Hot, Cold?

Now feeling hot and cold.. maybe sick. Hopefully not soon. Tmr is our company off day! But I still have to work in the evening :( Bad... Have CFC mah..

Anyway, eyes sleepy.. going to have a peaceful rest.. met target.. plus more .. so can sleep in peace!

Nitey nite


Kapo-ed this from biggie's blog:

Funny site. Spread IE? I'm a supporter of open source! Haha.. Everything free and good is my interest! Kakaka

Parking Slot

Oh ya.. forgot.. this morning.. parked at the big Armenian CP. Parked car - someone else drove in and asked if I'm driving off. Obviously NOT! I just got in. Duh.. Then opened my boot to get my stuff. Another person came (on foot) and asked if I'm driving off.. Shakes head violently! Y r ppl so wanting to get my slot??? I just got in. Talk abt parking...

Yesterday tried gg to the Pasir Ris HDB area - free parking on SUN rite? Saw a slot on 2nd level. Signalled to go in. Moved forward a bit.. and the LEXUS behind me moved forward as well! I horned to tell him that I wanted to go in. The jerk just looks on... SO IRRITATING! No way I can just 'sit there' so had to drive on... the idiot LEXUS driver went OUT of the carpark! Geez... selfish B******! So angry!!!

Oh yea.. I kena twice at that carpark! Dunno if I'm so tao mei! Jinxed at the carpark.

My Birthday on Sat!

Yes yes... Now I'm officially 25 and facing quarter-life crisis! hahaha

received birthday wishes from Ikin (sis), Arul (bro), Ayu (sis), Momi Elle, Boss (from China), Char, Kam2 :) Many thanks to you all.

Oh yes, didn't do anything at all (except not to log into PC and do work! Haha) Stayed over at in-laws coz came home late on Fri nite. So wat to do? Baby can't go out late coz she zzzz already. Oh yes, met my sis-in-law, hubby and Putri! *my cute little pumpkin* Coz we've got invitation to go to a thanksgiving ceremony (hair shaving lah) for her my in-laws' neighbor's new born baby. Cute baby! Very chubby! Only 1 mth younger than Amelia but he's so HUGE! Heard he slept and wakes up to feed only... unlike my active baby who wouldn't sleep in the day! Active! haha! Went home on Sat to clean house and cook for (sick - sore throat) hubby. Sad huh? Still have to do household chores on bday :( But it's ok.. read on further...

Went home with hubby and baby @ nite. Told him to heat up the food first coz me sleeping baby. He said, "OK, but you help serve me drink k." Me said,"OK." Thinks nothing out of ordinary... but thinking back... he seldom ask me to serve drinks when he's setting out dinner. *shrugs*... Me served the meal, get the drinks from the fridge.. *still saw nothing out of ordinary* Then hubby said,"See the eggs." Me went,"Wat? U want eggs too?!" He was exasperated... then.. I saw! At the corner of the egg place... was... a jewellery box! Wow! Such a pleasant surprise! Me was definitely shocked! Didn't expect to get a pressie coz we are very tight budget this month. My darling is so romantic... Gave me a cool (literally) gold earrings! Now wearing it.. hehe THANKS so much hunny!!! Love you! - Not only for the gift but for the whole surprise thing.. hehe...

Sunday: Went out to Pasir Ris Park for a picnic and picture taking.. Baby Amelia's 4mths today! So cute... Took many many pics.. then went off to in-laws again! *This week we went and stayed at in-laws often man!* Hubby had to go for his RT haha.. Failed IPPT mah!

Today: Many many things to do. Have to chase many deals! Last week of Sept!!! ARgh! Stress..
Mona sent me a very cute birthday card (copyright Hallmark, of coz!) So nice... A very animated and cheery card which puts me on a happy face the moment I received it.

Thanks Mona!


On leave yesterday. Did nothing.. and the best thing?? I didn't do even look at the computer (after my morning emailings).. it was so cool! So exciting! So exhilarating! No words can express the pleasure *exquisite*

Today? Back to work lor. Need to make $$$

P/S: Went for Pap Smear yesterday @ Polyclinic. Interesting experience. All I can say is that.. it reminds me of delivering my baby girl.. hehe


Yes. Not enuff sleep. Late nite - wif d PC. Too many emails.. more deals in.. but not the few I want are not in yet. Scary!

Anyway.. hey now hey now... *song stuck in head* Yuling asked me a very interesting.. what do I want for my birthday. I havent tot abt it at all honestly! Even with the BIG day is coming around the corner (Saturday to be exact!!) and yet, I've no idea what to ask for. Brain fried I think. Haha. Maybe tonite think more abt it and get my wishlist soon.

Oh yes, to all my buddies out there whose birthdays are round the corner as well -


Yeah.. I'm thinking *a rare occasion!*

Life's pretty short. I'm thinking to do something more interesting and challenging. Time to move on.. Maybe.. maybe not.. see how lah.. ticks ticks ticks on.

Hahah - comments ppl??

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Dun tell Hubbie! Wahahah

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raining today

*sniffs* Having sinus today.. esp. after yesterday's intense foot reflexology. *sniffs* Still having headache. Definitely going to take half day again.

Raining this morning - made sending baby difficult to in-laws. :(

What should I cook today? Fried rice?
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Half day

Yes. Taking half day today. Feeling under the weather. Having headache as well. So might as well take some time off to relax .. while I still can.. before the quarter ends. Now hungry for $$ So chasing all deals. Small and big.

Yesterday: Morning met customer and closed the deal. Single largest deal in SG! Woo Hoo! But still need to chase other customers daily! Even Sat and Sun! hehe.. Oh yes, came into office for a short while before going off for SUN's event - partner briefing. Told them about the good news and sales on their servers. Stayed on for Scott McNealy's presentation - was very interesting! Made the whole day even sweeter.

Anyhow, I'm going for my massage later. Need to relax.. Feeling sick! Yucks!
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Done for the morning

OK. I'm done for the morning. It's now afternoon. Need to follow up more stuff in the afternoon. Anyway. Saw and did something interesting..
See the right side? I put in a tagboard! So cool! lolz. Maybe later change my template. Let's see..
Of course. Lookie here up there.

Back to work

Friday: Had 5 meetings in day (break record man!) Had vert fruitful sessions. Looking forward to the next trip next month. Reached airport and had just enough time to buy BK (had boarding call when we were waiting for food) for dinner. Had dinner in the flight. Saw many 'friends' on flight. Reached SG with hubby waiting to pick me up :-) So sweet!

Sat: Tot to just laze abt at in-laws, but sis called saying she's staying over with cousins. So rushed home to prepare the messy house. lols! Made black pepper crab. We crabby today mah... Guests came after maghrib.

Sun: Guests left at 9+am. They wanted to go Underwater World @ Sentosa. Then driving back to KL. Oh yes, kena blapped at for not contacting my cousins when I was up there. Well, harlow, I was working.. and had no time to even shop!

Monday: Back to work. Many things waiting. Blouse and pants (WHITE) kena milk tea splashes :( So sad.


Sleepy... Had 3 meetings plus 1 lunch - not tiring, just draining. Lunch was Thai - hehe.. long time no eat Tom Yum! So sedap! Dinner at BB - Briyani - not bad. Very filling! Had some time (30mins) to shop. Rushed to get a pair of shoes. My shoes are going gone. Wanted to get souvenirs, but shops all closed! Geez! Anyway, will try to end early tomorrow so can get to shop. Then boss treated to nice coconut jelly dessert - woah! shiok! must try again when up here.

Oh... Boss sang at the dessert place... lots of ppl stopped to listen to him sing... he's great. Luckily he's the owner, else we may lose our best pre-sales guy! hehe..

Now? Back in hotel. Tomorrow need to check out.

Note to self: Get hotel in town next time!


Just reached KL. Hotel Armada... comments? Me missing my welcome fruit basket, etc. But it has wireless broadband which was cool. Now typing in hotel room lor.. Waiting for the guy to tell me what their smtp server is.. turns out to be an open relay, but still can't open it. After all the hassle and the person putting the phone down on me, I managed to resolve the issue by finding meself a free smtp server which works - gmail! hahaha...

Anyway, now need to start work. Many quotes to do. Need to wake up early for meetings. *Yawns*

P/S: Missing baby and hubby lots.

Short one

Busy day today. Managed to read some comments sent on my blog. My comment? Some are UNWANTED! This is a mother's blog on her bundle of joy! Not a place to park their ads :P So irritating...

1st Wedding Anni

Friday: On leave - sent back barang2 to caterer. Went JB to visit Mom and Dad. They were So cute! They went: My granddaughter is here.. singingly.. lolz So we celebrated our wedding anni here. So cool

Saturday: Dad's birthday. Went home.

Sunday: 1st Wedding Anni
Didn't do anything special - coz we had decided to just relax the whole day. Fought. Oh yes, went to cousin's wedding. And me stayed at in-laws till nite coz Hubby has RT :P

Monday: Back to work. Many many things to do.