:p - The verdict

OK. So got a hefty fine. Everyone else there told me wat to do. Turns out me was the only first-timer! Geez! So it was an experience. Yes! At least it's cheaper than what I tot. Whatever mitigation - all same amt. Wat's worse? No electronic payment! Grr.. have to have $$$ ready to pay. So all - if have any fines for URA/HDB bring enough $$$

One thing I've got a grudge - the police officer there - the one that 'jaga' the gated place. Treated us like as if we are so big time criminals. Geez! Save your attitude to one who really deserves it :P And yes, I think I know him... ex schoolmate - one in NPCC. Tina should know him. Even then, he was bossy. Maybe should put a word to get him transferred to prisons! haha

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