Baby Amelia's Devt

So long without news on her.. so here goes:

Last Fri: Went to KKH for her 6mth OPF review. So funny... didn't know we had to book appt first so clinic can't take us in. Instead had to wait after lunch for the Echo clinic to be opened. Good thing that we've no appt - we didn't have to wait! Haha! Last time at K Clinic, we didn't go home until... near 5pm even when we came at 8am. Anyhow results of her OPF:
Discharged! Hole in her heart has closed :) Me so happy!

So got baby her first car.. oops walker that looks lk a very brite, colorful and luminous car.. equipped with steering wheel! haha... she's so happy with it.. can't stop playing with the sounds and stuff. So she's moving abt.. and without license! dangerous!

Sat: hmm.. can't remember wat we did! oh yes... put her @ inlaws so can go mktg.

Sun: stayed home. she can't let me go.. always wanting to be held! dunno wats wrong. must miss me too much :(

Mon: work - so busy! oh yes! Office lift was out! Good ness! 5 levels to go up stairs... lucky not high flr. BTw, carpark gg to increase to $190! so ex! dunno if we are moving to other place with cheaper rent and carpark. Boss, if you are reading this, can we??? lol

Tue: Half day. pat-tor with hubby... LONG time nvr go out together. Feels gd! But he was angry with me coz me late... last min. hv customer who wants to discuss.. had to rush within 10mins to east side! but i made it... without gg over the speed limit too much :P

Siti Nur Amelia is now sleeping - she's cute. Got her cute shoes today. Pressie for her. Me now happy. Me now sleepy.. will go now. *ywans*

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