Sleepy... Had 3 meetings plus 1 lunch - not tiring, just draining. Lunch was Thai - hehe.. long time no eat Tom Yum! So sedap! Dinner at BB - Briyani - not bad. Very filling! Had some time (30mins) to shop. Rushed to get a pair of shoes. My shoes are going gone. Wanted to get souvenirs, but shops all closed! Geez! Anyway, will try to end early tomorrow so can get to shop. Then boss treated to nice coconut jelly dessert - woah! shiok! must try again when up here.

Oh... Boss sang at the dessert place... lots of ppl stopped to listen to him sing... he's great. Luckily he's the owner, else we may lose our best pre-sales guy! hehe..

Now? Back in hotel. Tomorrow need to check out.

Note to self: Get hotel in town next time!

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kAm said...

yeah yeah! hurry back! =)