I'm a Mommy!

Yey! I'm a mommy now... Gave birth to a baby girl on 25th May 05. The experience? I'll spare the details to another day... hehe.. Just good to say that I've survived.

Baby's name: Siti Nur Amelia
Meaning: The Light of the Believer, Protected by Allah
Weight at birth: 2.595kg
Head circumference: 33cm
Length: 46cm (hah! will be a tall baby)

Looks: Cheena... hahahaha...

Now will try to download emails again... somehow me can't download office mails. Sickening!


Kaustubh said...

yay! Congratulations :)

Pictures.. Pictures!

kAm said...

i came out at 51cm!!! lols. Fair skin? kekekkeke.. pictures!

Lindah_Z said...

Thankies all!!!