Supposed to post something yesterday - nvr do lah. Usual! Too busy!

So come early morning today - finish the outstanding stuff. Just left to do quotes :) Anyway - today's Saad's last day with us. SO SAD :( *sobs* Going to miz that alien. No more coffee junkie in the office *cries*

Had his farewell dinner last evening @ Swensen's Funan. I must say - intelesting! hehe.. calling to reserve was cute. Chinese Auntie - auntie english no gd! Hehe.. So had to even help her spell my name *grins* and say my no. one by one! Aiyah.. first time kena such a cute auntie doing reservation - maybe she's just the cook :)

OK. Dinner was fun. Served with just water first to break fast :( Starters came late, but who cares as long as the main course is there. Yes, the service was rather bad - but not to spoil the mood as the person may be new - but 1 recommendation to them - TRAIN YOUR PEOPLE. Saw the same waitress (middle-aged) kena scolded by another customer thoroughly. Poor thing! Lucky we not that fussy :-) Oh yes, had Chicken Baked Rice *grins* and tasted the rests' FishNChips, Breaded Chicken. Wanted to try Kw's crayfish pasta, but he too bloody far away from me :( Sad.. Oh yes, ordered yummy fries, 2 rodeo wings and earthquake combo - under boss' account! kakaka! The earthquake came a bit soggy. Pistachio and mint don't go well at all! Yuckies! Anyway, had a good time. Wish Char and Boss were around. We bullied Saad into finishing up all the food! hahaha!


RaZe@n said...

Swensens....I think they r NOTORIOUSLY known to have a poor service. Bugis was lousy- What i had experience with the grp was... A supervisor refilled plain water for us... spills all over and dun even bother to wipe it out. Tampines- had recently with a grp and ordered their $26 offer... 4 sundaes etc..Trust me- My choc freckles sundae (or whatever the name is) was..... not 100% scooped! All I can assume for that less than perfect scoop was -it's on offer!
Service is throughtout - POOR. At times I dun even think they deserved the svc charged. haiz...

k-leb said...

you mean "boss" wasn't around?... so SAAD....:p.! Yeah, wished him all the best too personally. Hope things are going well with you too.