting read albeit lacking in the descriptive and narrative work.

My 2cents worth at work again :)

Playstation 3

Why the title??? Coz...
I just got one! Hahaha... Silver colored... wireless console... POWER!
I'm so happy... it's my hubby's birthday gift.. and since I wanted it too, decided to grab it at Takashimaya just now.
Now I'm tired.. going to bed..

BTW... I've got a secret.. shush... giggles...

Pictures and videos...

Finally.... I've decided to upload some pics and videos of my young 'uns... Enjoy...

Adam's Antics...

Mimi's ridin'... a COW.. :P MOOOOOOO....

Adam's Antics again

To Char and Kam... long overdue huh? hahaha

My ramblings - No more Petrol at JB

Gasps! No more petrol in JB... so we can't pump there anymore... nearest pump station to JB: Malacca!!!

My 2 cents worth...

Fine that there's no subsidized petrol in JB. I've nothing against it. Good move to it, Malaysian Government. However, this is a very short-term measure with much adverse effects to it. Let me not go into the Economic and Social issues here. I bet many bloggers and netizens who have voiced their opinions and negative effects.
Allow me to take a much friendlier approach. Allow me to provide suggestions looking at both monetary and legislative policy.

Going long term, the government can't afford to subsidize heavily the petrol, especially with the current cost of petrol is pushing towards US$130 per barrel. It won't be surprising if it does go beyond the US$130 mark. Many occurences will happen with the prices of fuel skyrocketing. Therefore, the world governments should look into bringing down consumption. Okay.. I digress a bit on what Malaysia should do.

Instead of putting a ban on non-Malaysian registered cars, I suggest to give no subsidies to all. Whoa... don't get your war cries on me yet. What I meant is that non-Malaysian registered cars to pay the full non-subsidized prices. Shouldn't it more far than to have an all-out ban. Okay, now you worry about the administration part of it. Well, admittedly, it is a bit more work. The petrol kiosk operators can just charge the normal price, ie. declare the non-subsidized price on the pumps. Have signs indicating that although foreigners can purchase the petrol, no subsidies can be provided. In the long run, the agency can also be provided important figures to make future decisions.

I apologize but this sudden ban seems to me as a short-cut way. Again, I didn't mean any insult to any party, but it really seems like a no-brainer where no thoughts to the future was being taken into consideration. Having a sudden ban would cause several upheavals to the economy of the governing state even though the Federal state is not involved, it will be soon. Blame it on the domino effect.

I do believe that other factors need to be considered as more and more countries move towards being a green nation that emits lesser carbon dioxide. Well, that's another topic for me to ramble and tatter on.

No hard feelings k.. Love y'all.

BTW... Mom, if I can't visit you often in JB, apologies... my petrol may not last that long to bring you jalan2 there for shopping. *Giggles*

Boys... boys... boys... and girls

I hereby declare that boys are lusty from birth! It's in their genetic structure make up. Why? Coz of firsthand experience.

My son refused the expensive special premature milk I gave him.. he insisted on the au naturel breastmilk... *giggles* He makes this cute grunting sound when he suckles and when it's not enough? Get ready for mayhem! He'll get upset and throws tantrum until he tires out and sleeps... peace again... that's what I'm blissfully having as I refuse to entertain tantrums. Hear that, Adam??? You can ask your sis on how bad and heartless I am. I don't give no face to any tantrums, screams and shouts... you do it outside? I'll leave you there... Watch me do it... if you dare :) Fair warning.

Oh yeah, I had a nice time shopping... will wear my new shoes tomorrow for Adam's check up. He's getting his BCG vaccination.

Amelia's not at home tonight. She's bunking over at her grandma's. Nice for me. :)
Got her to go to school to start on Jun 23. Heheh... She can't wait to go to playgroup. She's soooo happy...

Oppps... the son's awake..


I'm bored. I detest staying at home... yes, I can sleep (since I don't get any shuteye at night thanks to baby Adam), can blog and do all the nonsense I've dreamt about ever since I started working. But a good 20days stuck at home without going out (albeit all the shopping trips with my hubby, the medical check ups etc.) is driving me insane.

BTW... I read that Jason Dohring's dad is the CEO of Neopets... fancy that... hahaha...

See how bored I am???

Anyway.... I'm going out later to Whitesands with Amelia... We'll go shopping ok baby girl? giggles....

And I'm not out of my confinement period... don't tell my parents... grrr...

Continued from prev...

Back at it folks. Continuing where I left off...

After my son was whisked off to the NICU, I was left to be stitched up. To be honest, I didn't feel much pain, but the local anaesthetic was not working as well as the previous delivery. Or is it that my adrenalin has drained off. Although I felt every stitch, it was more like ants biting so the pain was bearable. It was more of a nuisance. So ladies out there, better to opt for natural delivery... I'll tell ya why shortly.

As I was to stay in bed for a good 6 hrs and I was in the maternity ward at 6am, I can't get up till 12nn. Boredom struck in hard! Can't move or get up so I satisfied myself with a whole lot of reading.. the newspaper from article to article, ad to ad, obituary to obituary. I devoured everything.. including the menus and the whole lot. A nurse took pity and gave me more magazines to read... Thank the LORD!

Oh yeah... during the long wait, I managed to hear my neighbor, who had a c-sect, whining and moaning over her pain when the nurses had to clean the wound. Reminded me much of my prior experience where my neighbor in KK also had her c-sect. I thank ALLAH that I didn't have to go through the emergency c-sect. Imagine... apart from the pain below, I'll have to endure the cut across the tummy. Or maybe not cause the pain is just in your mind and I'll probably be walking about in the first day... hmmm....

Anyway, after the hot shower I had on the first day immediately after the 6hrs confinement and the long power nap I had later (cut me some slack, I fought for my life without any sleep the night before :P so I deserved the 4hr power nap!), I was fresh and went about waiting for my hubby who went to take photos of Adam in NICU. I'm such a pathetic thing... can't see my son in the first day except through photos... but I had a good time with him the next day... You see, I spent most of my time there visiting my son :) since I had not much guests. Good thing too... only had my gfs, Tina & her baby Nadia, and Azlyha with her baby. Tina and I had a good time chatting away from 3pm to 8pm. Poor Nadia was hungry.. hehe... I'll remember how I fed her with tau sar pau... hahaha

Finally, I have to say this:

My heartfelt thanks goes out to the midwives that took care of me like a princess during the labor, the doctors, specialists and nurses that helped my Adam to retain his health and the nurses in ward 3A.


Delivery Experience - Read on!

Date: 03.04.08
What did I do?
Not much - went to work. Cleared my work... and oh yeah, managed to close one of my cases. I was so elated that I decided to email my TLs with my workload and so forth. Honestly, I had no idea that it is to be a more eventful day and night.

In fact, I managed to eat my much wanted baked rice. Wanted to have it at Swensen's but there were none in TM so I settled for Delifrance much to my gastronomical delight. Why? I had a good service there... sat at a very nice four-seater by the window with comfy seats. The waitress know a preggy needed the comfy seats for my tummy and back. A big thanks to you!!

Oh I ordered the seafood baked rice. It was super delicious that I need not ask for any sauce nor tobasco or parmesan cheese. I tell ya that it's delicious. The rice was also just nice and the prawns, fish and other ingredients were FRESH! The capsiciums were also sweet. Nice huh? Anyway, had my fill. Walked to CS and got Amelia nice dresses. She's now into dresses you see... When I actually reached my in-laws' place, it was 9pm +. Luckily I was at my in-laws for an event :)

10pm - had cramps; like those you have when you need to pass motion. I keep going in and out, in and out... but there was nothing to pass out! Told my hubby - guess what he said - wait till there's blood or the waterbag burst. Since I was not in excruciating pain, I left it at that. At 11pm - called hubby again and told him to go home.

00:24am - admitted to Hospital. Happily smiling around :)
1am - still not dilated much. Abt 3cm? I think... Oh BTW, the 2 mid-wives were senior man! Like my mom's age :) So cute huh?... Back to story... Happily taking photos with hubby. The baby's heartbeat was low so I had to go on oxygen. My BP was 180+ so the nurses were worried if there was pre-eclampsia. I enjoyed this moment *sniggers*
2am - Me sleepy... I slept... Hubby took my photo sleeping.. giggles..
3am - urgh... contractions!!! Got my panthadine already so pain is not that bad and I wasn't on the 'laughing gas'.
3.30am - doctor came. Dilated only 4cm. The baby is very small. The baby passed motion in the womb. Oh no! Not a good sign... I'm to be wheeled to OT for an emergency c-sect. My look? Shocked! Another pain area I have to worry...
4.15am - to be put on the trolley to be wheeled over to OT when I screamed, "I want to shit!" Hey... it really felt like I wanted to shit... hahaha... The midwives acknowledged that I'm fully dilated. My gynae rushed over and he just managed to catch my baby who swam out with the waterbag. But...
4.27am - Adam was delivered.... he was blue... he was lifeless... he made no sound... Both my hubby and I thought we lost him... *tears* The paed on standby and the other midwife swung into action. Managed to resuscitated him after several minutes. Hubby said that he only opened his eyes and closed them again. He was then being shifted to the NICU....

Story to be continued... sorry folks... Adam's awake :)

Hear All - Announcement of New Arrival

Announcing the arrival of....


on 04.04.08

at 04:27am

delivered at East Shore Hospital

Stomach Flu - 2nd epi

Guess who got the stomach flu??? Amelia... poor thing now defacating with watery stool.
My poor girl... Oh well.. let's hope it's not too bad and she will recover soon.

Hugs and kisses from mommy xoxoxo

Flu yucky flu

I officially hate flu and specifically stomach flu. Urgh! Yucks!
Why? It's because I spent so much time hugging the toilet bowl from both top and bottom mouths :P It was horrible. I spent so much time there that I had to sms my supervisor from the toilet. Embarrasing!
Oh well... still having the stupid ailment and not feeling sure whether it's stomach cramps from the bowel movements or from contractions. Not happy abt it :P It also emits a smelly poo-like fart. Yucky don't you think so?
Oh well, I shall endure the torture.... Good luck to me!


Yes! Finally, we are seeing the sun rays shining brightly across the sky... but for how long more? There was much cloud cover yesterday, but today's weather looks pretty okay and holding up. Hopefully the La Nina scurries away to bring back Mr Sunshine!!!

Mr Sun must continue shining for I've a date with my girl at the playground today. I've promised to bring her there as long as the weather holds.... Pls pray hard it does.

Something bizarre caught my attention while reading some kaypoh (tabloid) news. Singapore's English is deteriorating. Goodness! It's really true. I saw a sign just the other day which sent both my hubby and I into fits of giggles. Why? The sign... it's supposedly to be something useful and healthy, but the way it was written... well, it sounded very... erm... how do I put it delicately... sensual. Hahaha... Yes, the sign was definitely sensual. It's like the pronounciation of cement and semen by us Singaporeans which amuses the English-speaking folks much. Please please please sign-makers, I beseech you to check the grammar and vocabulary before putting it up. Else, it will be read awkwardly.

Anyways... I'm still around... not yet popping... hopefully... hehehe... Cheerios all.

I'm Back!

For the time being of coz... hehehe...

What's new? Still the same.. haven't pop yet though very soon. Likely a cute lil baby boy... even got a good name for him. But y'all have to wait for the birthing first! Anyway, going to deliver in Eastshore. EDD is in April, but likely to be earlier... like in a few more days??? Have been having the cramps, the backaches and the pseudo-contractions. Let's see if there are more news to come.

BTW, got a new maid... who looks like my aunt! *boings!* shockers huh? Went with her for her random interview with MOM today. The interviewer informed me that she's a bit slow... After a wee bit of prodding, I found out that my maid was nervous and couldn't reply as fast as expected by the interviewer. BTW, I observed that the interviewer who was a young Malay lady who didn't offer a smile to my poor nervous maid. Sigh... what's the world coming to. Where's the service with a smile went to? Down the drain in my opinion.. hahaha

My girl is now getting more cheekier, nottier and prettier... but one who refused to brush her teeth, loves chocs and insists on going to school. I wonder what I can do with her...

Anyway, will update soon.. hopefully... now need to zzzz.. hahaha