long time man!

yes yes yes... been bugged to share wat baby amelia has been up to.. yes yes yes.. i'm bluidy busy nowadays.. biaselah ... quarter dah nak end in another 7 more days! Stress rabak now..

Anyway, she's been learning to walk.. so she's like a little terror crashing about.. an epitome of innocent.. haha... Ok ok.. i'm in a crappy mood.. so let's see.. she fell and hit her head many times.. maybe that's y she's having such a big head!.. or is it because that she followed her dearest parents who both have "big heads"! lols!

My sis came over the weekend to stay for the nite.. had to accompany the little head prefect hm :P from JB. So picked them both up from JE MRT.. so bluidy far from my place.. I'm a bluidy hermit so sue me! that sidetracked.

**at this pt, I'm squirmish... wanting to poo! so here i go!**
~~~poot poot~~~ **BACK!**

Oh yes. very relieved now.. ok.. where was I? Oh yes.. rambling about how far it was.. K... anyway, went to JP later n got Amelia some toys.. poor girl.. only has 1 tigger soft-toy that we bought when she was lk... hmm.. 3 mths old?? haha..

So.. I got her:
1. Chipmunk Dale - it's so cute.. and reminds me of her! But mommie didn't choose it for her.. it's herself.. I let her roam the entire Kiddy Palace.. haha... she lks books too.. but that later..

2. Squeekie toy - it's a yellow Porcupine! Did u ever heard of it?? she loves it!

3. pillow.. yes she needed another pillow.. else she'll take away mommie's.

Went over to ToysRus.. yey! And got her.... Water squiter toys! For her bathtime fun.. yeps.. she's enjoying it to the core.. now even more enjoys her bath time! I can't get her out of her tub at all!

OK.. some of the pics taken...
This is when we tried to put a jester cap on her.. hated it.. haha

ok.. this is my fave.. it's playtime mommie!