Stomach Flu - 2nd epi

Guess who got the stomach flu??? Amelia... poor thing now defacating with watery stool.
My poor girl... Oh well.. let's hope it's not too bad and she will recover soon.

Hugs and kisses from mommy xoxoxo

Flu yucky flu

I officially hate flu and specifically stomach flu. Urgh! Yucks!
Why? It's because I spent so much time hugging the toilet bowl from both top and bottom mouths :P It was horrible. I spent so much time there that I had to sms my supervisor from the toilet. Embarrasing!
Oh well... still having the stupid ailment and not feeling sure whether it's stomach cramps from the bowel movements or from contractions. Not happy abt it :P It also emits a smelly poo-like fart. Yucky don't you think so?
Oh well, I shall endure the torture.... Good luck to me!


Yes! Finally, we are seeing the sun rays shining brightly across the sky... but for how long more? There was much cloud cover yesterday, but today's weather looks pretty okay and holding up. Hopefully the La Nina scurries away to bring back Mr Sunshine!!!

Mr Sun must continue shining for I've a date with my girl at the playground today. I've promised to bring her there as long as the weather holds.... Pls pray hard it does.

Something bizarre caught my attention while reading some kaypoh (tabloid) news. Singapore's English is deteriorating. Goodness! It's really true. I saw a sign just the other day which sent both my hubby and I into fits of giggles. Why? The sign... it's supposedly to be something useful and healthy, but the way it was written... well, it sounded very... erm... how do I put it delicately... sensual. Hahaha... Yes, the sign was definitely sensual. It's like the pronounciation of cement and semen by us Singaporeans which amuses the English-speaking folks much. Please please please sign-makers, I beseech you to check the grammar and vocabulary before putting it up. Else, it will be read awkwardly.

Anyways... I'm still around... not yet popping... hopefully... hehehe... Cheerios all.

I'm Back!

For the time being of coz... hehehe...

What's new? Still the same.. haven't pop yet though very soon. Likely a cute lil baby boy... even got a good name for him. But y'all have to wait for the birthing first! Anyway, going to deliver in Eastshore. EDD is in April, but likely to be earlier... like in a few more days??? Have been having the cramps, the backaches and the pseudo-contractions. Let's see if there are more news to come.

BTW, got a new maid... who looks like my aunt! *boings!* shockers huh? Went with her for her random interview with MOM today. The interviewer informed me that she's a bit slow... After a wee bit of prodding, I found out that my maid was nervous and couldn't reply as fast as expected by the interviewer. BTW, I observed that the interviewer who was a young Malay lady who didn't offer a smile to my poor nervous maid. Sigh... what's the world coming to. Where's the service with a smile went to? Down the drain in my opinion.. hahaha

My girl is now getting more cheekier, nottier and prettier... but one who refused to brush her teeth, loves chocs and insists on going to school. I wonder what I can do with her...

Anyway, will update soon.. hopefully... now need to zzzz.. hahaha