Krazy Thu

Did many crazy things during lunch time these past 2 days.

Tue: Had lunch with Yuling and TY @ BK Peninsula. TY is accepted to be with Silkair. Congrats! Rained after lunch.. so went over to Watson's to get umbrella. Umbrella's @ $9.90 .. too Ex.. so.. got a 2 for $1.95 poncho! LOL.. imagine 2 very nicely dressed married ladies wearing red and blue 'plasticbags' hahaha...

Thu: LOL! Company lunch with Jap pizzas.. not bad.. for Jon's leaving for UK and Charlene's Bday month. Anyhow.. the 2 ponchos came into picture again when it's time for performance. Go-Karting in office.. Sales vs Tech :) Tech won.. but it was fun seeing red and blue poncho wearing folks on 2 roller chairs as karts. lol.

Have Pilates later. See how that goes as well :)

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