Baby's One Month!

Hey! Time flies fast.. It's 25 Jun 05 - Baby Lia's 1st Month! Yey! She's now sleeping.. hopefully she won't wake up tonite and stay awake - like last nite.

Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday to my Hubby... Sorry can't get you any pressie. Will make it up soon.. as soon as I finish my confinement. hehe.. Love you!

Baby Lia in Hospital

Yes. She went into hospital from 2nd to 5th June coz she vomitted badly till she was dehydrated. Yes, I cried the whole of the first night. Saw baby put on drip.. Really bad.

The docs did many tests - they probed and they scoped - did Baromine scan, xrays, urine tests; stayed in hospital for 3 days but found nothing to be wrong. The worst thing??? They put my poor 8-day old baby on NBM (Nil by Mouth), ie no food nor drink by mouth! Horrid! So poor baby was crying nite and day for a drop of milk or drink. :( This is really depressing me..

Hubby stayed the whole 1st nite by himself to take care of the baby. I accompanied him from 2nd nite onwards. Hubby went home to rest on the second day with me alone with baby. Boy! was it a trial.. they put a tube to her stomach (thru the nose) to remove everything in it - as they wanted to do more tests.

My temperaments then? I was a testy, demanding mother.. who blasted at one of the doctors there who wouldn't tell me what to do. Idiots! They need to take EQ.

Finally, after I told them that the breastmilk that I've been feeding her was ok and that her formula (S26 Gold) make her puke again, they diagnosed that Baby Lia's intolerance to the formula. Argh! Even I could have told them that. So next time people... if your baby's having projectile vomitting - check your formula.

Labor experience

Well.. I had contractions... steady mild ones the whole day of 24th May, but didn't tell hubby until very much later.. like @ 9pm.. hahaha.. and he decided based on in-laws' advice that we should go to the hospital.

@ KKH - (I was still smiling and enjoying myself) hey.. it's still very mild.. so had to go to the obs room.. where.. I got the shock of my life when the woman doc just probed my cervix! No warning except "don't tense up or it'll be painful" - what am a first time mother to know what that means! And it hurt.. traumatic! Cervix dilated 1.5cm so.. I can either go home or stay warded. I opted to go home - hey it's already 11+pm; I might as well rest at home in the comfort of my own bed! Anyway, woke up at 4.30am to bad backache, but still can tahan so waited for 6am before I started to tear in pain to go to KKH. But it's not as bad as the labor itself!

@KKH2 - Taxi uncle can ask if we are in emergency.. obviously from my cringing expression! Oh btw, it was raining badly. Ayway, @ 24hr clinic, I was wheeled to the delivery suite immediately while hubby registered for me. Midwife told about the various pain reducing methods: Gas, jab or epidural. I thought I could handle the pain.. so opted for natural birth and gas. Didn't know that I can't take the jab when I'm dilated more than 3cm. So when the pain got really bad, I asked .. no, screamed for epidural while hubby was forcing the gas on me. Btw, I vomited violently after taking the gas - emptied my tummy of everything! Anyhow, to have the epidural, my waterbag had to be broken and when it did, the contractions came in torrents in 1 min interval. I couldn't stand the urge to push.. and when the anaesthetist finally came (was VERY SLOW!) and after she explained the consequences, etc. , she found out that I don't need it coz the baby's head is already there! Urgh... so I pushed @ 5-6cm dilated and the baby came wailing out @ 11.33am!

The patch up job was BAD - I had a 3rd degree job for 1.5hrs. Had their snr consultant to do it also coz there was a hidden vessel that burst in my rectum. In fact, it was bad enough that if they don't find this vessel, I would have to go into Op Theatre. But they did, so it was done! Trauma... Ended.

Finally Online!

Baby Lia starting fidgeting so have to hurry.. since I've lots of news to share, I'll do this is phases:
- Labor Experience
- Baby's Check up @ Poly and Hospitalization
- Baby's Health

So check out the next few blogs... Now I've to attend to my baby :)