Back to work

Friday: Had 5 meetings in day (break record man!) Had vert fruitful sessions. Looking forward to the next trip next month. Reached airport and had just enough time to buy BK (had boarding call when we were waiting for food) for dinner. Had dinner in the flight. Saw many 'friends' on flight. Reached SG with hubby waiting to pick me up :-) So sweet!

Sat: Tot to just laze abt at in-laws, but sis called saying she's staying over with cousins. So rushed home to prepare the messy house. lols! Made black pepper crab. We crabby today mah... Guests came after maghrib.

Sun: Guests left at 9+am. They wanted to go Underwater World @ Sentosa. Then driving back to KL. Oh yes, kena blapped at for not contacting my cousins when I was up there. Well, harlow, I was working.. and had no time to even shop!

Monday: Back to work. Many things waiting. Blouse and pants (WHITE) kena milk tea splashes :( So sad.

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