Busie B!

Very busy week man! Juz doze baby to sleep. She's getting cuter tho! Went for her monthly checkup and jab. Results: She's underweight! *gulps* so young already underweight so paed advise to spoon feed her so she wouldn't be too full.

Siblings are in town. Sending them home tomorrow. Poor thing them.. they'll soon be tortured here! haha.. But they've been behaving themselves which is a tremendous improvement.

Made 2 types of cookies - pineapple tarts and choc covered biscuit. Too tired to make others. Supposed to make my kuih layang2 - maybe later. Cornflakes? Later also - when less busy. Haven't spring cleaned yet. Hubby doing it. Me - cooking section. Gg to cook tomorrow - 2 days b4 raya - coz hubby's working on day b4 raya - so me no helper for Siti - besides, I've no car. Gg to make simple dishes only. Ayam masak merah, lodeh, sambal goreng. Beef rendang - later. Satay - later. LOL!

Now? Me searching for schools for my siblings. Then arranging for courier for Athirah's baju kurong. Si my bro dah bangun ker tak??? SMS tak reply pun! Wake up lah dol!!! Haha

Hair cut

Yes, got myself a new hairdo yest @ Chap2 @ Bugis. Consulted with them for 30mins. Finally decided to rebond my hair!
Had Jes to do my rebond. Another girl to do my chemical treatment, Eric to condition my hair and Dickson to cut my hair. Haha.. So many!! Eric said my hair is healthy. He so worried liao at first - tot I was balding coz so much hair loss! haha!! Told him I juz gave birth - relief! kaka!

So now my hair nice nice. But... My hubby said not nice.. say fake stiffness. Haha! Told him my hair will be more normal, but he still no like. Cranky him. Tickled him at nite. He manja with me. Now he's @ home cleaning fish tank. Cute eh? V. handy around the house. *grins*

Half day again

So shiok! Very fruitful. Did all my duties today:
- emails
- renewals
- ITQs
- chasing partners
- chasing customers
- chasing potentials
- sent email to sis abt stuff for dad
- called muis, CDC for financial assistance for Cik Atip

So after this very gd morning, gg to pamper myself with a haircut. Not sure wat hair cut. Anyway, later will consult with her.

New updates

On leave for the past few days and was busy - so explains my disappearance. Anyway, more stuff below:

Fri: Stayed half day at in-laws. Boring day. Hubby returned home from nite shift so slept day away :( Afternoon went geylang - bought barang2 like cushions, carpets for hse. Went in m-in-law (MIL) and hubby. Yes, hubby became porter :) So cute.. he with Siti on his front... her slobber wetting his shirt of coz! and carrying all the heavy stuff on his left and right. Oh yea, tried getting Athirah (my niece) a baju kurung.. but they don't have for 1yr olds.. and very ex for a very cheap looking one.. Geez!

Sat: Went over to Mom's place in JB with inlaws. Went to the food bazaar there. So interesting.. have quail - just wat f-in-law wanted. So we stuffed ourselves with Satay, Kuihs and yes, Chendol! many drinks available. Baby was not feeling well. So went home without gg to the other bazaar. Inlaws stayed over.

Sun: Sent inlaws home. Went to Bedok to shop for baking stuff. Jonathan came over to help and learn. But u know what I did? My pineapple tarts became pineapple cookies! Everything from the base to the pineapple was HARD! Haha.. My cornflakes merangue? Became pooped cornflakes haha.. Oh well, will just make them this week.

Mon: Searched for new car. Called in the reinforcements! Haha - my bro-in-law. But his contact didn't gv us a gd deal la .. so sad! The upfront $$ was high! $11K++!! Oh yes, called up another guy - he put the phone down on me!! *gulps* me that poor meh? Finally got that guy who I screamed at.. haha.. and he struck me a gd deal. Low upfront and others. So nice of him. Everything done up.. So me getting a new black Hyundai Matrix 1.6 A with all the nice nice finishings.. All in time for Raya!! Yey!

Tue: Today. Back to work. Planning out my schedule. Sent out all emails. Oh yes, juz heard boss and Char kena fly to Taiwan tmr. Poor thing... hopefully CHung Fu Chung gvs gd BIG BIG deal to us. :)


Funny morning.. Lucky I didn't take the Nicoll Highway route! Have a BAD jam.. All becoz - Hritik Roshan (bollywood) is filming in Shenton Way. But that's like MILES away! Geez!! So paid extra 50c juz to get into work earlier. LOLZ! Poor Chris kena the jam tho. Poor her.

Hectic cold morning - many things to do! So let's try to finish before my long weekend! Woo HOO!

Oh yes... Baby

She's now pushing herself - backwards! haha.. I think she's really active. Got funny story to share about her and her cousin. So funny!


Typing this while seeing Kam chasing, shooing me...
Yes, me sick.. from Tiffany's (partner) sick..

Poor me sick! But so happy taking leave for long weekend! Baing cookies here I come!

Flight Home

Guz wat? Flight home from KL JL722 kena delayed by 35mins! Geez! Only boarding at 10.15pm instead of 9.30 :( Sad! So waited for a LONG time today. Chicken rice was funny.. Oh yes, noticed that Iced Lemon T in My is funny :| I think they use powder form. Yucks!

The airport - sad amenitied man! Toilets - spoilt! How bad - they should maintain it properly if you are receiving intl customers.

Updates from meeting today? I dun see any moving forward. Chasing partner to do something. The only one that got action and possible results is ST - thru another partner.

So today - spent the whole day waiting.. in the car.. in the airport... in the plane.. in the taxi.. and finally, I drove from my place to inlaws @ 0030! Haha.. Pa-in-law was waiting up for me. So sweet! Don't you think??

COLD! *sniffs*

Now @ event. In the seminar room. Very cold.
How's the event? Not good! 3 out of 10. Only 3 companies turn up. No good. Juz talked to disti. Will push for more in Nov

Lunch @ McD with M later. He has ppt this evening to potential. Will talk to him later.

So another free slot today - maybe meet X. See if he's free.

Flying off to SG tonite. Need to go home to take car and drive to inlaws. See if I'm not sleepy.. hehe


Yes. Once again in KL. Staying in Grand ParkRoyal. Nice place. Very good service! Sayang.. only NO wireless... Now hijacking someone else's bandwidth :)

Had too much food. Partner brought us to very good eating places. Now sure to grow fat :( Sad.. very I think worth the weight gain! Very gd Nasi Kandar. Fish Head Curry - POWER! *slurps* very heaty though.. now slight throaty.

Traffic here is bad. Yes. And by 4.30pm all Muslims Ciao Liao home for buka. Wah seh.. jealous! 2hrs off a day!! Their culture. Value of this meeting. Get to meet ST. Good potential. Nov timeframe. Now hopefully their new mgmt (haven't appoint yet) dun pull any tricks. *gulps* $$$ Overall up to today, the meetings are of low value. Hopefully DGN gets something out. Told Disti to include me in all their discussions. But no worries, anchor is for the seminar tomorrow. Many new companies meeting and in the afternoon meeting the folks playing mindef. So it's cool.

Went shopping juz now.. got office ppl cute stuff! Wait till I bring back this Thu!! Don't ask me now hor.. hehe.. yes, got something for hubby, baby and me :) Hubby - 3/4 pants - he loves those type. Baby - cute socks, cute overall, cute set of pants and top :) ME? 3/4 pants.. so that I can use it for Thu! haha.. me no clothes at in laws mah.. and hubby working nite shift on Thu :( So I can only see hubby on Fri evening. So sad.. Miss you darling! Miss baby... kiss kiss kiss baby for me!!

Oh yea tmr evening have dinner appt with M. Need to discuss the commitment, the projects - confirmed or not, how soon, will lock him to a date :P Need lots of these stuff.

Well, need to go back to work.. haha


Supposed to post something yesterday - nvr do lah. Usual! Too busy!

So come early morning today - finish the outstanding stuff. Just left to do quotes :) Anyway - today's Saad's last day with us. SO SAD :( *sobs* Going to miz that alien. No more coffee junkie in the office *cries*

Had his farewell dinner last evening @ Swensen's Funan. I must say - intelesting! hehe.. calling to reserve was cute. Chinese Auntie - auntie english no gd! Hehe.. So had to even help her spell my name *grins* and say my no. one by one! Aiyah.. first time kena such a cute auntie doing reservation - maybe she's just the cook :)

OK. Dinner was fun. Served with just water first to break fast :( Starters came late, but who cares as long as the main course is there. Yes, the service was rather bad - but not to spoil the mood as the person may be new - but 1 recommendation to them - TRAIN YOUR PEOPLE. Saw the same waitress (middle-aged) kena scolded by another customer thoroughly. Poor thing! Lucky we not that fussy :-) Oh yes, had Chicken Baked Rice *grins* and tasted the rests' FishNChips, Breaded Chicken. Wanted to try Kw's crayfish pasta, but he too bloody far away from me :( Sad.. Oh yes, ordered yummy fries, 2 rodeo wings and earthquake combo - under boss' account! kakaka! The earthquake came a bit soggy. Pistachio and mint don't go well at all! Yuckies! Anyway, had a good time. Wish Char and Boss were around. We bullied Saad into finishing up all the food! hahaha!

finally a blog!

Busy day today! So only short short updates.

Fri: Company day off. I'm phone receptionist. Kena saman for coupon tampering. No way out! Still waiting for reply :( More info below. Spoilt my day. Went home immediately.

Sat: Stayed at in-laws coz baby cried non-stop. Supposed to go to Kam's house warming.. end up my back aches too strong.. so went to in-laws instead. No chance to cook chicken rice for hubby.

Sun: Hmm.. Can't remember. Haha!

Mon: Took leave. Back aches too badly :( *cries* but had to go to ura coz inspector told me to go there. Went there. Waited. Officer told me to wait for the report. Grr.. made me pay carpark for nothing. Went to doc - back is in bad shape. No strenous exercises. May need xray. See lor.. wait to go to Polyclinic. Now better already. Went mom's place. So cute. Amelia.. hehe... the apple of grandparents and aunties and uncle's eyes!

Tue: Back to work. Busy day. Mad hatter.. morning - office; late morning - event; afternn - briefing.
Read Razean's blog. She's now perm employed! Congrats! On shift! Me kepo - want to know what job she's doing.. hehe.. Anyway, good luck on this job k! Big things will happen to ppl who persevere.
As a typical sales person: Where there's $, there's a way & will! haha!