Monday.. Argh

It's yet another Monday... Rather boring day (but still busy). No Mousie (or now should I promote her to Rattie? hehe) to share info with. So boring.. so upsetting.. Heard that another colleague's leaving. :( My best wishes to her! So now have to sit in for interviews and test interviewees.

So many things to do today and yet it's a boring day.
Maybe it's the Monday blues.
So many problems as well.
Maybe it's the Monday blues.

Back's aching, bone's cracking,
baby's kicking
Maybe it's the Monday blues
Even the baby knows it.

Hahaha.. my complaint turned into a (messed up) poem. Maybe I'll write a book sometime.. fantasy, fiction, biographies. Hmm.. Perhaps.. then, I can publish and make some $ out of it. Haha.. But me being so systematic, I doubt it would be an interesting read. Even I wouldn't read it. But I do have those old stories that I published earlier on in life when life is so much more erratic and interesting. Even then, would I have the patience to see this project through? Maybe it's time to get disciplined and sit it through.

Sigh.. miss those swinging single days. Oops.. can't tell that to hubby. Not that he minds my naughtiness, just as long as I'm faithful and all things done within limits... Obviously! I'm a married woman for goodness' sake! Besides, how far can I go? The most is to hang out with my girlfriends or guy friends till say 10pm (at max) especially at this pregnant stage? Best thing about my hubby is that he trusts me. I believe that's a good trait to have for any person. To trust in the person you love. It's such a luxury for me especially reflecting on my past relationships where there's no trust. The trust gives me such freedom and security. It makes me love my hubby more :-D

Oh well. No more stories of hubby. Now story on baby: Still haven't decided a name. Goodness, 2.5 months more to go and yet, nothing's done. We are still very much into planning for our home than the baby.. no name nor baby things as yet. hehehe.. maybe we'll start buying this Friday. Knowing us, we'll likely to complete things within the day. ;-) Systematic (with a list) and determination (with a vengeance). Will update more once there's more info.

Next time, more info on my outing with the girls.. Missing Kiran already! Maybe I'll consider videoing the whole delivery.. and let Kiran and Tina squirm with all the bloody scenes! Hahaha....

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