Hari Raye

Yes yes yes... Holiday... me took 2wks off for preparation and the Raye itself. So shiok! But dun be jeles - Trying to clear my leave larh.. bad!

Anyway, didn't go anywhere for 1st day as Hubby working nite shift. He was on day shift the day before raye - and me had to cook all by myself - with baby at home. Power! Hubby so cute and handy - made the ketupat all by himself! From the weaving to the filling in rice to the boiling! Haha! Me ? Was busy with baby and making cakes. So we kiasu boil the ketupat earlier... to celebrate Deepavali! lolz

Oh yes, neighbor's sis in law came to my place. She staying there temp whilst waiting for the new flat. Anyway, she came with a very nice sweet/ sour kek lapis! So unique! She's from Sarawak, but just like me have Cheena blood larh! And coindentally we r of same age.. and same month! so cool! She has no friends here so we built a good friendship.

Other than my next door neighbor and the 2nd flr one - I know no one else in my place. I'm talking about the Muslims/Malays larh. Others like who's on top and below me.. and the one at the end.. all Chinese - those I know! So funny!

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