~~NY Eve~~

Came early for work today... imagine 8.00am here. Managed to pump petrol (kena $30+ :-( so sad) and no parking! These people having breakfast can be a real menace. And with the pouring rain at that. Dark clouds.. really dark ones.

Now having my bowl of instant noodles hehe.. yeah, not healthy, but hey, it's sustenance!

Heard news that one of the victims in the Penang (Tsunami) is a pregnant woman.. That's a pity.. 2 souls lost easily. Last count from the news is that there are 87,000 dead and counting. So many people lost within such a short period. And most of them are children.. babies.. (baby, don't hear. Mommy loves you!)

Baby moved last night and it felt like a slicing motion on my right.. then, there was another slicing motion on my left pelvis! Wonder if there are MORE than 1 baby... Hmm.. Twins? Will only know when I do my scanning on 13 Jan. Can't wait! Heard my baby's heartbeat last month and it was a wonderous thing. It was so fast. It was only then that it finally kicked in that I've another living soul in me and depending on me.
Note to myself:
(1) Have to take care of myself more.
(2) Search for the best hospital to give birth in.
(3) Exercise more (Have to prepare for Natural Birth without epidural.)
(4) Source for a nice apartment. Likely in the east, but NO PUNGGOL.. *shudders*

Going to JB today visiting my family. Missed them lots... wonder what mommy will cook for me.. hahaha..



Thought to just pass some cheer amidst all the tragedy surrounding the region. My prayers for all..

Finally started my own blog! All thanks to that little 'mouse' beside me who bugged me to post the development of my pregnancy.

Yeah.. Got shocks from friends who found out that I'm PREGNANT. So soon after my wedding in September moreover ;-D. Hahaha... Anyway good to share with the friends on the development. So look out for the 'quickenings', the heartbeats, and the antics of a mom-to-be, dad-to-be (my hubby, duh..) here!