I'm a Mommy!

Yey! I'm a mommy now... Gave birth to a baby girl on 25th May 05. The experience? I'll spare the details to another day... hehe.. Just good to say that I've survived.

Baby's name: Siti Nur Amelia
Meaning: The Light of the Believer, Protected by Allah
Weight at birth: 2.595kg
Head circumference: 33cm
Length: 46cm (hah! will be a tall baby)

Looks: Cheena... hahahaha...

Now will try to download emails again... somehow me can't download office mails. Sickening!

Still driving..

Yeah.. me drove today.. Hubby allowed me coz.. taking MRT doesn't guarantee me a seat.. thanks to our very 'gracious' Singaporeans. Trust me! I once gave up a seat to another 'more' pregnant lady in my early pregnancy stage.. while on other times, I've encountered guys staring at me while playing with their phones or handheld games :-P Lousy Singaporeans! Usually older men and women (like in the 50s and above) would give up seats to pregnant ladies. Well, I could scream out that I need a seat.. but society frowns on me having the cheek to even ask for one. Hmm.. maybe I'll ask for a seat when I really need it. Hahaha.. Let's splash some cold water on these people.

Still haven't started on my writings yet. So my other blog is still not up. Maybe I'll start during my maternity leave.. since I've nothing to do but be a mother :-)

Final Inspection

Sounds like some sort of investigative work eh? Haha.. Well, sort of, but not real near enough :)

Hubby n I went to our soon-to-be-our house to do inspection. Made our list of things to check. Found some things missing or faulty... well.. and the previous owner took ALL of the appliances and useful stuff except for the ... rubbish! Argh! They should clear those as well.. My poor hubby will have a big time to clear, clean, paint, etc. basically to do magic wonders to the place... on his own.. poor thing...

BTW, dad-in-law came to inspect the house also... :-D

Stress Tummy..

Woke up late :( Drove slowly, but got a parking slot without waiting at all. Nice!

Had p-nut butter sandwich just now for break, but still hungry. Mousie wants something warm. Dunno what to get leh.. Me want Tom Yum! hehe..

Aiyah.. baby stretching me to the max.. Maybe she wants to make her appearance soon... oh-oh..

Wet Weddie

Oh yeah.. it rained since last night and was still drizzling when I drove to work. Amazingly, traffic was great! Smooth! But Dad-in-law was still worried with me driving. hehe.. a 37+3 wks PREGNANT lady driving. Watch out roads! Sadly, had to wait some time for a parking slot - managed to finish 2 cheese toasts. Yummy!

See what boss sent out for updates: "Quite an action-packed month ahead, so hold on tight for the exciting ride!

Oh yes, Lindah will have her own exciting journey too as Lindah Junior Edition is scheduled for June "release" :-) "


Busy Tues

Got my broadband yesterday. Hubby upset coz I chose the Cable Modem promo instead of the XBOX. Will get him the PSP for his birthday instead. *MEN!*

House Devt: 2nd appt @ 25 May @ 14.50. Hubby worried that baby comes b4 this date.. haha
Baby News: 37+2 days. Keke.. baby developing well. Now she's 'neaten' herself and in the 'torpedo' direction downwards.. haha.. I think she's coming out 24 May. Hehe.. Must worry hubby more. He's the cheek to tell baby to come out 2 wks later.. sigh.. *MEN!*

Bday celebs

Been some time since I input any thoughts. Got my new baby working.. after so long.. But still problematic - I suspect it's the Windows WeeWee (Hahaha) problem. Oh well..

Yesterday's lunch @ Sushi Don with Mousie - Chicken Ramen, 2 chuka hotate suchis, 1 brownie (shared) - only paid $7.50 after $10 voucher with Mousie. Hehe

Today's lunch @ NYDC - shared with Mousie an OvenBaked Chicken *something* Rice @ $9.80. Boss paid for yummy desserts.. MudPie, Cheesecake, Brownie, Cake *slurps*. Heard that it costs $44! Wow... Thanks boss!

Today - Wilford's (13th May - 13th Fri)
Tomorrow - Dunlin (14th May)

Something New

Got something new for the week:
(1) New HP: Nokia 3230 - cool new features. Still to check out the bluetooth connectivity.
(2) Dell Inspiron 700m - super cool new 12.1" notebook. Now the envy of the folks here @ work hehe.. Still somehow very cranky. Still need to figure out how to connect to the local network.. grr..

Baby - is healthy. Got a scare last Sun morn - horrible (thankfully, irregular) contractions.. that started from my back to my tummy. Like the combination of menstrual cramps and tummy ache cramps (you can imagine the discomfort). Yesterday's check up was better coz I asked all the questions and the gynae was happily sharing the info. Incidentally, it's a He. hahaha...

So next check up is on next Monday @ 0925.

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Finally - Cafe Cartel

Yes! Finally! Had the Wed special @ Cafe Cartel. Had the pasta with Chicken Teriyaki Sauce. I find it too salty. Yuling & Moon (who had the Beef Straganoff pasta) said the same thing - maybe we are 2 healthy. Software Tyrant Saad (new title 4 him) & Wilford (new guy) enjoyed it. Can't finish my serving. Too big.

Last Sat - bought a replacement for ButtHead - hubby bought it to cheer me up. It's now Orangie - head's orange & crinkled like orange. Hehe.. Bought a Pikachu Oranda - hubby's, but I think it's a bit skinny.

Day after Labor Day Hol

*Yawns* Good rest after holidays. Slept the weekend away. Well, it should be a good rest.. esp. when I wrecked my left plastic skirting. I think it's time to get new car.. what car should I get???

New guy coming tomorrow. Will need to prepare him work in the morning, esp. when I'm not around. Sigh...