Navel stretched!

Aiyah! Now my navel's aching! Kena stretched.. along with the little one kicking, it feels like my stomach's going to burst soon.. argh.. Is this what our mothers went through when she was pregnant with us? Dang! That means we'll have to treat mommies far much better from now.

Speaking of mommies.. Poor Mommie Corina is overloaded with work.. had to take 2 panadols to release headaches. .. cos Mommie Chris is not around. And Momi Elle? She's off to Perth.. with Huda.. how nice! Me want to go too!

Today's Gracie's last day with us. So had lunch at Curry Flavor.. I think this place is only nice for their Jap curry delights. Their western faired ok with me.. well, I tried the Spaghetti Bolognaise, and it was dry and rather cold.. and we had to ask for the grated cheese. *what the #$%^??!* The good thing about it? We got to change the side (salad.. urgh!) for free to fries! Worth $4.20! So cool!

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